Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner Date

It was a warm Saturday evening and we were walking around Greenbelt.

Gregory had no idea where I was taking him. He asked me to take him somewhere nice and I knew the perfect place.

My favorite resto in Greenbelt is Mr. Jones because I love their servings. Their dishes are good for two.

Since I had to smoke, we sat outside which I eventually realized wasn't a good idea because even though it was 9PM, it was still scorching hot outside. I swear, mother nature has been a bitch lately.

So while waiting for the food to arrive, we took some pictures.

For drinks, Gregory ordered a blueberry iced tea and I ordered a chocolate milkshake. One thing I love about their milkshakes is that they give you a glass with the excess. I love this stuff.

I also took photos of him but for obvious reasons, I can't post them here.

So the food finally arrived. First was the cream of mushroom soup that came in this big-ass bowl. 

I love cream of mushroom soup and may I say, Mr. Jones has the best one I've ever tasted. So after about 15 minutes, the main dish finally arrived.

I had something called Wicked Truffled Mac n' Cheese which is basically mac n' cheese with 3 different types of macaroni, 4 types of cheese, canadian smoked bacon, portobello mushroom and greenpeas drizzled with truffle oil. Mmmhhhmmm... healthy hahaha.

"It doesn't look fresh." said Gregory when he saw my Mac n' Cheese.

"Taste it." I told him.

He took a bite.

"Okay... I take it back." he said with a laugh.

Gregory on the other hand ordered Char-Grilled "Greek Style" Norwegian Salmon Steak. It's basically salmon topped with greek salad with anchovy lemon dill yogurt vinaigrette served with wild rice pilaf and a lemon.

I swear I am terrible at taking pictures of food. These pictures dont do the food any justice. Suffice to say, we were both stuffed at the end of the meal. We could barely get up. That was a fuckin heavy meal.

Food was a bit pricey but it was well worth it. You cant put a price on really good food.

So after dinner, we walked around Greenbelt to kill time because we were going to watch Hunger Games at 11pm.

It was an awesome date if I do say so myself.

So how was your weekend my dear readers? =)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Four Eyes

A few days ago nagpost ako tungkol sa nangyari sa mga mata ko. Finally, after calling the eye clinic everyday to follow up on when my glasses are arriving, dumating narin nung Saturday.

I went to Trinoma an hour after they called me up to pick up my new glasses. In fairness I like them. They're really light.

When I first put them on, naloka ang doctor nung tinanong ko kung bakit gumagalaw yung sahig. Sabi naman niya normal daw yun. Apparently, progressive lenses daw ang tawag sa gagamitin ko. Yun daw ang nagpamahal kasi magkaiba ang grado sa gitna at sa baba.

It's a multifocal lens but without the hideous line at the middle. They look like regular glasses which is why I love them.

The only thing is that since magkaiba ang grado sa taas at baba, it needs some getting used to so I have to look forward when looking at distant objects but I have to look down when reading something up close. Hindi rin ako pwedeng mag side glance kasi malabo yung gilid niya. 

Hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng mahika ang ginamit sa mga salamin na to but in fairness it works for me. Hindi na ako nahihirapang magbasa. Yey!

Syempre, picture picture para alam ko itsura ko pag suot ko glasses ko.

Pwede na diba? Bagay naman daw sa akin. Di ko lang alam kung totoo yun.

Oh diba? Another way to proclaim to the world how much of a nerd I am. O_O

Friday, April 13, 2012

History is Made at Night

"Instead of going out, why dont I cook carbonara for dinner and we can have dinner in my terrace under the stars?" I texted him.

"Hmm... sounds romantic. Alright. :)" he replied.

Since he would be coming from work, I did not cook the pasta yet. I just prepared the sauce.

He fetched me at church because we had rehearsals. 

When we got to my house, I started cooking the pasta.

He had a plastic bag with him. In it was a bottle of wine and olives.

"Do you like olives?" he asked.

"Of course I do"

"I love it that you're so classy." he said.

I laughed.

