Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making Good by Stephanie J. Block Lyrics

*Thanks to the person who corrected the few lines I got wrong*
There was someone who e-mailed me asking for the lyrics of the song Making Good from the Broadway Musical Wicked. Apparently its hard to find. So what I did was listen to the song a couple of times and write the lyrics down. Now, the lyrics should be 99.8% accurate coz theres one line in the beggining that I'm not sure about but thats what I heard from the song. Anyway, instead of me sending it to numerous people, why dont I just share it with the world. So here ya go:

"Making Good"

That hatched-faced hag who is pointing at me with a sneer I don’t see her
Those giggling girls with those whispers they want me to hear, I don’t hear them
The boy with the spitball behind me
If I suddenly turn – oh look he’s lost his nerve
Right now I’m their prey
Right now I’m their quarry
But there’ll come a day
They all will be sorry
And sorry will be all that they deserve
At long long last im making my way out of here
Erase the past it’s as of today
Clean and clear
Today I start my quest
To find my special destiny
Do more that just the best I could
‘Coz in my gut I know I can do something great
I don’t know what yet but when I’m through just you wait
When they see all I’ve done
They’ll tell me you’re so wonderful
We wish back then we’d understood
You’d be making good
Good.. I’ll be making good
Undertaking new inventions or discoveries
Maybe find a cure for some disease
Maybe I could make world hunger cease
Or else maybe paint a masterpiece
Something that astounds
Something that amazes
Something that has everybody singing my praises
At long long last I’m taking my turn and my oh my
Just watch how fast I’m going to learn how to fly
Just watch the lightning strike
And when they see what I can do
All Oz will love me like they should
In all likelihood
Once I’m making good
Unlimited my future is unlimited
And I’ve just had a vision almost like a prophecy
I know
You can call me crazy and true the visions hazy
But I swear someday there’ll be a celebration throughout Oz
That’s all to do with me
You’ll see…
How at long long last they’re cheering my name and what’s more
Guess what old bastards come here to claim
Credit for
This magic child of his
To say how proud he is of me
For doing things the wizard could not even contemplate
So you can
Go ahead and laugh till your sides are aching
But if I do have the wonders I feel waking
You’ll be cheering after I am finished making good
Not making good
Making great

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shoshsana Bean You Rock!!!

I was browsing through Shoshana's Myspace page when I saw this on one of her albums. I laughed so hard upon seeing it. I got the message the moment I saw the pic. Thats her in the picture. I just took a screenshot of it. This is something that only WICKED fans can relate to. If you can read the caption you'd also get why she posed that way. Hahaha

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

I watched this movie earlier today in the cinema. Funny thing was, it was a local cinema so there weren't that many people. It was the only cinema showing this movie. I sat in the Balcony and there were no people there. Literally. All the other movie watching people were downstairs. I was all by myself in the balcony (Yes I watch movies alone) watching this horror flick. Good thing I dont scare that easy with horror films.
Well the movie was a little boring except for the parts where Molly would breakdown and start hallucinating. This movie reminded me of the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". The only difference is that in this movie, Molly ascended into being the devil bitch and thats where the movie ended. I dont know if there's gonna be a part two though the ending did leave a hanging feeling to it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shoshana Bean: Superhero

Finally, one of my favorite singers already released an album. The album "Superhero" was released last December 2, 2008. I dont have a copy of the album yet but I do have one song from it, the carrier single "Superhero". Eventually I will find a way to get my hands on a copy of this album.

The list of songs are as follows:

Good Enough
Feel Like Falling
Can't Nobody
Come To Me
Ain't No Way
Because Of You
116th Feat. Mosaic
Press On
Superhero Feat. Da Wax

Now if there are any Shoshana Bean fans out there who know how I can get a copy of this album then please tell me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wicked 5th Year Special Edition CD

Well, whatta ya know... Wicked has been in production for 5 years now. And to mark its 5th year in the Broadway Industry, they released a 2-disc special edition of the soundtrack. It was released on October 28, 2008 and I was able to get a copy of the songs from the second CD. The first CD had the songs from the repertoire performed by the Original Broadway Cast so I don't need it since I already have a copy of that.
The list of songs on the second CD are as follows:

For Good by Delta Goodrem and Le Ann Rimes

I'm Not That Girl by Kerry Ellis

Making Good by Stephanie J. Block

Solang ich dich hab from Wicked - Die Hexen von Oz (This is the German version of "As long as you're mine")

Gutes tun from Wicked - Die Hexen von Oz (German version of "No Good Deed")

Dancing Through Life from Gekidan Shiki

Popular from Gekidan Shiki

Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel (Remix of the song)
Wicked - Die Hexen von Oz is the German Version of Wicked performed by the Original German Cast. Gekidan Shiki is the Japanese Version of Wicked and was performed by the Original Japanese Cast. By the way if you were wondering, I also have a copy of both soundtracks.

