Saturday, May 29, 2010

From a reader...

Cute and creative ei? Thank for this Petrina.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I love Google and YouTube!!!

For about 5 months now my Blackberry 8830 has been broken because:

1.) It wont scroll down.
2.) It wont "click to enter".

If you follow my blog or know me personally, you'll know Im used to qwerty/smart phones. It's a good thing I had another blackberry to use when this was broken but this was my first blackberry so it meant a lot to me. I was so desperate that I was willing to pay a lot to have it fixed but thank God I found a way to fix it. It all started when I found someone selling BB trackballs on eBay and since I didn't know any repair centers here, I did what any sane-minded person would do. I googled it. 

I suddenly found this Youtube link that shows you how to clean and/or replace your BB trackball. It was the answer to my prayers. I followed every step with caution et voila in less than 5 minutes my BB was working perfectly.

So heres the video on how to fix the trackball when it wont scroll up/down/left/right. It also teaches you on how to replace the whole trackball.

 But another problem was facing me because even before the scroll down function wasn't working, the 'enter' function when you click the ball wasn't working either. So again I turned to Google for answers and it directed me to Youtube once more. I found this really awesome video that lets you fix the enter-click function with a regular ball point pen.

Here's the video on how to fix the trackball when it won't 'enter' when you click the ball.

This videos work on the following Blackberry models:

Blackberry Pearl 8100 8110 8120 8130 
Blackberry Curve 8300 8310 8320 8330
Blackberry 8800 8820 8830

Again, who loves Youtube? I do! I do! Who loves Google? I do! I do! Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorials and if you're having problems or don't really understand how it goes, you can e-mail me or e-mail the video uploaders on Youtube for help.


My Workstation

Just wanted to share my desk at work. It looks clean but dont be fooled, my drawer is a MESS. I'll take a picture of it next time, I didn't want to ruin the mood of me having a clean desk (finally). My headset is scattered somewhere thats why it's not in the picture. Y'all like the wallpaper of on my PC?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gift Of A Friend - Demi Lovato

I dont really remember how I found this song but I've been listening to it A LOT. First I like the melody that has a bit of an Irish flare to it. Second I like the lyrics/meaning of the song. Third, this is the only song I've heard Demi Lovato sing that doesn't sound like she's trying to grasp for air every second.

This song is for all my friends in Baguio. People who became my companions during the many years that I lived there. I miss them a lot.

Specifically, this song is for my bestfriend Jackie who I miss everyday and even if we're leading different lives now, we still talk to each other on the phone once or twice a week to catch up on each other. 

"The world comes to life and everything's bright
from beginning to end when you've got a friend 
by your side"
- Gift of Friend

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Me: Hello my dear wife who thinks im high maintenance and is annoyed at me 90% of the time but still loves me like a son of a bitch.
Lyve: Hello my dear husband who really is a high maintained bastard who loves me too much but cant admit it to himself.
Me: So how was your day dear?
Lyve: It's alright.


Bea: She’s a bitch, I know.
Me: Yeah. *bleep* is a lot kinder and more approachable.
Bea: That’s because she’s a mother.
Me: But she’s a mother too.
Bea: I mean a caring mother.
Me: Hahaha I love how you just said that.


Lyve: Am I suppose to be thankful for that?!
Me: No. You’r suppose to miss my insensitive-arrogant-religion-mocking-racist ass.
Lyve: Not when I’m part of those you make fun of.


Reuben: I’m so hungry I could eat a cow.
Me: Wow you don’t care if you gain weight.
Reuben: It was a metaphor, an aphorism or shit like that.
*5 minutes later*
Reuben: I’m not fierce. I was never fierce.
Me: Oh God Reuben are you having an aneurysm?
Reuben: What’s that?
Me: 0_0


Me: Yeah he wears a corset to lose weight.
Kino: The thing you put on your wrist?
Me: Huh?
Kino: you know, like during prom night.
Me: Thats a corsage.
Kino: Oh yeah, hahaha.
Me: Hahaha

Shrek Here Comes the Bride!

