Monday, March 25, 2013

I Got Love!

A year ago, I was a single gay man living in Metro Manila. I had a regular job, paid taxes, went on dates every now and then. It was fun and all, but I knew that there was something missing. Somehow, all the partying and enjoying my singleness just didn't cut it.

Eventually, I met this guy. It was a Friday. 

We went out on one date, and how I could I have ever possibly known that one year later, we'd still be together.

I still remember the first time I saw him. He was wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He walked with such confidence, but I did not find it arrogant at all. The first hour was awkward, we were shifting between topics trying to find something we had in common.

Like any other date, we had dinner, it was at Cyma and watched a movie. It was Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. 

Before I knew it, the movie was over and we were walking around Eastwood. It was 2AM when I realized the time and remembered that I had work in the morning. He drove me home. I woke up the next day and he was beside me.

Do not judge me.

He took me to work but we had breakfast at McDonalds first.

The day flew by with me feeling ecstasy. I was still relieving what had happened the night before. I got home and started preparing dinner. My doorbell rang. It was him. 

"What are you doing here?", I asked.

"Just enjoying the moment.", he answered.

The rest, as they say, is history.

* * * * 
Gregory, my love, today may not be our Anniversary of being a couple, but today marks the day when I met you. Who'd have thought that in the blink of an eye, you would turn my world upside down.

The past year has been crazy and so amazing, it flew by so fast. I barely noticed it. When I'm with you, everything just seems so much better. There's are times when I still find myself wondering what the hell did I do to get a guy such as you.

I have been hurt in the past but that never stopped me from finding love and then you came along. With you I feel safe and secure. You filled all the things that were missing in my life and now I feel complete.

With you in my life, I no longer look back at the man that I was. I look forward to the man I want to be. Like what you always tell me, we will never know what the future holds which is why we always enjoy the moment, but I am confident that this is the real thing.

It may have taken you 10 years to find me, and it may have took me several jerks and assholes before finding you, but it was worth it because when I look at you, I know that it was worth the wait.

I am your first and I want you to be my last.

Happy Anniversary Gregory.

I love you.

Memoirs, Light The Corners of my Mind

I don't know why but for several months now, I have had this crazy obsession with reading memoirs. Although, I am picky about the one's I read. As you can see from the photo above, I mostly prefer funny ones or memoirs which I can learn a lot of stuff from.

I love reading books, fiction is my preferred genre, but there's something about memoirs that just strikes my interest. These are stories of people I admire or love and I find it exciting when I get to read about their life. I could do it online, I could just type their name in Google and find pages upon pages of stuff about them. But these are mostly rumors or gossip.

Memoirs give me an idea of what they've been through from their point of view. I get to read their side of the story. It gives me a glimpse of their life and that despite the glitz and glam of hollywood, they are just normal people with extraordinary talents that brought them to where they are.

I've also learned several lessons from their life experiences and though all of them had different roads to take, they all have one message in common to their readers.

It's that, there are times when you will fall down, face flat on the ground, but force yourself to get up, stand up and then stand out.

"Even when I was down, I treated myself as a star until eventually, the rest of the world caught on."
-RuPaul Charles

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Na-Wrong Send Ako

Isang araw ay kausap ko sa Skype ang isa sa mga manager dito sa office.

May mga dapat kasi kaming gawin that day at medyo tambak kami ng trabaho.

Ang isa sa officemates ko, itago natin siya sa pangalang Marcel, ay todo reklamo at todo react. Kesyo kelangan daw niyang umuwi, ayaw daw niyang mag overtime, keme keme and all that shit.

So kalagitnaan ng usapan namin ni manager, pero ka chat ko din si Marcel sa Skpy dahil may tinatanong siya sa akin about something.

Type... type... tuloy ang usapan...

Pinaguusapan namin ni manager si Marcel.

"I dont know what Marcel is complaining about. Marcel is nice and all but sometimes he can be annoying as hell!", tinype ko.

Click ang Enter key.

Nagsend ang message.

"Bakit mo sa akin to sinabi?", biglang reply.

Pagtingin ko sa pangalan, Marcel ang nakasulat.

Nanlamig ang buong katawan ko.

"Oh shit!", sabi ko sa sarili ko.

Kay Marcel ko nasend yung message. Award!

Tumingin ako kay Marcel. Nakatingin siya sa PC niya. Mukhang naghihintay sa kung ano ba ang isasagot ko dun.

"Kasi reklamo ka ng reklamo. I know where you're coming from pero nasabihan tayong lahat na magstay muna dito habang tinatapos yung update. Message ko yan kay manager. Para alam mo narin kung ano yung sinabi ko sa kanya.", reply ko.

Eh nahuli na ako eh. Alangan naman magsinungaling ako.

Pinanindigan ko na.

"So now I know I am annoying" reply ni Marcel sa akin.

"Yes you are." I replied. "But like I said, you're nice naman. It's just those moments when you become more annoying than usual." I added.

He explained kung bakit siya nagrereklamo. Masakit daw tiyan niya.

Mmkay... sabi niya eh. I still cannot see the connection up to this day. Pero sige nalang.

Lesson learned: tignang mabuti kung kanino sinesend ang messages sa Skype. O kaya wag ako masyadong mataray. I prefer the first one :)