Monday, January 28, 2013

Arguments and Realizations

I haven't really blogged about it (but I will soon) but Gregory and I went to Baguio during the first week of December. He met my friends, except Lyve who was in La Union at that time taking care of her baby.

All of my friends asked him the same question, 'has he ever seen me get mad'.

I had half a mind to hit my friends.

Gregory and I have been dating for almost a year now and yet we've never had any real fights. We argue sometimes, he gets annoyed at me or I get annoyed at him. But we've never fought.

I think the biggest argument we had was when we were in SM North and I was hungry. When I'm hungry, I tend to be a bigger bitch than usual. He asked me where I wanted to eat and I spat back at him.

I apologized to him afterwards when I realized how crass I was.

If you're wondering what's our secret? Why we dont fight?

We talk.

That's it. We talk about it. We don't let things blow out of proportion. Since I'm usually the hot tempered one, he waits for me to calm down and tells me that he didn't like what I did or what I said. I admit, most of arguments start because of me.

But yeah, we talk. I told him that we should never sleep without settling an argument. This is something a friend of mine taught me a few years ago. To be perfectly honest, it works.

I am surprised he can stand me. I can't even stand me sometimes.

So to all other couples out there, remember, talk to your partner. Wait for emotions to go down if you have to. Don't bottle everything inside. That's never a good thing.

Over the years and past relationships I've had, there are a few things I learned. As humans, we tend to be irrational when anger clouds our better judgement. We say things we don't really mean or do things we can't take back. One has to step down from his high horse for a moment because two heads clashing won't bring about anything good.

Learn from the mistakes you made before. We've all been hurt at some point but it's that pain that makes us appreciate the one we're with now. Just like us, they've been hurt too so love your partner in a way that the previous one never could.

And may you have the happy ending you heart oh so desires :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ma!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my INSANEly gorgeous mother. I am blessed and very lucky to have a mother like you who accepts me for who I am. I am not the perfect son and we both know I have done a lot of things in the past to disappoint you but you never gave up on me and you always gave me another chance.

You are the one I would run to when things fall apart and you would help me pick up the pieces until I get back on track. We both know there are times when you drive me crazy but as a mother you have the right to do so and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am who I am today because you taught me how to be strong, to not let the things that hold me down be an obstacle. You are the coolest mom in the world because you are my mother and my bestfriend at the same time. I always say that you are crazy and there is truth to that because you kinda are but that's why I love you because there is no dull moment when you are around (except when you've just woken up. If you haven't had your coffee, I'm staying 10ft away from you) :D

Happy Birthday Mama. Love you ♥

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Proud Father

"Alam mo yung anak kong si Kyle, 12 years old palang pero ang galing nang mag make-up! Siya yung nag-ayos sa lahat ng pinsan niya nung family reunion namin." Said our company driver one morning while he was driving us to the office.

I normally sit in front of the van that takes us to our office in Makati which is why I get to chat with our driver during the trip. Unless I'm asleep.

His name is Roland and he's been with the company for almost as long as I have which is why we're kinda close.

He usually tells me about his family specially his son, Kyle, who he thinks is gay.

"Sabi ko nga sa Misis ko, at least talented si Kyle at may future siya" he added.

"Paano kung sa future sabihin niya sa inyo na bading talaga siya?" I asked.

"Ok lang. Wala naman masama dun saka bata palang siya nakakaramdam na kami eh." He answered without batting an eyelash.

I am amazed by how accepting Roland is. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, if it were other parents, they won't allow the kid to play with make-up and stuff. Susubukan siyang baguhin habang bata pa.

"Bakit naman namin gagawin yun? Eh yun yung gusto niya eh saka natutuwa nga kami ng Misis ko eh. Nung mas bata pa yang si Kyle, pag maglalaro sila ng mga pinsan niya, siya may hawak na laruang sundalo tapos pinsan niyang babae may hawak na barbie. Pag iniwan namin saglit, pagbalik namin siya na ang naglalaro dun sa barbie. Okay lang naman sa amin."

It's not everyday that I get to meet parents who are like this. Even some of my close friends and relatives wouldn't want their kids to be gay and yet every morning, I sit beside this man who constantly talks about his son who might be gay and that he's completely fine with it.

He tells me how proud he is of his son. And I can't help but smile and be overjoyed because in this world oozing with hate and contempt, there are still those who are open minded and more accepting.

It's not everyday you hear a dad saying that he's proud of having a gay kid.

It rekindles my faith in humanity. That there is a lot of good left in this world and that the most unsuspecting of people would find ways to amaze you.

So even if it's really early in the morning and I'd rather be in bed snoozing, I enjoy the conversations I have with Roland. A great man he is, a great father as well.

Christmas Gift from Gregory

For Christmas, Gregory got me an iPad case. This wasn't the gift he really wanted to get me but he knew that I really wanted one.

It's actually a funny story (to me anyway) how I ended up getting one.

Originally, it was Derek who was suppose to give me this case because I told him it's what I wanted. He went to every shop in Megamall that sold iPad cases and none of them had this specific model.

It's the Ozaki iCoat Travel Hard Case with a Y-Hard Cover.

The problem was, I told him specifically what design and model I wanted so Derek had a hard time finding it.

"I'd like to take a moment to say how much of a pain it is to buy gifts for you" was exactly what he said to me.