Since it's my day off yesterday and today, I watched two movies at Trinoma. Yesterday I watched Shrek Forever After with my cousin Kino and his girlfriend Micah. Today I watched 'Here Comes the Bride' by myself. I wanted some 'me' time I guess. So here's what I think about the movies:

Shrek Forever After
Shrek has always been one of my favorite movies ever since it came out years ago. I've watched every Shrek movie and the latest installment is great. Shrek has never failed to make me laugh. The comedy, the characters, the twists, the story, everything. The thing that really surprised me was the character of Rumplestiltskin. Im not sure if I spelled it right. Anyway I give this movie a two thumbs up. It's a must-watch for any age because whether you're a child, an adult, or an adult who's child-at-heart, you'll seriously enjoy this movie. I'm sad that this might be the last Shrek movie.

Here Comes the Bride
I rarely watch filipino movies but I wanted to watch this. I dont know why but there was something about the trailer that made me want to watch it. The verdict? I dont remember when was the last time that I enjoyed a filipino movie the way that I enjoyed this one. I love how it didn't have those awful computer graphic animated crap that they place in filipino comedies like walking on ceilings and all that crap. The story is so-so, nothing special but the jokes were somewhat witty, the characters (except for Tom Mott/Rodriguez's character) were nicely explored. And it has the biggest twist, something you'll never see coming even if they keep on showing different trailers and teaser video's on TV. Finally the quality of Filipino movies have improved. This movie raised the bar for filipino movie standards. I just hope it doesn't end there. Another two thumbs up.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

10 Things I Cannot Live Without!

I was browsing the Top Stories on Yahoo when I saw an article about the Top 10 Things that Americans cannot live without. I was suddenly inspired to write about the things I cannot live without. Compiling this list made me really think.

Laptop. I seriously cannot live without my laptop since I do everything there. I play games, surf the web, watch my reruns, listen to music, record and/or edit songs or voice overs, edit videos, back-up my contacts, basically everything about my life is in my trusty Laptop.

Cellphone. Everyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly know how important my phones are to me. I always need to have two phones, one for Globe and one for Smart. I always bring my iPhone and my Nokia N78 with me. My iPhone is my main phone, its what I use to call, txt, fix my schedule, listen to music, update my Facebook, Twitter and sometimes my blog. My N78 is mainly used for pictures because it has an awesome camera. I also mostly use it for calls because I'm not used to the regular keypad. I have a hard time texting on it because since 2007, my phones have been QWERTY phones. The reason why I bring it with me all the time is because it was Lyve's graduation gift to me. Aside from the two, I have a blackberry and a Motorola V3i. My BB is broken is the ball wont scroll down and the Moto is somewhere in my Mom's house.

Internet and Wifi. Do I need to explain this? Just tell me if I need to and I'll update this part.

Money. Again, need I explain more?

MRT Card. If you've rode the Trains here you'd know how important that damn card is because the lines are always long so I always need an extra MRT card with me in case my current card runs out.

Music. Music is my life and without it, I would be nothing. I love listening to music and I love singing the songs I like so that's why it may not be a material thing, it's still something I cannot live without.

Movies. Watching movies is what gets me through the week. Everytime it's my day off, I go to Trinoma or SM North and watch any movie that's showing. Watching movies soothe me, it's how I relax.

Firedancing. I seriously cannot live without dancing Poi. I'm making it a point to practice at least 20 minutes before I sleep at night. It's great exercise and there are always new moves to learn.

Youtube. You're probably wondering why I can't live without Youtube. Its because I can find everything there. I learned how to solve my rubix cubes there, I get the latest songs that are leaked to the website, plus I learned how to Firedance through Youtube. How's that for helpful?

Food. Cliche I know. Though I am always wary of my weight, and I always feel that I'm gaining weight even if others tell me I'm not, I cannot and will not live without food. My friends think i'm picky with food. The truth is, I'm not. Hep hep hep, Lyve lower your eyebrow. I'm not particular on the food I eat, I'm particular on how it is cooked. Serve me something expensive but if it taste like it's overcompensating or if it simply tastes like crap, I dont care if that costs 2000+ per order, I'll spit it out. Ask my bestfriend Jackie, I spit food out when it tastes bad. Gross I know.

