Sunday, May 2, 2010

New case for my iPhone =)

Since I got my check yesterday, I decided to buy something for myself. This is my first purchase with my hard earned money(hahaha). I bought a case for my iPhone. The brand is called Capsule Rebel or something like that. I saw a lot of iPhone users online that use this kind of case so I decided to buy one. It's a bit pricey for a case but its got a good feel to it plus it comes with 2 screen protectors, a wipecloth, a videostand, a dock, and a port lid. I know I've been back-blogged lately and thats because I've been busy with work. At least when I got my pay, the hard work paid off.

It's Zebra stripes. Ain't it cute? And it also reminds me of a panda LOL

Yes, my wallpaper is me. Im vain that way hahahaha.


Iyah said...

nice case.

BTw, i think the front camera from the new iPhone can be used to take self portrait. and it has also camera flash which I loved on my old BB before. Then a microsim instead of the regular one. it has also a higher resolution. :D

Adam said...

Yeah it uses the microsim according to Jason Chen the guy who reviewed the iphone at gizmodo. Problem is, no one carries the micro sim here unless globe mames one specifically for the iphone. Well who knows. Word is it gets released on june coz at&t rejected all leaves by their employees for that month. If you get the new iphone make a review ayt? And if its a great phone, i'll buy one when it gets released here though im sure it'll cost an arm and a leg LOL

Iyah said...

hahahha! =) Yup, I'm definitely getting that iPhone.. I will review it for you :D

Adam said...

Thanks a mil =]