Monday, November 4, 2013

What's In a Tag?

Last week, we had our LoveYourself General Assembly. Imagine a big hall full of gay men. It was hag heaven. There were team building activities and announcements and stuff. One particular activity that struck me had something to do with the bag tags in the photo.

The tags were on a podium and the podium was carried to the center of the hall. We were instructed to take the tag/s and give them to people who we feel had an impact on us. There were 3 colors and every color had a meaning.

APCOM Training in Bangkok and a Bit of Nightlife

The training in Bangkok was for 5 days. Now I am not exactly sure what I can post here, for security reasons, so in a nutshell this is what we did while we were in Training.

Basically, it was a training on Communications and Social Media and how we can use them to effectively help the MSM, LGBT and PLHIV community. We had speakers from UNAIDS, Being LGBT in Asia, Youth Voices Count, AIDS Positive Network, etc.