Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paulino Servado and Planet Zips

Earlier today I met up with Paulino Servado who was one of the founding members of Planet Zips. Planet Zips is the main Poi/Fire dancing community here in the Philippines. I've heard of Paulino's name 2 years ago when I started firedancing and I've read about him on their website. I added him on Facebook a few weeks ago through Tsok who is a common friend of ours. When I met Paulino yesterday I couldnt believe it. Whoa I actually met the Paulino Servado. He's really awesome, really cool and really nice. I've seen videos of him and he's an awesome firedancer. We talked about firedancing and a possible future for me teaching with the Planet Zips instructors and being a part of their group. Holy Shit!

This is the reason why I met up with him. I bought a pair of Aero Snakes and Glow Poi. When I emailed him a few weeks ago, I thought someone from Planet Zips was gonna hand it to me but when I realized it was Paulino himself who would give it to me, I was like 'WHOA'.

So heres the Glow poi. It has 3 different colors when it glows. I love the new Poi bag/pouch that comes with the Poi when you purchase them.

And here are the Aero Snakes. They're really light to the touch and its fun spinning them.

Okay needless to say it was a really fun afternoon. I got 2 new pairs of Poi and I actually got to meet and chat with Paulino. It was un-fuckin-believable. Oh and by the way, now that I have these pairs, Im one of the few who got first dibs on them because these were only released recently. Yey me!!! So if any other of you want to buy a pair, you can email your request to and just tell them what you want.

Their Facebook add is here.

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