Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Chiara: How old is Lyve?
Me: 24
Chiara: Really? She looks young.
Me: I seriously dont know if she'll take that as an insult or as a compliment
Chiara: hahaha


Mom: Be good there, your aunt gets mad easily specially in the morning.
Me: Its ok, im used to someone yelling around the house.
Mom: Who?
Me: uhhh...you?
Mom: excuse me I dont yell around the house.
Me: Hahahah


Lyve: You're crying but you're still mean.
Me: And that surprises you?!
Lyve: No. Not really.


Lyve: I love Chris Rock!
Me: Yeah this show is awesome.
Darnell: Watch whats gonna happen next, its really funny.
Lyve: How do you know?
Darnell: I watched Kill the Messenger already.
Me: You understood it?
Darnell: Yeah.
Me and Lyve: REALLY???


Lyve: Im doing the most atrocious thing ever! Im watching a filipino movie and I'm ashamed to admit it but i'm enjoying it. God! I feel so dirty!
Me: And you make fun of me for watching filipino movies now you're one of us.
Lyve: I blame you and Jet for this.
Me: Sure blame me.
Lyve: My already low standards are sinking lower.
Me: Hahahah


Me: Im in training and I'm a little bored.
Lyve: You have probably an advanced form of ADHD so I'm not surprised.
Me: WOW!


Anonymous said...

She seriously said that?... She said that?

Adam said...

She said what? Who said what?