So I told him not to get me the case anymore. I'll just buy it for myself. He said he's gonna give me something nice nalang daw.

So last Friday, I was planning to buy the case but I wanted to make sure that if I go to Power Mac, they would have one in stock. It was around lunch time when I called up their brances in Trinoma, Megamall, SM North and Greenbelt. None of them had the case in stock.

At around the same time, I was texting Gregory bitching that I wanted to buy the case but none of the Power Mac shops had it.

I didn't know that he was at the Podium that time getting a haircut.

"If you want, I can go check here. There's a Power Mac here." he said.

"Okay. Just let me know how much it is."

I sent him an MMS of how the case looks like.

He said that they had them at the Podium and asked me what design I wanted.

I told him to pick a nice one except for Sydney, Paris or Taipei and I was just going to pay him back.

"No, don't pay me back na. This will be my Christmas gift to you."

Ang sweet lang. Kinilig ang fats ko.

It was a choice between the London (blue) and Beijing (red). I told him to pick and surprise me nalang.

He got me the London design.

We met up that night because it was the birthday of one of his friends.

He gave me the case when we were on our way home.

It's so nice. I love it.

Thank you my bunny, Gregory, for the case. I love it. But I love you more. Eeeeee... hanglandee lang hihi

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Eve

This year, I spent New Years Eve at a friends house.

Bumalik na kasi ng La Union sina Mama ng December 27 so I was by myself again. Mabuti nalang, dumaan ako sa shop ng aking friend na si Micah at nagkwentuhan kami. Nabanggit ko na umalis na sina Mama. She immediately said that I'm welcome to join them for New Years Eve since they'll be spending it at Ryan's house.

Game naman ako. Gregory was with his family and although they did invite me over, I didn't want to impose since it was a family thing.

Mga bandang 7:30, pumunta na ako sa katabing village kung saan nakatira sila Ryan.

Tambay tambay muna. Pagdating ng 10PM, nagsimula nang dumami ang mga fireworks sa langit. 

Ryan, Jerome, Me and Micah :D

Ayan, nagiingay kami gamit ng mga yan.

Eto si Micah na takot sa paputok so yan nalang ang mga pinaglaruan namin.

Hindi ko alam kung saan galing yang mga xtra large na lusis or kung ano naman ang tawag dyan pero nakakatuwang gamitin haha

Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyare pero ang sexy kong tignan sa picture na yan. Nawala bigla ang aking mga humps and lumps. Gawing profile pic na yan. Now na!

Si Ellaine, ang aming resident chef at mabuting may-bahay ni Ryan.

Shabu-Shabu ang prinepare namin pero maaga pala, kain na kami ng kain sa bahay ng magulang ni Ryan.

Thank you kay Ryan, Ellaine, Micah and Jerome for making ampon sa akin (conyo?) during New Years Eve. I had so much fun.

In attendance din si Cora pero wala akong mahanap na picture. Most of the pictures are in Ryan's camera na hanggang ngayon eh hindi parin niya ina-upload sa fezbuk.

I may not have welcomed 2013 with my family or Gregory, but I was with friends who love me and that's close enough :)

Christmas Gift

Ever year since I started working, I promised myself that I would buy myself a gift every Christmas but it has to be something I would use.

Two years ago, I bought an external drive because i've always wanted one. Simple joys. Last year, I bought a Blackberry 9360, which is now being used by my mom since I already have my S3 and a Blackberry Torch (company issued).

This year, I wanted something big. Something that I would really use. Something I can maximize. At first, I was planning to buy the Nexus 10 but my mom gave me an iPad so I decided to buy myself a nice TV for Christmas.

I chose this brand because my good friend, Ryan, said that its a nice brand but not too expensive. He said good things about the brand, he could be a product endorser. I then noticed that several of my other friends used the same brand, Devant.

I then checked online to read reviews and stuff. Seems decent enough and just within my budget.

So I went around malls until I ended up in Ansons Trinoma. Since it's Christmas and all that shit, everything was on sale so I looked around until I found it, a 39'' LCD TV and it was on sale for P21,940.

Because of my kuripot ways, I asked the salesman if there was any way to lower the price. Christmas and all. Yes, I used the it's-christmas-and-you're-suppose-to-give-discounts card.

He said he could lower the price if I didn't take the DVD player. I don't need it since I have my Verbatim Media Station and the TV had a USB slot to play media files from external drives or flash drives.

A little bit more of haggling here and there, I eventually got it down to P19,500. That's a fucking steal for a 39'' TV.

So I paid for it and I was on my merry way.

It was kind of a bitch taking it back home because it came in this big ass box so taking it up to my room was not easy.

But I managed to get it up and assemble it.

I first tested the HD-est movie I have which is a 1080p copy of Avatar and it looked amazing. I was so happy. I have simple joys, really.

I had to work out a way to fit my media player and xbox without obstructing the TV's sensor. It took me a while but I managed to. It looks cleaner now compared to the picture above with all the wires everywhere.

I was happy with what I bought because I don't really spend that much on appliances/ gadgets. As my friends and readers know, most of my gadgets are gifts from my mom. My xbox was kind of a birthday gift from my bestfriend, Derek.

What really made me happy was that this time, I bought something I could use for a long time. When I get home after a long day from work, I look at the TV and it reminds me that I bought it with my money. Money that I worked hard for and that makes the damn thing more special to me. :)