So here are the things I cannot live without. Some are shallow, some make sense, well thats me for ya.

DepEd declares ‘all-out-war’ vs Jejemons!!!

Old habits die hard. Because of my previous job at Colours Network TV 32, I still check regularly just to be in the know on the happenings here in the third world. I was browsing the website when I found this article on DepEd declaring war on Jejemons and I was like "OMFG!" This is a dream come true for me. You guys know how much I hate these...things...or as my friend Bongga would describe something that's different from us, "Entities". So without further ado, here's the article:

THE Department of Education (DepEd) has declared an “all-out-war” against the emerging “Jejemon” subculture, saying that it will degrade the standards of the country’s education system.
“Not only that Jejemon language is not pleasing to the eyes, it has also destroyed years of achievements of the DepEd in pushing for better education quality,” said Education Secretary Mona Valisno.
She added that younger generations were having difficulty in spelling words, both in Filipino and English, because of such practice, which has significantly altered the construction of words through text messages.
Valisno said she will come up with a new DepEd order, encouraging school officials to promote and to teach proper spelling and pronunciation of words among primary and secondary students.
Likewise, the official appealed to the public to not emulate “Jejemons” and encourage them to write correctly the words in their text messages to avoid degradation of the Filipino and English languages.
Valisno cited as an example from her grandchildren whom she sternly warned not to send her Jejemon text messages.
“I told them (grandchildren) you send me one of those text messages I won’t answer or even call you,” she added.
The term Jejemon is a portmanteau of the terms “jeje” (the equivalent of the “hehe” expression”), and “Pok√©mon”, a popular animated series.
Numerous anti-Jejemon fan-pages calling themselves “Jejemon-busters” have since emerged on popular social networking site Facebook and are used as platforms to ridicule the said subculture. (AH/Sunnex)
I suddenly love the third world more because of this. Seriously. Oh and if you're wondering if this is true, click here to be directed to the actual page.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Red Shirts and Birthdays

I’ve been planning to write something about this two weeks ago but it flew out of my mind and I completely forgot about it. I suddenly remembered yesterday so here we go.

I’ve always wondered why is it that here in the Philippines, if you wear a red shirt people greet you happy birthday even if it’s not your birthday. Is it tradition? Does it have some deep ancient cultural meaning? I seriously wanna know. Last week I wore my red shirt and people greeted me happy birthday, even two of my officemates greeted me happy birthday. There I was dumbfounded mentally yelling at them, “ITS NOT MY FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY”.

Yesterday I overheard someone at the lobby say Happy birthday to a girl who was wearing a red blouse. The girl ignored him. It was pretty funny actually. Seriously! Why do people greet you happy birthday when you wear a red shirt? Is red the national color for “It’s my birthday today bitches!”? Is it a norm? Or is it just something that started out as a joke by some loser and eventually everyone picked it up and started using it. I find pretty stupid really, I just don’t get it. So on my actual birthday I might wear red and if anyone greets me ill say, “Thanks! I cant believe I turned 22 today.” I wanna see the look on their faces when they realize that’s its actually my birthday. Wahahaha.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vanessa Williams, a new Desperate Housewife

This just in! Vanessa Williams AKA Wilhelmina Slater will be joining the cast of Desperate Housewives next season. This was confirmed by Marc Cherry, creator of the show. She'll be one of the new villains of Wisteria Lane. Awesomeness!!!

Vanessa Williams was the main reason why I watched Ugly Betty and now that show is coming to an end, its great that I'll still have my fix of La Slater. Since Eddie Brit died on DH, I kinda stopped watching the show because it started going downhill but now I dont care if I have to watch all episodes of Desperate Housewives since Season 1 just to get back in the zone of Wisteria Lane. I can't wait for the new season of DH just so that I can see what they'll do to her character, I wanna see how they develop it, how mean she'll be, how funny she'll be.

She'll be the newest badass on trash TV! I hope she does one of the voiceovers during the start of an episode.

It’s been a month!

