Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakfast at Marco Polo

The room we're staying in comes with a free breakfast buffet at Cafe Marco. It is by far the best breakfast buffet ever. Here are some pictures. They have everything from omelette's, cheese, crackers, sausages, bacon, ham, pasta, hashbrowns, juice...everything for a perfect breakfast.

The meat and fruits we're in this long table.

The pastries were in this one.

A view from where i was sitting.

I got a fruit bowl. It had watermelon, melon, lychee, apricot, and dragonfruit.

Here's what I got. German ham, Nuremberg sausages, fettucine with pesto, hash browns, pork dimsum, and fried rice with shrimp. Yum!

I still wanted to eat more but I was freakin full already. I shouldn't have had rice and pasta first so I could've ate more hahaha. But seriously I love this hotel.

After eating I went to smoke outside of the hotel. I had a great view of the city and I saw this really cool car and I couldn't stop myself so I took a picture of it.

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