He also brought dessert. It was this cheese flavored donut which I must say was so big and so good.

My laptop was in the kitchen so I started playing music. 

One certain song started playing. 

He hugged me.

I hugged him back.

Next thing I knew, we were slow dancing in my kitchen to that song.

We both started laughing.

Hindi ko kaya. Ibang level ang kilig ko nun.

After cooking, we went up to my terrace to prepare for dinner.

I lit the candle and he set the plates.

We were talking about everything under the sun over pasta and wine.

It felt amazing.

He said he was happy because apparently, no one has ever cooked for him.

And he said the carbonara tasted great.

It may not have been a date out in the city but it was perfect.

Candlelit dinner under the stars.

If that isn't romantic, I don't know what is.

He said ang dami ko daw pogi points sa kanya nung gabing yun.

Oh and in case you guys are wondering what song we slow danced to, its the song below.

 I must say, it was the perfect song for a perfect evening :)

What I Found Out

Alright dear reader, personal update time.

Here's what happened. Last Monday, I went to Trinoma to have my eyes checked because I have been suffering from headaches and my vision has become fuzzy.

The clinic I went to is called Del Mundo which is located just beside Seattle's Best. I must say, they are very good. Although I did spend several hours there because I had to undergo several tests and they re-did them just to be sure they got an accurate reading.

So I found out at the muscles in my eyes are not adjusting when something is up close. Well that answers why I had a hard time reading things in front of me.

The doctor said there was one more test I had to take but I had to go to St Lukes E.Rod the next day because the equipment needed is in that hospital.

So I picked out my frames and paid for them together with the consultation and testing fees.

Thank God my friend Ellaine was there to keep me company or I would have been bored to death.

The next day before going to work, I went to St Lukes to take something called the "Visual Field Test". It's basically an in depth look at my eyes to see if there's anything else that's wrong. Thats when they found out that the nerves in my eyes are not responding to objects around me.

The doctor told me that the lenses needed for my glasses are going to be custom made but since they are not available in the Philippines, it'll take several days before they arrive. Being special lenses, they cost an arm and leg which I am not thrilled about but I had no choice. The doctor did say that these lenses are going to be worth it so here's hoping that they are.

Well I can still see, it's just I can't see things properly up close.

Well, I will be posting an update once my glasses arrive.

Wish me luck my dear readers.

Under The Moon and Stars

"Hello!" he said when he answered my call.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Secret. Take a guess."

I heard a familiar sound in the background.

"Wait... are you inside the church?"

"Yup" he answered laughing.

"Come out. Im outside the church."

A few seconds later I saw him emerge. He was there. He was actually there.

He was actually at church watching me perform in the Senakulo.

"Were you able to watch me?" I asked.

"Of course." he answered with a smile.

We walked to the store that was just outside the church. I bought something to drink.

We talked for a while until I had to go inside because of the curtain call.

"What time are you going home?" I asked.

"Depends. What time do you want me to go home?" he said.

Nanghina ako. Kamusta naman ang sinagot niya diba?

* * * *

"Come on I'll walk you to your car." I said.

The play was over. It was kinda late and I didn't want him to be driving that late at night.

After a few minutes, we were finally in his car.

"You're sweating. I'll switch the aircon on." he said.

We entered his car.

It was a really starry night for some reason and the moon was out and bright.

There we were in his car and we had a perfect view of the sky.

He played this romantic song.

He took my hand in his.

We started talking.

"Alright I'm gonna say something but I want you to know I'm vulnerable and letting my walls down." he suddenly said.

I nodded.

"I've never been in something like this before. I've never dated anyone for this long and yet I still feel happy with you. As time goes by, I'm liking you more. What I'm saying is, I want you to know that when I said I wanted us to date exclusively, I meant it. I haven't entertained anyone ever since we started dating. I want you to know that I will never cheat on you because it's not in my nature. I am very loyal."

I was listening intently to him. I didn't know what to say to this guy who was pouring his heart in front of me. All I knew was that I was happy. Very happy.