Today I celebrate my first month at work. I’ve posted this sentence on my Facebook and Twitter and I don’t give a furry rats ass if someone complains because I’m in a terrific mood today. Seems like yesterday I started working for the company and a month later here I am. I’m getting well versed with the account, though there are still some things I need to learn/master. So far in the one month that I’ve stayed in the company, I don’t really have any complains…yet. Y’all know me, I’m mean, I’m high maintenance (according to Lyve), and I complain a lot. But as of this moment, I love the company. The working environment is great, the bosses are really nice, the people, well most of the people are nice so I’m having tons of fun. Though I have to admit it’s a bit hard coming to work because I wake up at 5 in the morning, I’m at the office by 6:30 or 7. My work starts at 9 and ends at 6 and I get home by 8 because of the never ending traffic  so I barely have enough time to rest. The weather here is horrible, it feels like a 100 degrees every-freakin-day.

Aside from Bongga, I don’t think anyone from the office knows about my blog unless they viewed the link on my Facebook account. Oh well, site stats have been going down lately so I need more views hahaha.

Well anyway, it’s been one month since I started working, it’s been one month since I moved to manila, it’s been one month since my life changed and now I’m starting to come to terms with myself about leaving Baguio. No more complaining, no more feeling sorry for myself. I’m gonna suck it up so I can own today. Carpe diem and all that shit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Xtina slams Gaga

Ever since Lady Gaga entered the mainstream music scene, she's always been compared to Christina Aguilera because of the "resemblance-at-first-glance" thing. Honestly, when I first saw Lady Gaga I thought she was Xtina who just reinvented herself. The funny thing is, now that Xtina is back after a 4-year hiatus from the music biz, she's starting to look a lot like Gaga. I'm trying to avoid the 'C' word.

Lately bloggers have bashed Xtina for her "Oh, the newcomer? I think she's really fun to look at" comment about Lady Gaga to which the Spanish singer quickly responded:

"It is very easy for comments to be taken out of context and create unnecessary drama-especially between us women," she wrote on her website. "So I would like to tell you all directly so my words can not be misconstrued to sell someone else’s story…I have absolutely nothing against Lady Gaga or any other female artist in this business."

Aguilera adds: "I think she is great, and I appreciate any woman fearless enough to go against the norm. She has earned her success with hard work and a clear focus and I have nothing but respect for that. There is room for all of us on everyone's iPods."

Monday, May 17, 2010

21 Guns Female Version...

...was sung by Nina. It was a WTF moment for me because normally I hate that nasal bitch but I kinda...KINDA like this version. It wasn't as nasal-ish for a Nina song. At least she's learned that there are other vocal sounds aside from a nasal tone.


Lyve: Why is it my fault again?
Me: Because you're the woman.
Lyve: You're a sexist!
Me: No. I'm traditional.


Me: I have something to tell you.
Darnell: Yeah I already know. You're leaving Baguio.
Me: How did you know?
Darnell: I'm not an idiot.
Me: Really?


Me: Someone said I sound like an australian.
Reuben: Really? Say something in an Australian Accent.
Me: *I say something*
Reuben: OH MY GOD you do!
Me: Hahahaha


Lyve: What are you doing?
Me: Watching PBB.
Lyve: You watch that shit?
Me: Yes Lyve and you've known that for the past 3 years. Why do we keep playing this game?
Lyve: Hahahaha

During our break...

I was on break with Bongga today and we were smoking at the building lobby. We were talking about the new hires and Bongga suddenly said that she hopes all of them make it, "If you know what I mean?!" she added. That's when I told her about our team mate in training who was fired on the first week. Apparently, she didn't hear about it before.

Let's call my team mate, RoCo. During our first week he was absent on the third and fourth day of training and when he came back on the fifth day, HR talked to him and told him they were letting him go. Here's the thing... He told the management that he wasn't feeling well thats why he was absent but the truth was, he applied in another company on the third day and it lasted until nighttime thats why he was absent on the fourth day. He complained too much about the location of our office and even the salary.

