Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ocean Park Hong Kong

These are pictures during my trip to Ocean Park Hong Kong. It was my first time in Ocean Park. I haven't even been to the one thats in the Philippines.

So here's part of the map LOL.

This was the tour guide. He spoke in a really funny british accent. I swear to God he sound slike Rowan Atkinson when he talks. But he's really friendly and made a lot of jokes when we were on our way to Ocean Park.

In the Cable car with my Mom.
Was I on something? I look high. I'm scared of heights so I was really scared because the damn cable car is a 15 minute ride hahaha.

The performers at Sky Fair. They're really good.

They sell REAL corndogs!!! Its been 5 years since I had a real corndog so I had these for lunch.

Inside the Atoll Reef. It was amazing. It felt like I was inside a submarine and I can see everything thats happening underwater.

This was the Panda and he was mooning us hahaha.

Now there ya go. The panda.

A lot of people dont know this but I really really really like pandas.

Well I had a lot of fun at Ocean Park and I would really love to go back there someday. It was an amazing experience plus I got to see a real panda. Yey me.

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