Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glee Vs. Bieber Fever

First of all, this isn't a fight between Gleeks and Biebs ok? I think I may have slipped a bit on the title but the more eye-catching it is, the more intruiging this post becomes LOL. Alright now down to business!

I honestly dont get the whole Beiber Fever! Seriously! A lot of people, well mostly teens are obsessed with Justin Bieber. I'm all, "The fuck?!". Apparently, there's been a pitch about Justin Beiber guesting on Glee, and
the idea of having the tween on Glee was brought up to the cast and it didn't sound like Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) was on board! He said:
"I don't get this Bieber thing. I really don't get it. I hear he was in Australia and they kicked him out because he started a riot. I haven't even heard his music. I couldn't tell you one name of his songs — and I'm not lying about that!"
You go Mr. Schue! Im a music junkie, I listen to everything but this Beiber thing is where I draw the line. I listen to pop, who doesn't? But his songs are too teeny-bop for my taste. He's like the Aaron Carter of this generation, don't you agree? I agree with Matthew Morrison, even I can't name any of his songs. So basically, yeah, I agree with Mr. Schue and I dont get the whole craze about this kid.

Oh and by the way, if any of you crazy bieber fever fans out there post any rude or hate comments, or even send me hate-mail, I will either delete them or lambast you because this is my blog and these are my opinions. If you don't like what you read, go to Okay kids? Okay.

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