When I told Bongga the truth as to why he was fired, we started talking about how big of a mistake it was. Truth be told, I'm not surprised if RoCo regrets or feels bad about leaving the company. I even told Bongga that I was offered more money by another company which of course I cannot mention here. That's when Bongga said that by comparison, even if a company offers more money, it wont be enough compared to the work load they'll be giving you. I of course agreed because that's the reason why I didn't take the offer. I love my job right now. Sure I don't like some of my officemates. Emphasis on some. I just don't feel them right now, maybe in the future I might get close to them but at the moment I'm happy with the friends I have at the office.

At the office, we have freedom, the people are nice, the management is a lot better compared to other companies, the pay is enough to sustain my lifestyle. What more could I ask for? You're probably wondering on what my point is. point is this... When choosing a job, do not consider just the money. Think about the job itself. That's why I don't see myself leaving the company any time in the future. I dont wanna speak too soon because you'll never know what tomorrow brings, but today I'm having fun and that's what matters.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jejemons again

Here's what the suicide note of a jejemon. I could only get past the first paragraph, I haven't finished reading it yet.

WARNING: May cause aneurysm.

No seriously I haven't finished reading this. 

*Image from Chuvaness.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Telephone - Britney Spears (Demo)

I dont remember how I found out that Britney Spears recorded 'Telephone' when Lady Gaga wrote it for her. I love Lady Gaga's version of Telephone but Britney rocked this song! As I said before, though Brit Brit is a bit cray cray, her songs make you forget that she shaved her head, beat a car with an umbrella, crashed into a fast food parking lot, gained a thousand pounds and hit 50 feet of crap beneath rock bottom. Well at least she bounced back up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Solution to my earphone problem...sort off...

Well the title says it all. This is sort off my solution to my problem with the earphones. I went to Trinoma earlier to look for a nice pair of earphones. The only good one I saw was in Power Mac and it costs 5000php so I still have to wait for my salary coz I dont wanna spend that much on a pair of earbuds. I passed by CDR-King and I saw these iBud thingys so I bought it and I also bought a cable holder because I HATE IT when my earphones get tangled with the other crap in my bag. At least the earphones fit better now. These iBuds are really cheap and it comes with 3 pairs, they cost 30php and the cable holder costs the same. I strongly suggest this if you are having problems with your apple earphones and dont want to shell out 5k for a pair of apple earbuds just yet.

I was actually planning on buying an A4tech pair that costs 800php but it doesnt have the playback and mic thing coz I really need that since I dont like bringing out my phone in public.

Oh and I also bought a Neil Gaiman book entitled 'Good Omens'. I hear that his works are awesome so Im kinda excited to read it. =]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Light Water

Saw this on the blog of Chuvaness. I passed by 7/11 on the way to the office and saw this so I bought one. It tastes like regular water but cleaner. I dont know how to explain it. It doesn't have that weird after taste unlike Viva or Absolute. It also has electrolytes and all that crap like Gatorade to avoid dehydration. It's only costs 23php and comes in a big ass bottle. I actually buy a bottle everyday now since it keeps my hydrated amidst the scorching heat of Manila.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom...

Today is Mother's Day here in the Philippines and I would like to take this chance to greet my mom Happy Mothers Day. I'm actually closer to my mom than I am to my dad because I didn't grow up with him. I'm a momma's boy and I don't give a flying fig about what other's would say.

To those who know me personally, they know the story of my life. They know when my mom and I are fighting and they know that when it comes to my mom I am very weak. Im gonna share a story with you guys of something that happened during valentines day.

I was still working as a host at Colours TV 32 and it was our valentines episode. We talked about all types of love including the love of children and their parents. Me and my co-hosts interviewed each other about our relationships with our parents. The women in our group were all mothers so the topic was more on mother-child relationships. When it was my turn to talk, I told them about my relationship with my mom, how she sacrificed a lot to give me a good life, how she gives me the freedom to do whatever I like, one of my co-hosts, Jedi, started crying and suddenly I couldn't hold it in, I started crying while we were on air.  I dont know what happened, when I looked at them all of my co-hosts were already crying.

