Saturday, April 3, 2010


Lyve: No! I cannot take you to lunch.

Me: Why not?

Lyve: Because my relatives will be there and you’re too high maintenance.

Me: Why? Do they feed you live chickens there?

Lyve: hahaha love that.


Me: Well I do have an ego the size of Europe

Lyve: Nope, more like the size of asia and north America combined. And that’s just for the face.

Me: And that’s why you love me. You got more brains, I have more ego, we could rule the world someday.

Lyve: hahaha very true.


Me: Are you feeling better?

Jackie: Yeah. Sorry I had to disturb you at this time.

Me: That’s alright, Im already disturbed.


Me: Oh shut up you’re as old as Methuselah

Dennis: Who’s that?

Me: The fuck? Fine you’re as old as Adam.

Dennis: No Im not.

Me: Oh thank god you know who Adam is.


Me: Guard my DSLR with your life.

Dennis: Dont worry. Ill take care of it the way I took care of my liver.

Me: Oh hell no. give me back my camera.

Dennis: I was kidding! Ill take care of it the same way I take care of myself.

Me: Oh great! That's worse!

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