Friday, February 25, 2011

For The Love Of Poi!

Seems just like yesterday I started Poi Dancing. Has it really been 3 years? Haaay. I remember nung nagstastart ako. I had no teacher. I practiced alone. YouTube was my bestfriend during that time. I remember the numerous times the Poi would hit my head, my back, my arms, and places that should only be handled with care.

I remember how I used to teach my friends. I also taught some people for a certain price. Yes, nagturo din ako ng fire dancing sa Baguio noon. 

Since I got my Flowlights, I decided to show you my collection of Poi. A true Poi dancer is never contented with one pair. Or two. Or three. 

These we're my first pair. They came from Davao. There's a group of FireDancers in Davao and they sell fabric poi. Eto ang ginagamit ko noong naguumpisa ako. Guess what? Pebbles and laman nung Poi head. Imaginin niyo nalang kung gano kasakit mahampas sa ulo niyan. Ang dami kong bukol nun.

These were my second pair. I bought them from a friend of mine who's from Planet Zips. These are called Catingkas and they are very light. Kakatuwa gamitin.

Since the tail of the Catingkas were detachable, I had more tails made hehe.

These are my glow poi. Ok naman kaso ang daling madumihan nung white na lalagyan niya. Ang problema ko lang dito eh ang mahal ng battery. Alam niyo bang bang isang libo ang batterya ng lintek na mga bolang yan. And as in nagiging super dim pag mahina na yung battery. Kalurks ah.

These are considered as sock poi. Made form net with a tennis ball inside, these are perfect for beginners. Though medyo masakit pag tinamaan ka nung ball lalo na kung tinamaan ka sa balls. Ohhhh they glow under UV lights

These are my fire zips. 

Hindi ko naman na sigurong kelangan magkwento tungkol dito diba?! I remember dati eh naiingit ako sa mga Poi Dancers na may ganito. Tapos lagi kong tinitignan to online wondering kung kelan ako magkakaroon ng ganito. Ayun, meron na ahihihi.

For my Poi, I prefer double-loop handles because they're easier to use saka mas maganda kung hawak ko sa poi pag ganito eh.

 Some of my Poi come in cute pouches like these. At least mas madaling itabi diba?

Ayan ang collection ko ng Poi. Adik lang no?


Me: Can I give her a refund?
Derek: No!
Me: She's Canadian! You're Canadian!
Derek: I dont care. Dont you know how much I hate Justin Bieber?!

Me: I have something to tell you.
Zeke: What?
Me: I..uhhm...I'm...well... I'm gay.
Zeke: Hmmm...Cant say I'm surprised.
Me: What?!
Zeke: You like Wicked.
Me: What the fuck?!

Libby: Teh second day palang ng training alam ko na.
Me: Ha? Pano?! Eh tahimik lang naman ako nun.
Libby: Pumasok kasi ako ng training room eh narinig kitang kumakanta ng 'I Hate This Part' ng Pussycat Dolls.
Me: Hahaha

Mama: No cable signal for the past week. I am pissed off at Dream Cable.
Me: I've been telling you for the past 7 years to just get regular cable.
Tita Grace: Mad, you are mad.
MaMa: Fuming mad, in a murderous rage, damn all those incompetent idiots, they can all go fry in hell!
Tita Grace: I've never heard you this mad.
Me:  I have, but her anger was usually directed at me.

Libby: He's the reason for the teardrops on my la la. Teh gusto mo ba si Taylor?
Me: Lautner?
Libby: Hahaha. Hay naku teh wala na talagang pagdududa.

Tess: Ton marunong ka bang magmake-up at mag-ayos ng buhok?
Anton: Mommy kelan lang ako nagladlad diba? Anong malay ko diyan?! Mukha ba akong may alam sa ganyan?!
Tess: Hahaha sira ulo ka talaga.
Me: Mudra pa-asembolin mo ako ng pc kaya ko kahit nakapikit.


Medyo sesegway muna ako mula sa mga lovey-dovey na post kasi...


When my Mom went to the US last December, eto ang kaisa-isang binilin ko sa kanya. The other bilins came after hihi. Anyway, ayun nga, I gave her the website where she can order these from. I honestly don't remember the website I gave her.