Every time my mom and I would argue, even about small things, I cry even if I dont want to because I know I hurt her. Every time I do something that I know will disappoint her, I start to cry because I know that sorry wont be good enough. I just can't hold it in. My friends have seen me cry about my mom a lot of times.

I may not be able to buy her something expensive but at least now I can give her the one thing she's always asked for, my transcript and diploma. When I marched on that stage during my graduation I was telling myself, "Mom this is for you. For everything you've done, for every cent you've spent, for every sacrifice you've made. This is dedicated to you for a job well done." My mom has the hardest job in the world, and that is being a single parent.

My mom may not be perfect, and it's true that there are times that she drives me really crazy but despite all of that I love my mom more than I love myself because I have the best and the coolest mom in the world. I love you Ma and Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What I dont like about Apple... the headset that comes with the iPhone!
I always use hook or clip style or earbuds as my headset but recently, I pulled on mine too hard and it snapped. Now, since I don't have time to go to the mall to buy a new pair of earphones, I have been reduced to use the earphones/headset that came with my iPhone. It sucks big time! You'd think that Apple would make their headsets big enough so that it would fit not only the ears of a shitzu! These damn things keep on falling off. Sound-wise, I have no complain coz the music blares so loud in my head, I can barely hear myself think. But the hardware, oh God!

I love Apple, I love my iPhone, but those damn earphones... Considering that the iPhone and basically all of their other products cost an arm and a leg, you'd think they'd throw in a pretty decent set of earphones. I remember the first gen iPod nano came with a pair of earbuds. What the hell happened to that?

The only saving grace of this headset it the mouthpece for taking calls and the volume+playback controls on that little rectangular thing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marian Rivera is a PSYCHOLOGY

Found this on Mo Twisters blog. Oh my god Marian Rivera, you never fail to make me laugh... at you wahahaha. This was her response about what they said that Presidential Candidate Noynoy Aquino had a history of mental depression.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disney Princesses and something I noticed

There are now 9 Disney Princesses, the newest addition was Tiana from "The Princess and The Frog". Oh by the way did I mention that she's the very first black Disney princess and the fourth none-caucasian princess? I actually watched the movie and I liked it because it followed the traditional style of classic Disney movies. C'mon, almost all of us grew up watching Disney Movies so I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about.

First a black president, now a black disney princess, has the world finally moved past their prejudices? Has Disney has finally broken down the stereotype that heroines have to be white bitches? Who knows. Oh and if any of you have watched "Enchanted" in 2007, Giselle, the role which Amy Adams played was supposed to be included in the roster but Disney decided not to include her because they'd have to pay life-long rights to use her image. But seriously, does Amy Adams have anything going for her these days? Sure the girl can kinda act and kinda sing, but have any of you seen her again after Enchanted? She could use the money. OK swerved out of topic there.

Wanna know something I noticed? Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella all have the born as "royalty" thing in their plots. Belle has the french woman story line. Pocahontas has the girl from a savage, unconquered land plot. Jasmine a sheltered Saudi princess. Mulan, from an oriental land dominated by men. And Tiana played a maid/helper/waitress in the movie who happens to be black... You see where this is going right? Alright so I take back my question about the stereotype thing. Go figure. Isn't it funny when you notice this thing and you go, "Oh no they didn't!".

Let me guess, a couple of years from now, there will be a Filipina Disney princess and the role she'll play is a nurse. Yes a nurse! She helps this man and doesn't realize that he's a prince, they fall in love but some witch-doctor tries to stop their love but since its a Disney movie, they win in the end and they'll live happily ever after. Thoughts?


This site is the shit! It's one of my daily reads when I open my browser, hell I even access it through my phone. They have a lot of trivial information though they wont really affect your daily life, its still a good read. They have the best posts, look at the screenshot above. Plus it's really funny and I like their brand of humor. So visit their site now at

Final Sex and the City 2 Movie Poster released

Ok is it just me or is there something really wrong about Kim Catrall's picture? SJP looks a bit possessed herself but Kim looks like and undead tranny. Another photoshop masterpiece gone terribly terribly wrong. Tsk tsk.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally got my Official Transcript of Records

After the many years that I stayed in college, after the tedious projects and fucking deadlines, after meeting people who have become my closest friends and people I know I will meet again hell, after the anguish and torment of my course, I finally have my transcript. Oh yeah! There's no taking it back, I'm a graduate!

