Friday, July 29, 2011

Bacolod Trip 2: L'Fisher Chalet

So there I was, finally in the City of Smiles. Exhausted, yes, but excited nonetheless.

It was my first time going to place where I practically don't know anyone, staying at a hotel by myself, all that shit. It felt so Bohemian of me to even be there.

I entered the hotel, it was called L'Fisher Chalet. There's an actual L'Fisher Hotel beside us. The Chalet is like an Annex, I assume anyway.

So no more words, y'all know me. I could not help myself. I took pictures like there's no tomorrow.

So when I finally got my room key, I was at the 3rd floor, I hopped on the elevator and looked for my room. I was surprised, because you don't insert the card key in the door. You swipe it. Yes, swipe it. Sosyal hahaha.

When I got to my room, I was quite surprised because it was better than what I expected. I'm cheap so I had the cheapest room booked early on, so I was expecting a crappy room with motel-like quality. I was wrong. the room was nice.

Less than 2 hours and I've managed to mess up the room.

The bathroom didn't have a tub which was kind of a downer but at least it had hot water.

TV wasn't that big but it was on Sky Cable so I was able to watch channels I don't usually get to watch at home. My cable at home sucks.

I went out that night, yes there is no rest for the wicked. But that's another story I'll be telling soon.

The next day, I managed to get up at around 9AM. The room came with free breakfast. Plated, not buffet. Bummer I know, but again, cheapest room.

Nothing special about breakfast. The waiters were friendly though. I don't get that a lot these days.

It's kinda depressing during the day because of the weather. You don't get to appreciate the beauty of the place. Take a look.

But at night, lo and behold, the true beauty of the place come's out.

It was a nice hotel and actually affordable. I stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, I spent like 2k on the hotel. Not bad right?

My only complain was the plated breakfast but that's about it. The staff were very friendly, couldn't say anything bad about them which is surprising since I find something bad to say about everyone.

I'd probably give this place a 7.5 out of 10.

Now like I said, I went out that night, also on the next day. I went all around Bacolod.

(To be continued...)

Bacolod Trip 1: Getting there

As most of my readers and friends know, I booked a flight to Bacolod a few months ago.

Since ZestAir had this promo thing, I booked a flight with them.

Now, my flight was originally scheduled to leave at 7:55AM but I received a text from ZestAir two days before my flight informing me that my flight has been moved to 2:30PM due to operational blah blah blah. 

Medyo nainis ako because the reason I chose a morning fight was so that I could spend the rest of the day roaming the city. Sayang din yung time no. But sige, hinayaan ko nalang.

So the day finally came, July 24 and it was a Sunday. I spent the night before packing my things and choosing what clothes to bring. All the shit.

At around 11AM, I hauled my lazy ass out of the house to the domestic airport.

When I got there at around 12 noon, I went to the check in counter or whatever the hell you call it. Upon getting there, the woman at the counter informed me that my flight was pushed back. Again. My new schedule would be at 3:20PM.

For 5 seconds I literally lost my poise and blurted out,

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

The girl looked at me, a bit surprised and said no, she wasn't kidding.

So to pass the grueling hours I had to wait, I decided to get a one hour full body massage at this place called Vibes where the masseurs are blind.

It cost 300php which I guess wasn't that bad considering it was a full body massage for an hour. The people there were very friendly by the way. I felt relaxed afterwards.

So finally, after 3 hours of waiting, we finally started boarding the damn plane. I was seated somewhere at the back. Stupid me, I forgot to ask for a window seat earlier. 

Since it was a 50-minute flight and I kinda have this fear of flying, I just started reading one of my ebooks. When the flight attendants came, I noticed this guy, this cute, tall, chinito guy who looked strikingly familliar but I could not place where I've seen him.

When the captain started speaking and said the names of FA's, that's when I realized who the guy was. He was my schoolmate from way back. He was quite famous in school for his good looks. I had a slight crush on him before. Slight lang, I repeat, slight lang.

When they came out with carts, he saw me and smiled and asked,

"Schoolmate kita nun no?"

"Yup", I answered.

He recognized me. Nakipagkwentuhan siya sa akin ng ilang minuto.

Dahil dyan, napagastos ako sa eroplano at napabili ako ng soda at sandwich. 

Haaay, I'm sure magrereact si Parker pag nabasa niya to hihihi.

It was drizzling when we landed. I immediately fell in love with the weather in Bacolod. It wasn't hot and the wind was refreshing. 

I went to conveyor belt thing that brings out our luggage. When I got my bag, I walked out of the airport and I saw this girl asking people if they needed a van service going to the city.

"How much does it cost to ride the van?", I asked.

"100 sir. What hotel are you staying at?", she answered. Yes, in english.

"L'Fisher Chalet"

"Ok po sir. Just tell the driver and he'll drop you off at the hotel."

So I rode the van going to the city, and true enough, the van dropped me off at the hotel.

(To be continued...)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Is My Now!

Hello dear readers.

Kamusta na kayo?

Okay naman ako. In fact, okay na okay ako.

