Saturday, July 31, 2010

3rd Month Appraisal!!!

A few days ago, I got my 3rd month appraisal. It's this thing where you get evaluated by your direct Supervisor. It's like a quarterly thing, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyhoo, even if I am already in Poker, it was the CS Manager who evaluated me because I spent more months in CS.

"Anton can you come to my office?"

"Why? Did I do something wrong again?"

"No. Why is it that when I call you, you always ask me if you did something wrong?"

"The last time you called me, I got a warning."

"Haha no. I just need to discuss something with you."

Grabe pinagpawisan talaga ako kasi akala ko may love letter nanaman ako. Eh pag dumami yun pwede na akong gumawa ng scarpbook. Yun pala, evaluation ko yun. Hehe. So...he gave me a 2-page document which had numbers on it. I had no idea what those numbers meant, obviously they were scores but I didn't know how the ranking went.

He showed me the ranking on a separate piece of paper. Bigla akong napangiti na parang akong natulog ng may hanger sa bibig. I did not expect my scores to be that high. I honestly didn't. Now I assume that I can't discuss my scores, but let me just tell you, I was speechless and left gasping for air. I told the CS Manager that I could not believe it, and he asked me why. Pano ba naman kasi diba, wala pa akong isang buwan noon eh may written warning na ako. He said that, it only happened once lang naman daw and what is one day compared to three months daw. Nag-improve naman na daw ako. Yehey nabawasan na attitude problem ko, hindi ko na kailangan ng anger management classes.

On the second page, the comments section was there. Siguro naman yun pwede kong banggitin diba? I don't remember exactly how it was worded but it was short and simple and said something like I'm on the right path of getting regularized. Sana naman ma-regularize na ako para tumaas lalo sweldo ko. Nagmamahal mga luho ko sa buhay eh.

The next day, ayun nakakuha ako ng magagandang scores sa QA ko. So basically, I'm doing ok at work apparently, and this isn't some ego-trippin moment, this is actually based on feedback from the higher powers that surround us. So ayun, I'm happy at work, and I'll work harder para mas happy...lalo na pag sweldo...

Goodnight kids.

More stories to come tomorrow.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Beanbag Roasters

These are The Beanbag Roasters, one of the resident performers of Kaffeklatsch in Baguio. The woman in white is Maan Aspuria who happens to be a very good friend of mine. She was my Nanay back home and I would always go to her for advice and sometimes she would give me unsolicited advice when she thinks that I would need it. She was also my co-host in Kulay Kordilyera, her segment was Popsicle Toes. Now that I'm living in Manila, I miss her a lot. She would normally text me or comment on my Facebook page asking me when I'll visit Baguio. I call her Nanay Maan and her husband I call Daddy Ray because he was my former Teammate in PeopleSupport Baguio.

So here she is during one of their sets:

I asked her to specifically upload this song because she knows that I really like it. Kaya ayun nag-upload naman si ina. Miss you Nanay Maan. =(

Movies I've watched so far!

During my days off from work, you'd normally find me at Trinoma or SM North Edsa or Glorrieta walking around. And during those days, I normally just watch movies. So these are the latest 3 movies I've watched over the past 2 weeks.

Best Movie:

This movie was completely and utterly mind-raping. After watching it, I felt so violated but in a good way. First 20 minutes of the film, I honestly could not understand what the hell was going on. Bakit may matanda? Bakit sya nasa dagat? Bakit ganito? Bakit ganon? After they got out from all the dream levels, I finally understood what was happening.

The movie was great, the graphics were amazing, the story oh wow. I can't remember how long has it been since I enjoyed a movie that way. I have found a new respect for Leo DiCaprio. He's good pala, because when I hear his name, all I can think of is Titanic.

The ending of the movie was heart-pumping, I could actually feel the tension inside the cinema while everyone and I could feel Bookie squeezing my left arm. Oh yeah I was with Bookie when I watched Inception. I was feeling kinda down that time so he treated me to a movie. Hindi ko parin alam ang ending ng movie because they rolled the credits before we could see if the top would keep on spinning or topple over. Christopher Nolan you sneaky bastard.

Mediocre Movie:


I've been waiting for this movie for MONTHS and when it was released, it's been getting scathing reviews from almost everyone. Nevertheless, I liked the cartoon series and I promised myself that I would watch this damn movie no matter how much it would suck.

First of all I liked the special effects, the way they presented how to bend or manipulate the elements were actually realistic. The story was mediocre at best considering they actually followed the first book of the TV series.

Ok now for the ugly. I hated most of their shots especially their extreme close-up shots. Sorry naman, Masscom ako eh. As in close-up kung close up, it was very distracting.

The guy who played Zuko who starred in that movie I promised myself I shall never watch did not look anything like the Prince. First of all, the original Zuko looked Chinese, not Indian. Second, almost half of his face was burned, eh yung nasa movie parang may pimples lang sa gilid ng mata eh.

