Thursday, April 22, 2010

Attack of the JEJEMON!

Disclaimer: I assume that only my Filipino readers or people who can understand Filipino/ Tagalog could relate to this but I'll try my best to write it in a way so that everyone can understand it.

JEJEMON is a term for people who write stuff in a very long way or complicated or stupid way that no one can practically understand them. There's actually a Facebook Page dedicated to them and the Fanpage name is "GOTTA KILL THEM ALL". I so agree. I wish I thought of that earlier. In normal Jejemon language "Kamusta po kayo?" or "How are you doing?" is written this way: e0wSsZz pOwhhZzmUsZtAhH nUah pOwhHzz kEowHsz?

WHAT THE FUCK??? As in oh my fuckin god! What kind of sane or normal person would write like this? Seriously? I hate to admitt it and Im ASHAMED to admitt it, but I actually know people who text me like this: "San kNa poh?" or "Muszta naH pohw?"and when they text me crap like this I do two things 1) I reply telling them not to text me if they're gonna text me that way or 2) I dont reply at all and delete it from my Inbox and I restart my phone to cleanse it of this horrible craze of the jejelanguage.

Now I dont really dont how the name Jejemon came to be but I assume its because these people spell "hehe" as "jeje".  I honestly dont know why they write/type/text like this. I know they have a keyboard full of keys or a cellphone will all the allphabets on the numeric keypad but does that mean they have to use every single letter? As a child, what were they deprived of making them become like this? These people should seriously go back to elementary and lets see if they can spell HELLO properly but I think this is impossbile for them to spell it with only 5 letters. Dont you think so?

The reason I posted this is because I got to work at 6:15AM. I opened my Facebook and I saw this person on the news feed who posted something in Jejeslang for her status message and all the comments on that status was in jejeslang. I was like, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THESE PEOPLE???? Its worse than Ebola, at least those with Ebola died, these Jejemon are still around. A hundred thousand people die everyday, some by accidents and some by natural causes while these Jejemons live and breathe.

And so everyone knows, I started deleting people on Facebook page who are Jejemon's. Irregardless of wether I've known them for years or just last week. JEJEMON I choose you! and now I click Delete!

Ok enough of this, what a crazy cray cray world we live in.

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