I gave her the instructions of what model to buy and I had her choose BlazeLace as the cord since they're much more sturdy. I asked her to have the handle double looped but these came with single loops. Either way, I still love them.

Ang cute cute pag inilawan. According to the website, these don't dim even if the battery is almost spent. Sana naman diba?! You can set them for 10 different modes para iba-ibang design habang iniikot-ikot mo na parang walang bukas. The weight is perfect by the way. Not too light and not too heavy.

You might be wondering kung bakit ngayon ko lang to blinog eh nung January pa naman dumating si Mama. Simple. Naiwan niya dun sa bahay ng Tita ko sa San Diego. Hindi kasi niya nilagay sa mga box na dala niya kasi baka daw maalog alog at masira. She decided to put it in her carry on pero nilapag daw niya sa table tapos ayun naiwan niya.

I was upset kasi I was looking forward to them pero ginawan ni mama ng paraan at ipinadala niya dito. Kaya ako ay happy na. I've already used them and they are just dandy.

At dahil ako to, pwede ba namang walang bidyo?! I tried taking pictures pero waley. They didnt come out good hehe.

Sensya na kung may kaliitan ang video. Hindi ko alam i-resize to eh. Sensya na kung repetitive yung steps. Tagal ko nang walang practice eh hehe.

Havey ba?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Listen To Him!

As usual, kinakalkal ko nanaman ang Youtube when lo and behold I found this guy. His name is Josh Chiu. Just listen to him and look at the expression on his face. So much passion. Plus he plays Disney songs.

Eto pa.

Oh diba?! Hindi ka-gwapuhan si kuya but with talent like that who the hell needs good looks. Click here to go to his Youtube channel.

Oh my gulay! Nakaka-inlove!

Watch niyo na. Now na!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

When I Said Forever, I Meant It

Everyone says that the first 6 months of the relationship is the most crucial. I guess that it's true.

Over the past 6 months so much has happened. Both good and bad. Our patience has been tested so was our strength and commitment to one another. We can proudly say that we've managed to live through the first 6 months. Probationay period lang?

Seems just like yesterday that I met you. It started with a hello. Who'd have thought that out of the billions of people in this world, we'd have found each other at the most unexpected place and time.

Often times you'd ask me why I love you. Often times you'd ask me,

"Bakit mo ako mahal? Eh ganito lang naman ako"

Let me make a list of some of the reasons why I love you:

You don't mind meeting my parents. You're even excited, which makes me so happy.

You open the car door for me.

You make me smile without even trying.

You say I'm not fat eventhough I know I am.

You laugh at me when I fall yet at the same time you help me up and ask me if I'm ok.

You get along with my friends.

You let me show you off to the world.

You tickle me even if I tell you to stop because you know that secretly, I love it.

You listen intently to how my day went.

You let me sit in the middle of the car because the window is too far away.

You made me believe in falling once again.

These among other things are the reasons why I love you so much. I know I can be demanding and a nag and for that I'm sorry. It's just me saying that I miss you.

With you I have a friend, a bestfriend, a brother, a parent, a partner, a soulmate. With you I have a home. With you I have all that I could ever want and more. When I said that I would love you forever, I was dead serious.

I love you so much dad.

Happy Monthsary Parker.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bookworm! That's Me!

Dahil sweldo ngayon, after shift dumeretso ako sa Trinoma para bilhin ang mga librong gusto ko. Ganito kasi, under renovation ang PowerBooks at dahil dun, naka sale sila. As in major major sale.

Nakakatuwa kasi if you pay 700 and above you get this tote bag which is so much better to carry around than a regular plastic or paper bag. So I spent about 30 minutes there, and finally I was able to get the books I've always wanted. I was contemplating on buying the set of Percy Jackson books but I changed my mind.

So I bought One More Day by Mitch Albom, Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, A Lion Among Men and Son Of A Witch by Gregory Maguire. In total I paid around 1400php. Cheap na diba?

I'm so freaking happy because finally I've completed all 3 books of the Wicked Series. After 10years kumpleto ko na.

Clearly my taste in books isn't stellar and some might even find it boring, eh ano naman? Eto nga yung mga trip kong basahin. I started with the thinnest which is One More Day. When I'm through with that, I'll start reading the Lost Symbol.