The song "Making Good" was part of the Original Demo for the play but was removed from the repertoire and replaced by "The Wizard and I". I dont know why the let Stephanie J. Block sing it but her version is good though I have heard Idina Menzel's version which is waaaay better. But SJB did give justice to the song so I guess it's all good.

Long Live WICKED. Here's to another 5 years *raises wine glass*.

RENT: Filmed Live on Broadway

I know I haven't updated my blog in days because I went on vacation where I dont have any direct access to internet connection. But Im back with a few tales to tell. First, for all of my avid readers, you know that I'm into theatre as well. Well, I was able to get my hands on a copy of RENT: Filmed live from broadway. The DVD was released on February 3, 2009 and thanks to the nice people on Mininova, I was able to download the whole thing.

Basically, its the very last performance of RENT which was last September 7, 2008 where even the Original Broadway Cast made an appearence at the end to sing Seasons of Love with the current cast.

I was surprised when I saw the cast of RENT because first, Tracie Thoms who played the Lesbian Lawyer Joanne in the movie also played the role in the musical. I was surprised by how well she could act on stage. Second, Eden Espinosa played Maureen Johnson for the final performance.

Here's a little trivia: The role of Maureen Johnson was originally played by Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel was the original actress for the role of Elphaba in the broadway adaptation of Wicked, a role that Eden Espinosa also played at one point in her career.

Anyway, I LOVED the film. I also loved the part where the whole cast (Original and Current) came together to sing Seasons of Love for the Encore.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Lost My Phone

Last night I was walking around session road with some of my friends when It happened. My phone was in my pocket when it got snatched. I bought this phone with my salary from PeopleSupport thats why I feel so bad losing it. This is the last picture I took of my phone. The one time I decide not to bring a bag and this is what happens...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ukay Ukay Frenzy

Ukay Ukay is the equivalent of Flea Markets here in the Philippines. Its a place where you can buy cheap stuff such as clothes, books, shoes, bags, etc. I decided to pass by one of the biggest ukay-ukays here in Baguio, in Bayanihan. So while I was inside I bought a couple of things I found nice. And how much did I spend? A days' worth of allowance. Hahaha. I bought two chinese jackets, three quills ( which by the way I've been looking for for 2 years), and a woodstock stuff toy.

So far these have been my latest purchases. I like wearing chinese jackets from time to time. They make me stand-out because no one else wears them here in Baguio. I bought three quills because two would be for me and one would be for my friend Zeke because he asked me to buy him one. And the woodstock stuff toy, well I have Will and Grace to thank for that.

Confessions of a shopaholic

Today was the premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic and I knew that I had to watch it. So after walking around Baguio City, I went to SM for the last full show of the movie.

The movie was like a mix of Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada with a hint of Enchanted.

To be fair, Isla Fisher did a good job giving justice to the role. She looks like Alicia Silverstone, Debra Messing and Amy Adams combined. The story is your typical labels and love story and though there were some boring parts, the movie was nice in general.

Im really not in the mood to give it a full review so I'll just say that though it is not an A+ movie since it reminds me a lot of Sex and the City, I say that its still worth watching.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Do I Look like I care

If you think I give a crap about you well then think again. Bakit mo ba pinagpipilitan sarili mo sa buhay ko?HAVE YOU NO SELF RESPECT??? Do you think I give a fuck about you??? And you have the audacity to say that its my loss?ANG KAPAL NG MUKHA MO! ANG TAAS NG TINGIN MO SA SARILI MO. If you were Jet or Jackie then I would make the effort. Sino ka ba? You're nothing but a free meal.

I feel so sorry for you.

How sad... HOW SAD... You're living a dream where you believe that you have some bearing in my life.

If you honestly think I care about you or about what you think then why have I not contacted you or talked to you? Its not called cowardice...Its called not caring. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD THAT I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!

You keep on texting me... thinking I would reply??? HAHAHAHAHA...How pathetic....

If you dont want and cannot accept my response then stay the hell away from my blog and AWAY FROM MY LIFE...

Haven't you realized it by now that I dont care if you die? Because if I did then why haven't I listened to what you have to say... You are nothing to me. You have never been and you never will so please stay the hell away from me...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Old Baguio-New Baguio

I was blog-hopping when I came across the blog of one of my former office mate. I saw his post on the old session road and new session road. If you look at the picture closely you would see how urbanized Baguio City has become. Gone are the days when the air was fresh and cars could park diagonally.

