Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friends of the Blogger

Hello Dear Readers,

Here are a few links to some of my friends' blogs. Im linking themon my blog for you to check them out.

Rhyme's Blog

This blog focuses on downloading free OPM songs for the game Frets on Fire. I've played that game a few years ago. Apparently its back in circulation and Rhyme is addicted to it.

Sam's Blog

Sam talks about anime and Japanese stuff. Some of the posts I find entertaining and some are useful if you're into japanese culture and all that.

Iyah's Blog

Her blog focuses on beauty and regimens and what-have-you. Anything about beauty products and all that stuff, you can find on her blog. Not my cup of tea but she's a good friend so we're blog linking LOL.

These blog owners are people I actually know personally so I suggest you visit their blogs when you get the chance.


1 comment:

Iyah said...

Hey! :) I'm a follower now.. heehee!! and I'm linking you in my side bar :D yay! :)