Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yellow Brick Road Not Taken

Alright so I've been gone for a while. Been enjoying my vacation. But now I'm back more juiced up than ever. The Yellow Brick Road Not Taken was a benefit concert held at the Gershwin Theatre last October 27, 2008. For one night, the concert showcased different songs and stories from the early drafts of Wicked that were cut out from the musical even before it went on stage. Examples would be:

Making Good - was replaced by The Wizard and I
For Goodness Sake
Step by Step
Good News
Bad Situation
Winky Wine
The original version of Defying Gravity

Sad to say Idina Menzel was not there to play the role of Elphaba but Shoshana Bean who by the way is my favorite actress who took on the role of Elphie and Stephanie J. Block were there. And to my surprise, Ashanti was there to sing some of Elphabas line in Defying Gravity. Why she was there and why she brought Nelly, I have no idea.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I finally found earphones for my phone

I usually go to the ukay-ukay on sundays since I dont do anything. Last Sunday while walking around the ukay-ukay, I saw this shop that sold things from japan so I went inside. While browsing, I saw a pair of earphones that had a port the same as my Sharp 903. Since I didnt have my phone that day, I went back the next day. When I tested it, it worked. I instatly bought it. There are some shops here that sell the headset but they're crazy expensinve that's why I never nothered to buy but this was cheap and it worked perfectly so I bought it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You're Welcome Bes

Last night I went to the internet shop to play MU so I left my phone at my apartment. I was in the internet shop for about 4 hours. By the time I got home, I got a couple of messages from some people but what caught my attention was the message from my bestfriend Jacky. She's graduating this month. Good for her. We've been bestfriend for 5 years if I'm not mistaken. Now, I dont know about others but for me, thats a long time. We've had fights like you wouldn't imagine. From the small petty things to the big things. But like a wave that rushes to the sea, we get pulled back to each other no matter what.

A few weeks ago, I made an AVP for her. It was a slideshow of all our pictures since we met. From the very first pic I took of us until the last. It played the song "For Good" by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. Luckily they were all in my pc. I gave it to her last saturday and she watched it last night. This is the message she sent me.

I chose the song "For Good" because of the part in the song that goes:
"It well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime,
So let me say before we part
so much of me is what I learned from you
you'll be with me like a handprint on my heart
and though whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine by being my friend"
We describe our relationship as this highly-inappropriate-highly-disfunctional-boundaryless-relationship.
Jacky if you're reading this. Thank you for the 5 years. Again, I am so proud of you. I make fun of you all the time but when push come to shove, you are the person I can run to. We've been through so much and you have taught me things that have made me a stronger person. Thank you for believing in me. You saw me when no one else would. You were there at my best and you were there at my worst. Words will never be enough to express how grateful I am that from all the Neurotic-egomaniacal-bible thumping-xenophibic-psychos in the world, you chose me as your bestfriend. Thank you.
Now its time to play MU again. Hahaha

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fire Dancing

These are pictures of me fire dancing for the first time. I was so overwhelmed. This was taken at Burnham Park during the closing of Panagbenga.
I would like to thank:
-Tsok for inspiring to Fire dance and for my first pair of PlanetZips Practice Poi.

-Wylmer for telling me to video my first fire zip bruise.
-My mom for giving me the money to buy these.
-YouTube for the lessons and all.
-Leo for my very first practice poi set.
-Marilyve for taking the pictures even though she was freezing cold at the time.
Anyway, I hope to post more in the future. For more pictures of me Fire Dancing, go to http://www.shatteredwindz.multiply.com

Saturday, March 7, 2009

MU Online Season 4

I know that there are only a few of us out there but MU now has season 4. More playable characters!!! Woohoo!!! Im downloading the MU game client right now. Hopefully it works coz if it did, I know what I'll be doing this summer...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Things About Me

So thanks to Facebook and MisterHubs I'm gonna post the list of 25 random things about me. For the reason that I cant think of anything to blog at the moment and so that my dear readers would get to know me better.