Growing up, one of the things I learned from my Mom is that books are always a good investment and that you can't put a price on them. Up to this day, I believe in that kaya pagdating sa mga libro, dedma sa gastos. I love sci-fi shows and I read a lot of books. I'm a nerd. I know.

Starbucks Afternoon

I was going to meet Bongga, Ellaine, and Jelai in Trinoma but since my shift ended 2 hours earlier than them, I went ahead and told them to just text me when they got there.

I went book-shopping first and when I was done, I decided to stay at Starbucks while waiting for them. Now, whenever I'm at Starbucks, nagpapacute ako sa mga Barista hoping they would prioritize my order or add more chocolate chips or something that would benefit me at least.

"I want something cold, what can you recommend?", I innocently asked. Yes, I asked in english. May accent pa ah.

"Uhhhmm...with or without coffee?", asked the cute barista. Yes, in-english din ako.

"With coffee"

"Oh...uhhmm...Java chip"

"Alright. One venti and I want a three cheese and ham sandwich"

So I paid my tab and when the barista gave me my change, I smiled this ridiculously boyish smile.

The barista blushed and smiled back. Pa-virgin lang?

I took my coffee and my sandwich outside so that I could smoke as well. Since I had new books with me, I decided to crack one open and started reading.

After about 15 minutes, lumabas yung barista at may dalang cup. It was a tall cup. Akala ko naka-break siya. Lumapit siya sa table ko. By the way, I was seated in the middle so you can imagine how awkward that felt.

"Would you want to try our newest drink? It's hot chocolate.", tinanong ni barista.

I looked at the drink, it was topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate powder.

"Uhhm...sure", I answered. I tried to act as coy as possible.

"Here you go", sabay lapag nung cup sa table ko.

"Uhhm... aren't the cups for free tastes supposed to be smaller than this?", I asked a bit confused.

"Yup", sagot nung barista sabay ngiti tapos naglakad siya pabalik sa loob.

I was dumbfounded. As in shocked.

Lumingon ako, nakatingin si barista sa akin. Nakangiti. I smiled back.

By the way, have I mentioned that the barista was a SHE? In fairness, she was really pretty. Ang puti and mukhang angel. Artistahin ba.

Nakakatuwa, napagkamalan akong straight ni ate.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Funny Things I've Heard Around The Office

One of the reasons kung bakit naeenjoy ko ang trabaho ko ay dahil sa mga officemates ko. Pano ba naman halos araw-araw eh may party sa department namin. Ang kukulit kasi namin. Eto I'll give you a taste of the things I hear from them.

10. "Perfect attendance eh may prize? Bakit wala akong prize?! 6 days lang naman ako absent ah!"

9. "♪Congratulations...a celebration♪"

8. "Ganito ang qualifications para maging trainor, dapat nagyoyosi, may tattoo, at malaki ang boobs"

7. "Ohhhhhhhh-emmmmm-geeeeeeee"

6. "I believe in the saying that it's better to be late...than pregnant"

5. "Ayy antangkad...amputi...antey malaki yaaaannnnn!"

4. Jelai: "Kawawa din sila no? Kung ikaw ba? tutulungan mo sila?".
    Bongga: "Depende kung nasa mood ako"

3. Mariah: "I need Sunday off please"
    Del: "Ano kapalit?"
    Mariah: "Puri ko!"
    Del: "Masaya na ako sa off ko. Kalimutan mo nang nagtanong ako."

2. "My milkshake brings all the boys from the yard and damn right, it's better than yours"

1. "Putang-ina naman eh! Bakit kasi ganon...(after 5 minutes)... I love you po Yam..."

Have I mentioned how much I love my team mates?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

After months of waiting, it's finally here! And it sure as hell was worth the wait!

Perez Hilton was right, if this is the kind of stuff that's on her new album, it'll change cultures.

Less than 24 hours after it's release, Born This Way has become the #1 Fastest Selling Song in iTunes history in over 21 countries. Who else can do that?!

-Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Monday, February 7, 2011

Movie Review: The Rite

The other day, I decided to watch The Rite since I have been waiting for this movie for like, forever. I can say that the movie was so good that I'm making a review for it.