Gusto niyong malaman kung bakit?

Ganito kasi yun...

Pumasa ako sa probationary period ko sa bago kong posisyon!!!

Me na! Me na talaga!

Actually, 2 weeks ago pa kami nag-usap nang boss ko tungkol dun.

Sinabi naman niya na pasado ako at natutuwa naman daw siya sa trabaho ko.

I don't remember much of what he said because I was a nervous wreck during that meeting.

All I know is, pumasa ako. Take that bitches!

I've actually asked myself, "has it really been 3 months?"

That means, it's been 3 months since I left Poker. 3 months of not taking calls, 3 months since I moved to another team, 3 months of having a different boss, 3 months since I came closer to my dream. Yes dear readers. Meh ganon.

Let me use this moment to go back and reminisce.

Seems just like yesterday that this boy from Baguio left the town he called home to brave the busy streets of Metro Manila.

So much has happened the past year and a half and it feels so overwhelming. I joined the company April 2010 and one year later, I'm in a different place from where I started.

Though I have been in my new position for 3 months now, it's only now that it sunk in that I'm no longer an agent. My life is a bit different now. The responsibilities I have are no longer limited to answering the phone everyday.

It's much more than that now, and you know what? I love it! I love every fucking second of it.

I'm a workaholic and mayabang that way. Yes, I have no humble bone in my body. Deal with it.

So ngayon kelangan kong magpakitang-gilas lalo dahil ang target ko eh by next year ma-promote nanaman ako.

Itaga niyo yan sa bato mga bakla! Bukas luluhod ang mga tala and all that shit! By hook or by crook, I will get promoted next year and that will be because I earned it.

Oh and if you're wondering kung bakit ngayon ko lang to blinog, sweldo kasi namin today. I wanted to be absolutely sure and when I saw how much I got this payday, I smiled. Pumasok na ang adjustment.

Oh yes, yun na yun. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Repost: The Edge of Glory

"This video is for everybody. Who has ever loved. And has been loved in return. To those that think it never does or will get better. It does. It does get better, it becomes beautiful."

I was smiling the entire time while watching this. Fairytale endings and happily-ever-after can come true as long as you let them come true.

Lets start this week by spreading love, love, love dear reades.

Barbie and Ken

Yesterday while I was at the office I received a text from Ellaine. She said that she was at Trinoma with her bf. She wanted me to join them for dinner and drinks.

I met up with them at KFC Trinoma and that's where had dinner. For drinks, we went to this seafood place. I can't remember the name.

This is actually the second time na nakita ko ang bf ni Ellaine. First was during our office xmas party. So ladies and gays, let me introduce Jet.

If I'm not mistaken, 2 years na sila. Natutuwa ako sa kwento ng dalawang to. At dahil dyan, magkwekwento din ako.

Si Jet kasi, tahimik pag may ibang tao. He barely says anything pero tumatawa naman pag nagbibiruan kami ni Ellaine. Feeling ko nga na-culture shock siya sa akin eh. 

I don''t think Ellaine knows it but she is deeply madly in-love with Jet. Not a day has gone by na hindi ko naririnig ang pangalan ni Jet, or something that reminds her of Jet or something Jet did. Iba din ma-inlove ang lukaret eh no. But for good reason.

I've seen the gestures he's done for her. One time he sent her a bouquet of roses at the office. Eh nung time na yun nagaaway ang dalawa kaya Ellaine was thinking na sa iba nanggaling. It was me who pointed out na si Jet ang nagpadala nun. The card did not have Jet's name on it or anything but it had a series of numbers. 

When I realized what those numbers meant, thats when I started insisting that it was Jet who sent them. The reason I was so sure was because those numbers formed a date. A very important date for the both of them.

O diba? Ganun kami ka-close ni Ellaine. Alam ko ang mga special date nila.

Mahaba din ang pasensya nitong si Jet. Si Ellaine kasi eh parang ako, may sariling topak din paminsan-minsan.

Aside from that, he'd post sweet one-liners on her FB wall or she'd suddenly receive romantic text messages from him. At eto kayo, apparently may sinabi si Jet kay Ellaine na pati ako eh napa 'Oh My God!'

"Kahit magbreak tayo at ilan pa maging boyfriend mo, wala akong pakialam kasi alam ko na ikaw yung papakasalan ko."

Kaloka lang ano?! Ang sweet no?

Ellaine has actually asked me to organize her wedding, whenever she decides to get married. I happily accepted it under two strict conditions.

First, no one gets to touch the wedding except me and her. Ayoko nang pinapakialaman ako. Second, I would only organize the wedding if Jet is the groom. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, she'd be a  princess during her wedding so dapat may prince. Alangan namang mukhang horse ang groom diba? Hindi pwede. Dapat gwapo din ang mapapangasawa ni Ellaine. Jet is the perfect candidate.

Tignan niyo naman.

Eto pa!

I'm 100% sure that they would have the most beautiful kids.

I'm happy for the both of them. They have the type of love that others can only wish for. So now that they're back together, I hope for good na. Ellaine wag mo nang pakawalan. Think of the kids you two will have.

