Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last Dinner in Baguio

Me and Lyve had dinner at Hodori. This was basically my last supper in Baguio since I was leaving the next day.

Lyve had something called "bulgogi" not exactly sure of the spelling.

One reason we like Hodori is because of the unlimited side dishes

I ordered Katsudon

This is water is memorable because Marj once referred to this as 'Parang Tubig Kanal' hahaha.

Dinner was fun, it felt like any regular dinner but deep inside Lyve and I knew that it'll be a long time before this happens again. =(


Dwill said...

kinam anton! nag type ako ng hodori baguoi muka nyo ni lyve nakita ko haha :)

Adam said...

Malamang endorse kami ng hodori eh wahahaha