First of all, the opening scene. The first few minutes of the movie was enough to get me hooked. There was something dark yet relieving about it. The scene where Michael was embalming the woman seemed like a perfect scene to scare the audience but it did not. The shifted to something more light.

The movie itself, is not your typical exorcism movie. It has a mix of comedy courtesy of Anthony Hopkins. The way the scenes were done and sequenced were no less than excellent. I love how at first it went from something dark to something light back to dark until the last 30 minutes of the movie which still showed the darker side of the film.

The research and mythology of the story was treated nicely, though I must admit there was nothing new compared to other exorcism movies. I like how the film was presented, it reminded of old exorcism movies. Lately, movies of the same nature have been presented as mockumentaries(I dont know if thats how you spell it). It was refreshing to say the least.

The actors chosen for the film was not stellar(with the exception of Anthony Hopkins) but not bland as well. Though I have to admit that the only reason I watched this is aside from the fact that I like exorcism movies, Anthony Hopkins was in this one. Let's be honest, you can NEVER go wrong with Anthony Hopkins.

The setting of the story, I liked because they shot it in Rome. It gives it a more genuine feel to it. I liked the hospital where the girl died, it didn't have that creepy feel to it.

Overall, I loved this movie and if you are a sucker for exorcism movies then this would be a perfect treat. One thing I loved about this film is that it did not use the "gulat-factor" which we know plenty of movies depend on. It was scary in its own way and funny just the same.

The movie is quite refreshing and a I give it a two thumbs up.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Kahapon, kumakain ako ng lunch sa pantry. Giniling. Yum.

Nandun din ang ilang mga friends ko. May pinaguusapan sila.

Eh biglang nadamay ako sa usapan nila.

For anonymity's sake, I will change their names here.

"Ayan si Anton oh. Tanungin mo siya.", sabi ni Harry sa kasama niyang si Tina.

"Ano yun?", tanong ko kay Harry.

"Kilala mo ba si Amor?",

"Oo naman! Bakit?"

"Tingin mo ba, is he gay?"

"Bakit? Hindi ba?!"

"Hindi daw. Straight daw siya eh", sagot ni Harry sa akin.

"Eh first time ko palang makausap yun alam ko na agad eh"

"Oh kita mo!", sabi ni Harry kay Tina.

"Eh kasi pinipilit niya na straight siya", biglang sabi ni Tina sa akin.

Tumahimik ako saglit.

"Luis, kilala mo ba si Amor?", tanong ko sa isang kasama namin.

"Oo bakit?"

"Tingin mo ba bading yun?"

"Tinatanong pa ba yun?!", walang kagatol-gatol na sagot ni Luis.

Tumingin ako kina Harry at Tina.

"Kita niyo na?!", sabi ko.

"Eh malay niyo naman, hindi siya bading.", sabi bigla ni Luis.

"Eh ano?", tanong ko.

"Babae siya. Hindi na dumaan sa pagka-bading. Deretso na sa pagiging babae", sagot ni Luis sabay tawa habang palabas ng pantry.

Ang Giniling. Bow.

Pag-uwi ko sa bahay nung isang araw, nagiisip ako kung ano ba ang pwede kong kainin for dinner. Eh since wala ako sa mood mag delata, ni-raid ko ang freezer at naghanap ng pwedeng i-luto. Nakita ko na may giniling pa pala dun. 
Lumabas ako at bumili ng iba pang ingredients na kelangan ko. 

Inumpisahan ko nang magluto. In fairness masarap siya. Feeling ko napadami lagay ko ng soy sauce pero sakto lang naman yung alat niya. Manamis-namis yung carrots, sobrang lambot nung karne at patatas. Perfect!

Natuwa ako kasi first time kong magluto ng Giniling. Dahil madami pang natira, nagbaon ako sa office.

Sa pantry:

"Aba! May baon ka!", sabi ng isa sa aking friends sa office.

"Hindi. Hindi yan baon. Props lang yan", sagot ko. 

"Anong meron?"

"Wala bakit?"

"Mamatay ka na ba? Masamang pangitain yan ah"

"Puta ka!", sabi ko sabay tawa.

In fairness basta mag-baon ako ng food sa office, meron at meron nag rereact. Bakit ba?! Bawal? Bawal?

Aaahhh!!! Basta!!! Happy ako na masarap ang giniling ko. =P