Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight and other things

Last night I watched the movie "Twilight" with Lyve and Reuben. About the movie, the story was too fast. Its like, the story would have been nice if they did not compress everything into a two hours movie. The way Bella figured out that Edward was a vampire, it was too unbelievable. I was not absorbed into the movie, which for me is a bad thing. A good movie for me is when you think that its actually happening, when you can put yourself into it. With "Twilight" it was like watching a two part episode of lets say Will and Grace, and you're watching the second episode when they're doing the recap. If you get what I mean then good for you. If not, then watch it and hopefully you will. If it was like Harry Potter where the story was divided into several movies, then "twilight" would have been awesome. Yes it would have been hell waiting for the next movie, but you're actually expecting it and you can't wait for it. I give the movie a thumbs down. I know that I've been giving scathing reviews to movies. Well what can I say, my standards are ridiculously high. If you're into films and stuff then you would understand where I'm coming from. But if you're like the masses or the "regular" people who enjoy mediocrity in everything, well then live and let live right?

After the movie, the three of us went around Baguio City and we we're out the whole night. All we did was talk and walk and talk and walk and spook some of the people in the street. I got home at around 6 am. And I haven't slept yet because I attended a Press Conference for the Department of Health. When I got home, this afternoon I found out that the unit next to mine was broken into. I dont know what was taken but all I can say is, serves them right for keeping the front door unlocked. Funny thing is, its the second time in 3 months that they got broken into. And little old me, Im safe in my apartment.

Well that sums it up. Again, watch out for Volume 2 of the Attrocities of Friendster. Its gonna be bigger and better. Also thank you to all of you who have been texting and e-mailing me saying you found it mean but very funny. Hope you like the next one.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

My new toy...

So I decided to buy a Slide-Up phone. For the longest time, I've had the weirdest obsession with a slide phone. So yesterday, I went around Baguio City looking for a nice slide up phone. At first I wanted the N80 but I realized its to bulky and my P1i already has wifi so I dont really need it. So I found this shop that sold the Nokia 6288. At first they we're selling it for 4500PHP which was a little expensive for a second-hand phone. So I decided to pass. The whole afternoon, I went around looking and dammit, the 4500php was already the cheapest I could find. I was lucky because I just received my final pay from PeopleSupport so I had money to spare. Last night I could not sleep. All I kept thinking about was the phone. It wouldn't leave my head. And thats when I knew that I really wanted that phone. SO when I got up this morning, I went to the shop after my Photography Class and I tried to haggle with them. At first they didnt budge but after a while I was able to get them to lower it down from 4500PhP to 3700PhP. Whats great is, the 6288 looks exactly like the 6280 but the 6288 is much newer model and has a better features and firmware compared to the 6280. So I guess I was lucky on that. And I've been using the phone the whole day, so far no problems. And here it is.

Im gonna have this for a while then Im gonna dispose it in the future. Like I do with all of my phones.


Monday, November 10, 2008

A survey I'm willing to take

1) Say something about your love life.
** nonexistent...LOLz

2) What is your fave song for now?
** Never never land. I dont know the artist.

3) What is your current mood?
** a bit sleepy and very full

4) Cigarettes or beer?
** cigarettes. I dont drink beer.

5) What happened to you last night?
** I was at Darnell's house eating pasta

6) Have you ever fallen in love witha friend?
** Yes I have....

7) Do you have a bestfriend?
** yes. What kind of loser doesn't?!

8) Crush?
** yeah i guess..

9) Which do you prefer: jollibee ormcdo?
** McDonalds all the way!

10) What did you do to the person whobroke your heart?
** I broke her arm... haha joking. I dont talk to her anymore.

11) Do you have problems?
** Yes I do.Do you?

12) Last person you kissed?
** Janelle. But only on the cheek.

13) Hows life?
** I've had better. I've had worse.

14) Hiphop or emo?
** I guess EMO.

15) What will you do this weekend?
** Swimming with old workmates. Hopefully.

16) Are you a war freak?
** Not exactly but keep distance when I'm mad.