The fruit of my many labors as I roamed the hallowed halls of the University is finally with me. I met up with Marj today and she gave it to me, I asked one of my former housemates Sam to claim it for me since I was busy with work and he gave it to Marj since she was coming to Manila, and the moment she handed it to me, the excitement I felt was unbelievable.

I slowly opened the envelope and I took out the paper inside and when I opened it my heart stopped and I blurted out, "THATS IT?! THIS IS MY STUPID TRANSCRIPT?!" My grades were printed on hard paper, there was nothing special about it and the envelope didn't even have a seal or logo or anything. Well that was good use of my mothers money. Silly me I was expecting fireworks, or a ray of light, a puff smoke, or at least something. Sorry naman, adik lang. hahaha

Must-View-Site: Free App A Day

Okay this is for all you iPhone, iPad, and iTouch users out there. Here's, a site where you can download free apps. The reason its called Free App A Day is because they give free downloads for new apps or even old apps for just one day hence freeappaday. Genus no? This is actually where I get 90% of my apps and they have good shit there. So visit their site and start getting apps. Once you click on the download tab,it opens up iTunes if your using a pc/mac but if your accessing it using your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, it downloads and installs directly on your device. So what are you waiting for?


5000 hits and counting

I just checked the site stats of my blog including the one from the monetize tab in my dashboard and wouldn't you know it, I've had more than 5000 views. Im very happy and would like to thank everyone who's viewed my blog and also I'd like to give a big hug to my regular readers, I know you guys are out there somewhere. Seems like yesterday I was getting 1 view per day LOL. Thank you everyone, with this you have inspired to make my blog better and I do promise to deliver. Now that I got unlimited access on my iPhone, I can blog anywhere anytime. I know 5000 is not a lot compared to other high-end bloggers but still, for a simple blog like mine 5000 means a lot. 

Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera

So here's the Music Video of the much talked about and overly promoted, "Not Myself Tonight" by Christina Aguilera. I watched it and I'm like, is that Lady Gaga, Madonna, or Britney Spears? Its like she took all 3 and fused them together to make this video. And to think that Xtina once said that she didn't want to be associated with Lady Gaga because they are two different people with different styles and all that crap. I call LOL on that. Im not a fan of the video but I do like the song. It's got a nice beat to it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinner with former workmates...

For a few days now, we've been planning a small get-together and it finally happened. I met up earlier with my former workmates from Aegis PeopleSupport. A mini LDD Reunion. People present were Gabs, Aileen, Alecs, and Marlene. We all met up at Shangri La Makati and we had dinner at Shang Palace. First thing I said when we entered was, "Ooohhh...fancy". Dinner was on Marlene since she hasn't seen us in ages and she's going back to Indiana next Saturday and this was the only day we're all free. It was fun and I never thought the day would come that we would all get together and with Marlene nonetheless.

Alright so introductions about them. Here we go:

Aileen Abayon
     Aileen was my Trainer when I was still in APS. She loves taking pictures to a disturbing level hahaha. But the thing I love about Aileen is that when talks, she sounds so tame, so motherly, so...innocent but in a good way. She has a great sense of humor and she loves to travel. We have the same taste in almost everything thats why we instantly clicked when I first met her.

Alexander "Alecs" Martinez
     We used to be team mates under Collections but now he's a Supervisor/Trainer. He has this, I-do-things-my-way-get-it? attitude which we all love. He's the type who doesn't take no for an answer. Im really happy and proud for Alecs because he got promoted, though his job is hard and pretty stressful, it ain't gonna stop him for painting the town red and there is no dull moment with him. Seriously, laughter all around.