Picture taken from Beaugarte ( )

Power Rangers

For some reason I've had this fascination with Power Rangers since New Years eve. I dont know why. I even dowloaded a couple of episodes from the very first Power Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Then I found out that two of my friends, Zeke and Ralph, also like power rangers. At least I have someone to talk to. ^_^.

Some of my other friends find it weird that I'm watching Power Rangers. Well when I was young, I never finished the series. I dont remember why. All I remember is, my dad bought me the complete weapon set when I was young and my mom bought me the complete morpher and dragonlaser set for my 9th birthday.

My classmate John Nicolaas told me that he has all episodes of Power Rangers because he also watches it. He told me that he's gonna give me a copy. I wonder when. Well anyway... Go Go Power Rangers. hahaha

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another New Toy

I've been planning to blog about this since December '08 but for some reason I always forget to. Now is the time I guess. This was my Mom's Christmas gift to me. She made me choose between a laptop and a DSLR. Since I've had this fascination with photography, I chose the DSLR. So when I told my mom what I wanted, she faxed the order form to Canon. After a week, the package arrived. Luckily, I had chicken pox at that time so I was at home when the camera arrived. Sad part was, I couldn't use it for the first 3 days since I wasn't allowed to leave my room.

All I can say is, I love this camera. I can finally take pictures using a DSLR which has been one of my dreams since I held my first SLR Camera. And the best part is, our teacher in photography already allowed us to use digital camera's for our Photog1 class. Hooray for me.

If you wanna see the quality of the pictures taken with this camera, visit my online folio at

oh by the way, Thanks to Mr. Art Tibaldo for giving me tips and helping me improve my skills in photography. You can visit his folio's at

Last Night

I had an interesting night last night. After finishing the things I had to do for my Photography class, I went to Burnham Park with Marichu, Beb, Efren, and Jet. We walked around the bazaar for about 30 minutes then we ate Shawarmas. We walked for a bit more when I saw this multi-colored Jesters hat. Marichu and Jet nagged me to buy it since it looked nice on me. I think I looked ridiculous wearing it. But it was cheap so I bought the damn thing. After that we walked for a bit more then suddenly someone asked me where I bought the hat I was wearing and I told them where the shop was. Its funny I know.

While walking, we saw this mini theme park beside the bazzar so we went there. Apparently, it was a roller skating rink. I haven't used roller blades in years, though I used to go ice skating in manila from time to time. So we decided to go skating. Only Jet and I wanted to skate so we rented out skates for 30 minutes. It was scary at first coz I had t balance myself but afterwards, I was able to get the hang of it.

After skating, I bought a 1liter bottle of water coz I was thirsty as hell. Then we went to Cafe Will. In wasn't in the mood for anything so it was only Jet and Efren who ordered. There were so many people last night so we had to stay outside at first but when the couches cleared up, we transfered inside.

Now here's the interesting part, the owners of Cafe Will asked me to sing last night because I was recommended by the manager. Though there was a singer last night, they still asked me to sing. So when the singer went on break, it was my turn to sing. I sang "Crazy for you", "Your Love", and "Para sa akin". It was a great night for me. Exposure. Hahaha.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wicked Fans!!!

I think I have died and gone to heaven or hell or Oz. Finally my long wait has arrived. NICOLE PARKER has taken on the role of Elphaba. I have been waiting for months for Nicole Parker to assume the role. I was browsing through youtube when I typed in "WICKED" and wouldn't you know it, Nicole Parkers name came up. She is much better than I expected. She's a mix of Shoshana Bean and Eden Espinosa. Right now I'm listening to her sing "The Wizard and I" and I love it. I also listened to her sing "Defying Gravity" and boy has she defied gravity. I will honestly sleep with a smile on my face. If you read back a few dozen posts you will see that I made an entry about nicole parker. I still stick by what I said that I LOVE NICOLE PARKER. She's a great actress and a great singer. For her to portray the role Idina Menzel originally played is wonderful. Here's a link of her singing Defying Gravity
Hope you wicked fans like it.



Im finally downloading the last Futurama Movie. The title is Futurama: Into the green yonder. I finally have it!!! Call me a dork for watching this show, I dont care. Its like one of the funniest animations ever. Too bad though because this would be the last movie and it concludes the whole series already. T_T. Aside from that, I was able to download the latest Supernatural and American Dad episodes. Thank you and This must be a good week for me.