There he was, being as transparent as he can be. 

"Look, I can't promise to be on my best behavior all the time and you know that I come with excess baggage. Although I will tell you this, I will make you happy. I will never give you a reason to doubt my feelings for you." I told him.

He smiled the sweetest smile I've ever seen. He looked like a kid. I know that look, that's the look on his face when he's really happy about something.

I kissed him.

We stayed in his car for a few minutes until it was time for me to go.

He brought me back to church because I had to help out with the cleaning.

Before getting out of his car, he asked me something.

"So I guess this means we're seriously dating?"

"Yeah." I replied with a smile.

Senakulo 2012

As most of my friends and readers know, I have been serving in our local church. Before anything else, let me clear something up. My views on the Catholic Church have not changed. I am still the blasphemous-bible-thumping-heathen than I am.

I just like serving in that specific church because one, we have an awesome priest. Two, I like most of the people there. Three, it's a great way for me to divert myself from my typical home-work routine.

So back in January, my friend Cora told me that the Youth Ministry will be staging a play called Senakulo. Me being quasi-ignorant when it comes to religion had no idea what she was talking about. She gladly explained it to me. Basically, it's a play similar to the movie, The Passion of the Christ. Parang tagalog version nung movie kumbaga.

She said she wanted me to play Herodes (King Herod). She basically would not take no for an answer so hesitant as I may have been, I accepted the role she so graciously bestowed upon me. I had a proviso though, I told her not to give me a big role and not that many lines because I don't have time to memorize them.

We have been rehearsing since late February. We started with the script reading and had several workshops. Since Cora knows about my experience when it comes to the theater, she assigned me to conduct several workshops. Syempre I accepted the responsibility.

So the performance day finally came. It was on the 4th of April. It was on a Wednesday.

Before the show, may blessing keme na naganap.

Ayan. Start na ng play.

Eto ay nung matapos ang curtain call.

Aminin ninyo dear readers, considering that this isn't a professional production, ang taray ng costumes at make up ano? I was honestly impressed. Never expected it to be like this.

Gandaaaaa. Galing magdirect ng aking friend na si Cora. Hats off to her.

Actually, may video ang buong performance at nakaupload sa YouTube. Pinagiisipan ko pa kung ipopost ko dito.

During the performance, tinatanong ako nung iba kung kinakabahan ako. Nangingiti nalang ako pag may nagtatanong. Mamaya kasi eh baka isipin nilang mayabang ako pag sinabi kong, "Hindi. Sanay na ako eh."

Syempre, humble dapat ang peg. Diba?

Oh and the best part is, nanood sina Mama kasama ang lola ko, tita ko at pinsan ko. Front seat pa. Aside from that, nandoon din si Gregory. O diba? Me na. Me na talagaaaaaa.

I truly enjoyed being part of the play. It was a wonderful experience. Cora, kung nababasa mo to, join ako sa next na production ah. :)

Congratulations to the Youth of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish. A job well done to all of us.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Year Na Pala

Hello dear readers. Kamusta kayo? How's life? Nandyan pa kayong mga loyal kong readers? I hope so. 

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. I have been busy with several things lately and it's hard to juggle my time. Kung pwede ko lang hatiin ang katawan ko. Haaay...

Alright, down to business. Today, I celebrate my first year as the Copy Editor for our company. For those of you who have been following me for the past year or so, you'd probably know that I used to be part of our Call Center. I got promoted, sabay kami ni SexyAnne. I was moved to our Media Team while she moved to HR.

Has it really been a year? Seems just like yesterday I had to undergo training for my position. Seems like yesterday, I came to the office and moved my stuff to my new workstation. Seems just like yesterday I had to adjust to the new environment around me.

I guess it's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun.

In that span of one year, so much has happened. Although there were some bad stuff, majority of them were good.

One year later I'm still having fun with my job. I have an awesome boss, I swear he is the coolest guy ever. My companions are great and the environment is the best.