Gabriel "Gabs" Serrano
     Oh do I start with this guy. He's known as the "chair-kicker". Gabs was my Direct Supervisor back then. You seriously do not want him catching you speaking another language other than english in the production floor. First he kicks your chair and if you dont stop, he kicks you out of the Ops Floor. "My rules!" is what you'll hear him say. If you dont listen to him, he'll log you off and throw you out of Ops hahaha. At first I never thought I'd get along with Gabs but as it turns out, he's one of the people I became close to in Collections. Your first impression of him would always be wrong because he's a really cool guy. One thing about him though is that he's a work-a-holic. At least he got to unwind tonight.

Marlene "Lola Madonna" Moorman
     Oh this woman. The Goddess of PeopleSupport. Her word is law and no one has yet dared to oppose her. No one has the guts, no wait, no one has the balls to oppose her coz she'd bite your head off if you do. First impression of Marlene is that she's mean and she could knock you till tuesday just because you could literally hear her voice a  mile away but surprisingly, Marlene is the client that I'm really close to. Actually we're all close to her. The agents cower in fear when she enters the Ops Floor, we on the other hand chat over cigarretes while others stare with eyes wide open. She was the reason I was transfered to collections because she said I was aggressive and she loved that about me. She's really awesome and there are no dull OR quiet moments with her. Its good that she'll be back in June, I smell another dinner party ^_^.

LDD Classic

I had loads of fun with them and I haven't seen them since 2008. My God, has it been that long since I left the halls of PeopleSupport. It was a simpler time back then. Its great that we all kept in contact even after we all left coz Gabs is now working in Pampanga and Aileen is working in Taguig. Anyway, Marlene have a safe trip back home and congratulations on your new grandchild.

A day of shopping with my Mom.

My mom came over to Manila to meet up and party with her friends...oh and also to check up on me ^_^. We went to Trinoma for lunch and did a little shopping. It was a great day coz my mom and I rarely hang out coz she spends a lot when we do hahaha.

First we had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. This is where we always eat, whether we're in Manila, Baguio or anywhere else.

While eating, we we're talking about my work and stuff until we talked about mobile plans. I told her I wanted to get one and she said she could apply for me and she'll just pay for it since she's not giving me any allowance anymore. Of course, it would be under Globe since Smart SUCKS!!! She mentioned the Globe SuperDuo plans and I told her I knew about it and I wanted the call and text all you want plus unlimited mobile browsing. She asked me if there was a Globe Business Center in Trinoma and I said yes. So after lunch we went to Globe and she got me a post-paid plan. Hooray for me! Frankly I was surprised because we were just talking about it and before I knew it, we were at Globe, she filled out the paperwork and I got the sim card already. They work fast and that is why I love love love Globe. 

Well there's my Mom filling out the papers.

The really nice people who processed it.

And voila! My post-paid Sim for Call & Text All You Want and Unli Supersurf. Yippee!!! Unlimited internet access for my iPhone!!!

After globe, we went to Malditas because my Mom wanted to buy clothes. They were having a sale where you buy 2 items for the price of one as long as they are of the same price or if one costs less. She asked me if I wanted something so I got 2 shirts. What do you think?

After that we went to Havaianas and I bought her a pair since I just got my salary but I forgot to take a picture of it. Then we went to Starbucks to have coffee and also to smoke. Yes, she knows I smoke and she's cool with it. After that we hit Landmark and she bought me a couple of more clothes since I only have a few here in Manila.
Its funny because a few days ago, my Mom and I were arguing because I bought a few apps from iTunes for my phone using her card. She was pissed when she received the bill. My Mom can be really annoying sometimes specially when her voice is blaring around the house but at the end of the day I got the coolest mom in the world. ^_^.

New case for my iPhone =)

Since I got my check yesterday, I decided to buy something for myself. This is my first purchase with my hard earned money(hahaha). I bought a case for my iPhone. The brand is called Capsule Rebel or something like that. I saw a lot of iPhone users online that use this kind of case so I decided to buy one. It's a bit pricey for a case but its got a good feel to it plus it comes with 2 screen protectors, a wipecloth, a videostand, a dock, and a port lid. I know I've been back-blogged lately and thats because I've been busy with work. At least when I got my pay, the hard work paid off.

It's Zebra stripes. Ain't it cute? And it also reminds me of a panda LOL

Yes, my wallpaper is me. Im vain that way hahahaha.