And now for the summary of my day. Jet came to my apartment this morning to wake me up. Thank god that we're neighbors. We watched "The Maid" and "Shutter" because we rented the cd's the other day. After that we went to school. He took his exam and I met up with Marichu and Efren. After that I went to the MassCom Lab and stayed there for a while until Ralph arrived. I asked him if he wanted to join us later coz we're going to Cafe Will. He said he can't because he's busy. We jammed for a little while in the lab because there was a guitar there. We stayed at school till 6 then Jet and I went to SM to return the cd's. Since our friends we're busy and no one wanted to join us, Jet and I went to burnham to visit the fair thing. I had two shawarmas which I guess was my dinner already then we went to Cafe Will and stayed there for about two hours. Our group are regulars now at Cafe Will. Its a nice place plus I only spend 1/5 of my daily allowance there so its ok for me. Well anyway Im waiting for my download to finish then I'll go to sleep. I wonder what I'll do tomorrow aside from submit my article for the local newspaper(internship).

Last Sunday

Finally I've found time to update my blog. I only get to go online from time to time because of my busy schedule. Well last sunday, me and my friends went to Riverview which is a resort here. Its in the outskirts of town, about 45 minutes from the city. We decided to go there because it was the birthday celebration of my friend Marichu. So we all met up at around 8AM in town then we went to buy food, drinks, and of course cigarretes. It was Me, Jet, and Reuben who were first there then lyve followed and then Marichu arrived with Efren. We did have some problems though. Im not gonna say what it is but lets just say, there was an unwanted guest. Wait that sounds so mean, lets just say that there was this misunderstanding between two of my friends which I think has not been resolved yet. Anyway, despite the problems we encountered in the morning, nothing could stop us from going because this was to celebrate a friends birthday no matter what. So we rode the jeepney and when we got there, it was fun all through out the day. We swam in the different pools and even the hot springs. We used the slides. We played tag. We dared each other on who can stay underwater the longest. Reuben did his couture poses. Jet and I raced underwater and we also played pranks on the others by grabbing the foot or pulling them to the middle of the pool. Marichu was clinging to the edge of the pool because she cant swim. Efren was in the cottage because he's afrdaid of the sun but he joined us eventually after we pushed him into the pool. Lyve complained about the rice being wet or dry or something, I dont know coz I wasn't paying attention. And Eminem was enjoying the slides. We took a zillion photos and of course we had fun plus we had chicken for lunch. Yum!!!

After that, my friends went to my house and finished the bottle of wine Marichu bought. Too bad our friend Ralph couldn't make it. Well there will always be next time.

Eminem, Reuben(eyes closed), Jet, Me, and Marichu.

Eminem, Me, and Marichu

Eminem, Marichu, Me, and Jet (head)

Us at the cottage.

Eminem and me making the same face. I honestly didn't know.

Well at least we had fun and thats all that matters. Happy Birthday Marichu. You just turned a year older. I'll call you Ate one of these days. Hehe...

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Online Folio

I've had my Multiply for a long time now but I never found any use for it. Finally I have. Im using my multiply as my online folio for the pictures I take. So far I have my first batch of Pictures and the pictures from the PeopleSupport Baguio Team Almikeez Valentine shoot. Fell free to visit my folio at

Hopefully I can improve my photography skills in the future.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

A newfound Haven in the City of Pines

Can you guess where this is? Scroll down to know more.

I've been hearing of this new Cafe in Baguio that opened last March. But since my usual coffee shops would either be Starbucks, Vocas, or Pizza Volante, I wasn't interested. Yesterday, me and four of my friends decided to have coffee and they said that we should try the new place, I was in no position to reject their invitation because I wasn't in a good mood. So we hailed a cab and the moment we got off and saw the place I was like, "Whoaaa!!!". It was a house converted into a cafe. The entrance alone was stunning. When we got inside, the place was so nice that I cannot think of words to describe it. If you're into slouching on a couch, they have a lot of them. If you prefer japanese style, they also have it. Middle eastern, European, Outdoor, Campfire, Gazeebo, Pubs...they have it all. Its unbelievable. I took a few pictures but since I used my phone, they didnt come out that detailed because it was at night. So we went back this afternoon and I made sure that I had my camera with me.

Whats nice about this place is it has a very good feel to it. The ambiance is perfectly set for every mood. They even had this place where u can pretend like your camping because of the bonfire. Its close to perfect. And to top it all off, the staff was very nice, very polite, and very accomodating. Plus, the prices are not that high. You'd expect a place like this to have prices that would sky rocket but no, the drinks and food are very affordable.

There's only one thing missing and this place would be perfect. WIFI. I asked one of the staff earlier and she said that the WIFI thing is in the works.

For those of you who are in Baguio City or plan to visit Baguio City, remember to drop by Cafe Will located at the corner of M.H. Del Pilar St. Noticable landmark would be the Ina Mansion.