So ladies, fear not for obviously there are still viable, good-looking, romatic, straight men out there.

And to the gays, gwapo si Jet no? Hahaha. Yun lang.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sizzling Pepper Steak Trinoma

Last night, I was at Trinoma with my friend Ellaine. It was around 8:30 when we decided to eat dinner before going home and since I wasn't in the mood for fast food, I asked her if she wanted to try Sizzling Pepper Steak.

Alright so when we got there, my first impression was, "Oh this place looks nice pero mukhang masikip lang".

We asked the waitress standing outside Pepper Steak if they accepted Citibank Mastercard para hindi na kami gumamit ng cash. She said yes.

So we went inside and took our sit in what I might say was a very small table.

Earlier, Ellaine and I were at Comic Alley and she bought a deck of cards from the Card Captor Sakura Anime.

So here's what happened, before we could even order, a waitress came by our table and asked to see the credit card we'll be using. I don't know if that's customary but I have eaten in places much fancier than this and not once have I been asked if they could see the card to be used.

But since we were hungry, we obliged and showed them the card.

They  had this thing on the table and when you flip it over, it means you need help or something. Doesn't work. Seriously.

So there we were going through the menu trying to decide what to have for dinner. They had this thing where you could order something and it comes with frozen yogurt and coke. The menu had specific instructions that if you add 25php, you could upgrade your drinks to bottomless.

When we were ready to order, I called the waitress and here's how it went:

"We'll have the meatballs with marinara sauce and the gravy hamburg something. Pwede i-upgrade yung sa gravy hamburg para--"

"Ay Sir hindi po available yung upgrade para sa yogurt. Plain lang po ang available.", said the waitress cutting me off.

"I was going to say paki upgrade yung drink to bottomless."

The bitch cut me off before I could even finish what I was going to say.

20 minutes later wala pa yung food namin so I called the waiter.

"Kung matagal pa bago i-serve yung food, pwede pakiserve na yung frozen yogurt para yung muna kainin namin habang hinihintay namin yung meal."

"Ok po sir.", he answered.

After a few minutes,a  waitress suddenly came to our table.

"Sir hindi po pala available yung upgrade sa gravy hamburg kaya regular coke po yung iseserve namin sa inyo", sabi niya without even sounding apologetic.

"Bakit hindi pwede? Hindi ba yun yung naka-specify sa menu ninyo?", I asked eyebrow slightly raising.

"Sir kasi wala pa po yung option na yun sa machine namin"

"Then shouldn't you put that in your menu para alam ng mga customer niyo na hindi available yung option na yun?", I spat back eyebrow now 2 inches high.

"Kaya nga po sir pinapaalam ko sa inyo na hindi siya available kaya po regular ang iseserve namin sa inyo", sagot ng bastos na waitress.

Nagulat ako sa sagot niya, pati si Ellaine.

10 minutes later, a waitress came over with two sizzling plates.

"Hold on, dont touch it.", Ellaine said.

"Why?", I asked.

"This is not what I ordered and that's not your order either."

"Oo nga no."

So I called the waitress again and she removed the plates from our table. The plates had meat in them so the oil splattered on our table. The waitress did not even apologize or clean our table.

After several more minutes, I asked three different waiters to serve the damn frozen yogurt because we were already hungry.

Wala parin.

After what felt like a lifetime, our damn food finally came. Here's the annoying part, they served Ellaines food first then they served the food of the table beside us to think we were there first before they finally served mine. I don't know what training these people get but for me that is plainly RUDE.

When I was done eating the veggies on my plate, the meat was still too hot so I really wanted to eat the frozen yogurt while waiting for the meat to cool down. I was pissed at this point already.

I called another waitress.

"Miss I will try my best to say this nicely. You are the fifth person I would be asking, could you please serve the frozen yogurt because my food is still to hot at hinihintay ko siya na lumamig!", I said trying to keep my voice as calm as possible.

"Oh I apologize for that sir. Wait lang po kukunin ko na yung frozen yogurt ninyo", she said.

True enough, after 5 minutes she came with ONE frozen yogurt.

"Bakit isa lang to? Diba dalawa kami?", I asked sarcastically.

"Ay pati rin po ba yung kay Ma'am iseserve narin?", she asked.


When we were done eating, we paid the tab and left. I asked Ellaine if she was insane because she left a tip.

Now, I don't usually write scathing reviews about establishments but this one just hit so many nerves I can't even begin to explain how disappointed I am.

I do not know what training these people have but their service is unbelievably horrible. They did not apologize for mixing up our orders, it took them forever to serve the food, and I did not like the tone their waitress gave me.

I am a paying customer for God's sake. And to think it was my first time there.

Now I am not generalizing all branches of Pepper Steak because other branches might actually have some decent employees but I sure as hell am not going back to this specific branch.

My experience in Pepper Lunch was so much better that it would be an insult to PL to even compare the quality of service I received. Sana naman magkaroon na ng branch ang Pepper Lunch sa Trinoma.

Seriously, never again am I stepping foot in that place.