Friday, April 2, 2010

Gift from Chiara

I met up with Chiara in our subdivision and she gave me this bracelet. Chiara and her mom are the owners of Lightcatchers, a crystal shop in Baguio. They can be found in the second floor of Abanao Square and they also have a stall in the newly renovated market.

Anyway, Chiara gave me this as a thank you for something I did for her before. The details are not important and im sure she'll kill me if I narrate what happened that led her to giving me this bracelet hahaha.

This bracelet is composed of different stones, all the stones are listed in the second picture. Based on the list and what Chiara taught me about crystal healing, this bracelet has properties for protection, health, travel, love, weight loss, and a few other things. The main stone of this is my favorite which is Flourite, a stone that helps normalize and give balance in all areas of your life. The one I have is a Green Flourite which absorbs and discharges negative energy. It's like an energy shield. I dont know why but I like Flourites thats why I specifically asked for this stone to put in the bracelet when she was making it.

Anyway, I love it and I'll wear it all the time. To those of you who are in Baguio, visit their shops at Abanao Square and in the Market.

Thanks Chiara.

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