17) What do you think of the most whenyou are alone?
** Why the fuck am I alone?.

18) Is your friendster set to private?
** yes... I think...

19) Who's the most important person inyour life?
** the person I see when I look at a mirror

20) How many piercings do you have?
** one

21) Do you remember your dreams?
** Is this rhetorical or literal?

22) What do you have to do before yousleep?
** watch TV

23) Who was the last person you talkedto on the phone?
** My mom

24) Who was the last person you talkedto in person?

25) Is someone mad at you right now?
** Maybe but I dont really give a fart.

26) Do you ever hang out with someoneof the opposite sex?
** Yes. Jacky.

27) Have you ever had a reptile as apet?
** Yes a garden snake. The green one. It freaked my dad out.

28) Who was the last who missed call onyour cell phone?
** I think it was Jacky.

29) Have you ever finished a rubikscube?
** Of course I have. Im a smarty... *evil laugh*

30) When was the last time you rode abike?
** I have no f-ing idea.

31) Are you wearing socks right now?
** nope.

32) Do you like mornings?
** sure... its when I go to bed.

33) Will you donate organs after youpass away?
** Question is, will they accept the black market organs that make me up?

34) Do you drink tea?
** yes. black and green.

35) Have you ridden in someone else'scar today?
** uhm...nope

36) Is your room clean?
** yes I just cleaned it.

37) What should you be doing?
** sleeping

38) Whats the connection between youand the last person you texted?
** new acquaintance

39) What kind of people do you hate?
** People who have opposite beliefs than me... Hahaha

40) Has anyone gotten on your nerves lately?

41) Do you think you'll be married in10 years?
** hopefully

42) When it is a rainy night, what doyou do most of the time?
** wait for the vampires to comeand take me away...

43) If you’ll go on a date, what wouldyou like to do?
** watch a movie and eat

44) What do you do when you see a fullmoon?
** i howl at the moon and race from village to village stealing the young ones

45) Would you rather swim in the lakeor dive in the ocean?
** I dont know if that'll work. Im water-proof.

46) What would be the best partner of a good cup of coffee?
**an upper or a downer. Whichever.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My ZIPS are finally here

So boys and girls I'm finally back after a very long sabbatical. I went on vacation and I cut myself off from the world for a while, and that would include my blog. But thats not what I'm going to write about today. Today I would like to share my ZIPS with everyone.

The first time I saw Poi Dancing upclose was during the PeopleSupport Company Summer outing. Our Operations Manager, Tsok, Danced Poi using fire. I was amazed at how the flames moved so I snooped around the internet for information regarding Poi. Luckily I did (check my sidebar for the POI sites). I wanted a pair of Zips immediately but they could only be ordered in Manila. Lucky for me, my good friend Leo a.k.a. thehandbagtotingboy knew someone in Davao who made zips. Actually I wanted to buy his because that's how impatient I am but he said he'd prefer that I just order a newe pair since they only take a day to make. I said ok. I wired him the money and wouldn't you know it, the next day my zpis we're on their way to me. Alas I had to wait for a few more days because 2Go (the delivery company) delivered it 2 days late. I was so frustrated at first but when the package arrived all my frustration vanished. So here are a few pics of my zips.

Sorry about the Quality. Its was dark in room. Ever since I got, I cant get my hands of them. Its soooo much fun. Well for those of you who have been living under rocks, POI Dancing/Spinning was inspired by the dance called "Maori" from New Zealand. In Poi dancing you swing the Pois/Zips in certain rythmical patterns to create different forms. There are different types of POI's. There are Fire Poi's, LED Poi's, Flag Poi's, Ribbon Poi's like mine and much more. Here is an example of the patterns created by POI's when photographed with slow shutter speed:

*LED Poi's were used for this.

Again I would like to thank my friend Leo for my first pair of zips. I'll be ordering a new one this week. If you want a pair of zips which are of excellent quality yet affordable, dont hesitate to contact him at

*I would also like to that for the image

I'll be posting a video or pictures of me zipping soon.