1. I cannot sleep unless I have 5 pillows or more.
2. My favorite play is "Wicked".
3. The song "Happiness" by Arashi is my happy pill.
4. I can eat chicken everyday and not get tired of it.
5. I once stabbed my classmate with a pencil when I was in 3rd grade.

6. I drink Iced Tea more times in a day than i drink water.
7. I still watch Power Rangers.
8. I cannot sleep with the TV or PC turned off.
9. I am a Futurama Addict.
10. I know almost all the lines in the series "Will and Grace".

11. I am a die-hard Tsubasa Chronicles Fan.
12. I know all the lyrics to High School Musical.
13. I eat Ice Cream even though its blistering cold.
14. KFC is my default fastfood for chicken.
15. I hate the fries of McDonalds.

16. I go to Toy Kingdom sometimes to stare at the Power Rangers action figures.
17. I cannot sleep with someone beside me.
18. I cannot live with a roomate or housemate for a long time.
19. I know how to solve the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 rubiks cube.
20. I can be very blasphemous at times.

21. I dont get lost that easily.
22. I know how to read Tarot Cards.
23. My bestfriends name is Jacky.
24. I love Nicole Parker.
25. I have insomnia.


So Nuffnang is the advertiser thingy on my blog though I dont have an actual ad yet, Im just waiting till my blog qualifies for one. Hehe. Anyway, I opened my Nuffnang account for the first time in a month and I was surprised to see that I have more readers now.

This is for this week I think...

And this is for last month...

I had to crop the pics because they become very minute when they get posted. Oh an one more thing, I looked at where my readers are from (coz you can see that with nuffnang)...

I have readers from Thailand and Poland. I know its a small thing to be happy about but to know that people ACTUALLY read my blog makes me feel so good. Hehehe. Anyway, to all of my readers, thanks and expect more posts in the future...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Mermaid the Musical OST A Trumpets Production

Okay I know that there are some people out there looking for the CD or songs from the Trumpets Production, Little Mermaid the Musical. The story based on what Hans Christian Anderson wrote and not the one produced by Disney in 1988.

The CD was sold a few years back, I think I was in 2nd year High School so that would be 2001 or 2002. Thanks to a few friends on the internet, I was able to get the FULL soundtrack last year.

Guys, I can't post the link on my blog because I do not want to get in trouble. What I could do is embed a player that'll have all the songs. I'll work on it asap.

*UPDATE: I would like to let everyone know that I am not giving the soundtrack away. That is piracy and there are consequences I will have to face if I offer the soundtrack. Im sure with enough Google-ing you'll be able to find it. Apologies to everyone.

Last Night

Sorry if I haven't posted anything lately because I was overwhelmed with the rush of panagbenga or the Baguio Flower Festival. Hahaha. Anyway, last night I was walking around session road with my friends Ralph and Zeke when I stopped by a stall that was selling crystals and magazines. I was immeadiately drawn to the crystals. When I asked how much a raw quartz crystal was, the girl said 123php. I was shocked. The prices of the crystals were so cheap. But I didn't buy. So Ralph, Zeke and myself were talking to the owner and her daughter when I told them that I knew how to read Tarot Cards. The owner asked me how much do I charge and I said that I do it for free. So after a long conversation about crystals and tarot cards, the owner invited me to their house. I said ok. I waited for their text. It was around 12 midnight when the daughter, Chiara called me up and asked where I was and I said I was on my way home and that I was at Abanao Square. They told me to wait for me so I did. After a few minutes they arrived and we went to their house but first we had to stop by my apartment so I can get my cards. Would you believe it that of all the people in session road that day, they met me and I live a few blocks from their house. So I went to their house and did a reading for both of them. As a for of thanking me, Chiara gave me a crystal called "Celestite" or "Stone of Heaven" and Tess, her mom and owner gave me a pendant. I dont remember the exact name of the stone on the pendant but I know that the commonly used name for it would be "Luvulite".

Celestite or Stone of Heaven


Not only did I get new crystals and hone my tarot reading skills but I also made new friends. Yey for me.