According to my boss, I've done good. Of course I'm still rough around the edges when it comes to some things but it's nothing that can't be learned.

Though today I celebrate my first year as Copy Editor, a few days from now, I will be celebrating my second year anniversary with the company. Syempre, alam na agad, i-bloblog ko yan.

So congratulate me dear readers. I know kababawan lang siya pero kiber. Blog ko nga diba? ahihihi.

Easter Sunday With Family

For Holy Week, since may trabaho ako, pumunta dito sa Manila sina Mama. Also, she came to watch me perform in the Senakulo of our Church. More on that soon.

Since I had work the entire Holy Week, I was only able to spend time with them on Easter Sunday since wala akong pasok pag Linggo.

To celebrate, we all went to Bulacan kasi birthday party din nung isang pinsan ni Mama.

Eto ang mga kalokohan namin.

My mother knew what I was writing when she saw me doodling on her iPad.

Sabi niya mamaya daw isipin ng mga kaibigan ko at readers ko na baliw talaga siya. Eh ano naman. May pagka baliw naman talaga nanay ko. Kanino pa ba ako magmamana diba?

It was a fun evening. I rarely get to spend time with family.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Without A Face But Has A Name

I was talking to him on the phone.

He was on his way home from work.

I was at home, I just arrived from church.

"So what name will you give me on your blog?" he asked.

"I don't know. I've actually been thinking about it. At first, I wanted Alladin."

"Noooooo..." he said with a laugh.

I burst out laughing.

"How about Richie?" he suggested.

"I've actually considered Richie but no. Me don't like it."

"What then?" he asked.

"I don't know. What name do you want ba?"

"Hmmm... I'm not sure. I wan't something English since my name sounds English."

"Let's see..." I said.

"Oh I know. How about Gregory?"

I thought for a few seconds.


I liked it.

It had a nice ring to it.


"You know what, Gregory sounds perfect. You do remind me of a Gregory." I answered.

I was smiling.

He got home after about 10 minutes.

We decided to call it a night.

As I was preparing for bed, my phone beeped.

And the conversation went something like this.

I won't post the rest of the conversation.

Wholesome kasi dapat ang blogpost na to.

So everyone, meet Gregory.

Helping a Friend

A good friend of mine told me that he's moving to a different condo. I offered my help in packing his things. To those of you who've read my 'Conversations' post, he's the guy named Derek. 

To those who've been reading my blog for a long time, I used to call him DT. Those are his initials. He used to be my supervisor when I was still part of the call center. Now that I am no longer his subordinate, we've become really good friends.

We're the exact opposite when it comes to most things so it kinda baffles me why we get along so well.

After work, we passed by 7/11 to buy a few bottles of beer, coke, a marker for his boxes, cigs, and newspaper. Let's face it, packing stuff is much more fun when you're a little buzzed.

So his condo had this itsy-bitsy terrace where you'd get a good view of the city. God, he has an amazing view from his unit. He's said he's gonna miss this view. 

He asked me what he could do in return for me helping him pack. I told him to buy me dinner so he ordered pizza since me loves pizza. I swear, Papa Johns is one of the best pizza places in town.

Ladies, gays, and the few, emphasis on few, straight men who read my blog, meet Derek. I distinctly remember telling him that I'll be posting something on my blog. I just don't remember if he said I can post his pictures. Oh well...

For some unknown stupid reason, the building admin wanted to know what Derek had in his boxes so we did the logical thing. We labelled his boxes.

We started packing at around 7pm and we finished at around 9:30 or 10. In total, there were 2 big luggage bags full of his clothes, 1 smaller luggage bag containing God knows what, a paper bag full of cables and shit, and 5 boxes containing the most horrible things you could ever think of.

Since we were done packing and I was waiting for someone *ehem* to fetch me, I hang out in his condo for about 2 more hours.

So there. I've done my good deed for the week. I've helped out a friend. Oh and by the way, he's straight. He's one of my very-few-honest-to-god straight guy friends.

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos. I took them using my iPhone.