Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gleek Fever!

I wrote about Glee a month after the pilot episode was released. No one knew about it and critics claimed Glee to be another High School Musical-ish show. Ha! Let's see if they can still say that. You can check it here Glee, a new TV series.

Now, Glee has soared to new heights, dominating television and music. Apparently, a lot of singers turned actresses have expressed the interest in joining or guesting on the show. To name a few would be Jennifer Lopez and Megan Mullaly. Though JLo and Mama Megan have not been offered any roles, their willing to take it in a heartbeat. JLO, I'm not totally thrilled with the idea but I do like some of her songs. Now Megan Mullaly, Oh God Megan Mullaly! I love this woman. She is one of the best performers out there. She can sing, she can act, she's even a fantastic comedienne. It's a shame that the Fame remake did not do her any justice.

After the success of the Madonna episode of Glee, a Britney Spears episode has already been considered by the series creator Ryan Murphy. Now we all know that Britney is a little cray cray but lets admitt it, her music rocks. Despite the rehab-entering-head-shaving-car-whacking-with-an-umrella stunt she pulled a few years ago, that doesn't change the fact that despite all of her crazy, she manages to top the charts with her songs. A Britney episode would actually be awesome and I would look forward to it.

Kristin Chenoweth returns as April Rhodes on the newest episode of Glee which is "Home". To bad this isn't a WICKED reunion considering Idina Menzel has been given a recurring role. The producers deemed it unneccesary to bring the two together in one episode, since this has nothing to do with green skin, munchkins, and flying monkeys. Still, with Cheno and Idina in the series, they never dissapoint. A Courtney Love, Led Zeplin, and Billy Joel tribute episodes has been discussed, so how will that go?

Oh and and and a Lady Gaga episode is already in the works. I'm really excited for this episode I wonder if they'll use her sets just like what they did with the Madonna episode. Glee has officially been signed for a second season, what with all the auditions and castings happening. And here's a bit of trivia for you Gleeks out there. The role Eve played as coach of Jane's Academy was originally offered to Whitney Houston but she turned it down. Now that Madonna's tribute episode was a huge success and Grandma Whitney's concert was a complete  bust, I wonder what's going through her head right now. I bet she's blaming the airconditioning system again just like what she did during her concert.

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