Sunday, April 25, 2010

After one week...'s what's been happening to me.

It's been a week since I started living and working here in Manila and so far, it's been ok. Every morning I wake up at 5AM, I then take a shower, get dressed, then leave for work at 5:30. I get to Makati by 6:15 then I go to Jolly Jeep to have breakfast then I walk around and smoke. By 7:00AM I head to the office then I start blogging, checking my mail, updating my facebook status, etc.

I take a few smoke breaks every now and then and at 8:30, I have a cup of coffee at the pantry while watching HBO thanks to the big-ass flat screen TV in the kitchen. Work starts at 9 and ends at 6PM. I take the bus (sometimes the MRT) going home. I get home at around 7:45 or 8PM. I watch TV and at 11PM I go to sleep and repeat the whole thing next day.

So far, I'm starting to adjust to the life here, its just that I can't take the heat! It's actually what I complain about all the time. It feels like an oven anywhere I go. I drink around 3 liters of water a day just because of the blasted heat. Oh another complain I have is the MRT when I go home. I tried it once and I swear to God I am never taking the MRT home ever again, unless I really really really have to. It's jam-packed by the time I go home, as in it feels like the bus will explode any moment because of so many people inside it. The limited space inside the MRT I can handle, but the smell, oh my lord THE SMELL!. It's like being inside a sauna with a hundred people who had sardines, onions and rotten eggs for lunch. I dont know how people could survive riding those things at that time.

About work, it's been fun so far. I've been getting good scores on our exams. We have all out access to any website we want except for youtube because the videos would slow down our server which for me is fine since I just blog, tweet, go on facebook and check my mail. Our trainer Diana is great, she's Costa Rican and she talks with this really cute accent. I like listening to her voice when she's talking. My teammates and I are becoming close which for me is a good thing. There used to be 7 of us when we started but because there's just 6 of us. Training ends in a week then we hit the Ops Floor. 

Im slowly adjusting to the life here, though it hasn't been easy. My friends were surprised when they found out I commute going to work. Back home, I don't take jeeps because the smell makes me nauseous but here I dont have a choice. I sometimes ask myself, 'what has become of me?' But like what my friend Bugsy told me, "Shit happens...and then we move on." So now, my life is in Manila, it is boring as ever. I know that'll change eventually but I dont know when. But for now, the first thing I'm trying to get used to is the heat.

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