Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad Morning!

I'ts 6:45 in the morning and I'm already in a foul mood. On my way to work, I rode the MRT which is out version of the train. On my way out, there was this old woman(I would guess 50's) in front of me and when she place her card in the things so we could exit, it didn't open. When she saw me put my card in, she dashed past me so I was stuck inside and she was able to exit using MY card. I was like WHAT THE FUCK IN HELL!!! So I placed my card back in to exit so I can get to her and bash her head with a chair but the machine suddenly gave me a "card rejected" notice. I was really pissed off so the guard helped me and the ticket booth personel did something with my card so I can pass through the other exit. He said, I wasn't charged when I place my card in the second time.

Alright so I was on my way to the office and when I rode the jeep, that fuckin old woman got in a few seconds after me. I had half-a-mind to push her out when the jeep started moving. A few minutes later, she got off at the DTI building, and I was thinking, "No wonder!" Based on how she looked and the stuff she had with her, she was obviously one of the secretaries there or something. She looked like the type of person who couldn't get a job higher than an enrty-level postition even if she's worked there for half a decade because she's an imbecile who has the brain of a dodo bird or in the immortal words of my friend Reuben, "She's a slut-faced-hoebag".

I know I'm being mean but I AM PISSED OFF AT 6:45 IN THE MORNING. Lyve if you're reading this, lower the eyebrow, you're used to me being mean already. I just hate the fact that some people can do this. I know I'm mean and everything but I dont do shit like this. GRRRR...Ok dear readers, Im trying to calm myself down. Time to smoke.


Iyah said...

Time to buy a car! :)

Adam said...

Yeah and I'll use it to run her over since now I know where she works hahaha