Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mags Mags Mags

To those of you who dont know this, I buy 5-8 magazines every month. Basically yeah, a portion of my money goes to magazines. I buy everything from travel, lifestyle, men's fashion, gadgets/techno, celebrity magazines, etc. I like reading and being in the know. As Lyve told me, I read too much for my own good. Hahaha.

The thing is, I completely forgot that my mom's sister works for a media company and they have hundreds of free magazines lying around. My mom's sister got a buttload of magazines from their office and I picked out the ones I like. Whats great is they have magazines I actually buy and read like OK!, Metro HIM, A&Fitness, Asian Traveler, Uno, and more. These are the magazines I got, I havent counted them yet but its a lot.

There were a couple of copies of Gadgets magazine in the pile so I got a few copies. I bought Gadgets for the first time last year but I didnt like the content and the layout. Specially the layout! The colors were painful to look at and the pictures were so pixelated that they looked like cross stich patterns.

But I got copies of their latest issues including ones for November and December last year. To be fair, the magazine has improved A LOT. Its now almost as good as T3. Plus the content is not really interesting, not that boring crap from the issue I bought early last year. Well I guess Gadgets is now included in the list of my to-buy magazines.

Too bad there were no copies of Garage Magazine. That's one of my favorite mens magazine and its the most expensive one I buy. Though I am contemplating if I should buy the summer issue. I already saw it in National Bookstore but Im just not feeling it. Im still thinking.

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