Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPhone 3GS

Kids remember my wishlist? well I was able to get the iPhone 3GS already!!! Hooray! Hooray! This was my mom's graduation gift to me. Well yeah I graduated last year but since I had a back subject, my transcript and diploma wasn't released yet but now that Im done, Im officially a graduate. So here's the unpacking.

Obviously it was bought from Globe.

I specifically asked for the white one because its the one thats uncommon. Almost everyone I see has a black iPhone so I want a white one since it's uncommon, it looks cleaner and the best part, me and my bestfriend Jackie now have matching phones since her iPhone is also white hahaha.

I bought this when I went to Mong Kok (I was already preparing for the iPhone that early on). My mom asked if she could have it and she gave me her CapDase Leather Case. Its ok with me since I spent $20HK on the angel silicone case. Her leather case costs 1000+PHP. When she realized it was an Angel, her reaction  was hilarious. She found it weird and cute at the same time. She thought the wings were hands at first and she didn't notice the face until she flipped it over. Hahaha.

iPhone 3GS! Oh yeah!

So far the iPhone 3GS is really fast. It boots up really fast, the accelerometer responds really fast, the 3.2MP camera has autofocus, and a lot more. Texting needs some getting used to. Though I am used to smartphones and qwerty keypads, I need more practice on this. Bottom line, I love this phone! 


Iyah said...

yay!! =) I love my 3GS phone ^_^ and I have the white too :D I'm preparing for the 4GS. You should have waited bec I heard there's going to be lots of changes theyll do :) I'm so excited! :D

Adam said...

Actually I already read about the update on that. Its actually okay since the OS update for the 4GS will be compatible with the 4GS. The iPhone 3GS will be the only iphone compatible with those upgardes lol. Long live iPhone users. Seriously its expensive here hahaha