The kid who played Aang was...bleh... Albeit he could kick and jump and do all that martial-arts shit, but thats where it ends. He doesn't have the kid-like qualities of Aang, the innocence, and the humor of the original Aang.

The girl who played Katara. Ok...why was she white?! Isn't Katara suppose to be brown skinned, like her brother Sokka who was played by the guy from Twilight whose name I couldn't remember because he's not famous and his acting is only good when he stares into blank space.
Ok so from a scale of 1-10, I'll give the movie a 4 out of 10. It didn't live up to it's hype. To bad M.Night.Shyamalan. Almost got it.

Horrible Horrible Movie To The Nth Power:


Okay...this movie...was the worst movie I have ever watched. It sucks. It blows. I've seen dogs having sex that are more interesting to look at. The way the story was presented, obvious na ginaya nila ang  format ng Paris, Je Taime and New York, I Love You. I'm not gonna make this post long because I don't need some self-righteous patriotic people breathing down my neck. Basta, hindi ko alam kung ano or sinong demonyo ang sumapi sa akin at naisipan ko tong panoorin. Kung kelan pa naman, tumataas na ang respeto ko para sa pelikulang pilipino eh biglang dumating to.

I dont even know why some people enjoyed this movie? Someone share their 2 cents worth and tell me what's interesting about this movie. Well that was money well spent and two hours of my life I could never get back.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratulations Rowie!!!

Congratulations to my good friend Rowie Ros who just got promoted as the newest Customer Service Senior Representative. Panalo ka Rowie. Nag level-up ka na rin. I'm so proud of you, and everyone from our batch is super duper proud of you.

By the way kids, Rowie was my batchmate in training. Less than four months palang and napromote na sa Poker ang tatlo sa amin, and napromote naman na Senior si Rowie. See people, good things happen to good people.

As long as you are happy with what you have, love what you do, work hard, be mindful of the things around you, and always keep your feet on the ground, God smiles upon you and gives you countless blessings.

Teka nga at medyo kinikilabutan ako sa mga pinagsusulat ko dito. Basta I am super happy for Rowie na Senior na sya, actually lahat kami happy for her and she knows why. Secret nalang yung dahilan, kasi it's only between us.

I know you'll do great Rowie. You are a breath of fresh air and I'm sure you'll do a great job guiding and assisting the newbies on the floor. Basta Rowie pag dumating yung time na Manager ka na, ikaw magapprove ng leaves namin ha. Hehe.

Again, Congrats.

Bonne chance mon ami.

Why I Love Our Department...

Some offices throw company parties, some give away prizes, some have bonuses. Some offices have Health Cards, Dental, Medical reimbursements, Optical, and all that shit. We actually have all of those. But that is not the reason why I get out of bed in the morning and haul my ass to work. It's not the money either, though the money is good.

I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face knowing that I have work that day because I know that when I get to the office, I'm gonna see people who make work so much more than the word "fun" could define.

There's our Supervisor who is at the office almost everyday, sitting at his desk, answering e-mails, assisting us and before you know it, he's throwing the football around and cracking jokes. Such a jolly guy kaya tuwang tuwa kami na siya ang suo namin. Wala syang pakialam na katabi namin ang HR people, mga manager at malapit kami sa lobby kung saan naririnig ang ingay namin. Sometimes he suddenly disappears, yun pala naglalaro sa lounge or nasa smoking area or nasa meeting sa kung saan.

There's Tess and DT, our Seniors na may mga sariling mundo minsan. Si Tess na umagang umaga nakaharap sa pc nya at ang daming ginagawa. Bisi-bisihan lagi at lagi kaming sinasabihan na wag mag-facebook pero syempre, walang nakikinig sa amin. She's our mom at work and she's fun pag hindi siya busy. Si DT naman, isa ring bisi-bisihan pero mas madalas namin syang nakikitang nanonood or naglalaro sa pc nya. May times din naman na work related and ginagawa nya. Pero pag kelangan namin sya, he's always there naman to help kaya good din na sila Seniors namin. Happy kami.

There's also Libby who is one of my closest friends at work na umagang umaga palang, ang unang bati sa akin eh, "May bago ka bang balita?". Feeling ata nitong si Sigma Liberty eh dyaryo ako. I can't blame her though because whenever I hear something new, I tell her. Pero syempre I limit what I tell her. There are things din that are better left unsaid that should end with me. Pag si Libby ang kausap ko eh no-holds barred. Libby believes in the saying that it is better to be late than pregnant.

Si Mariah na rinig na rinig hanggang ground floor ang boses at signature nya ang kanyang mahihiwagang salbabida. I'll probably give them names one of these days. She's my singing partner and a very close friend. Kung si Libby ang kasama ko sa unlimited laughs, si Mariah naman pagdating sa mga drama ng buhay.

Nandyan din si Allaine na isa na sa mga Seniors, she got promoted last week at late pa siya nung day na napromote sya. Late din pala siya the day before that. Allaine is the type na pag manamit, parang may fashion show araw araw sa office. Iba iba rin trip nya, minsan kolehiyala ang attire, minsan simple, minsan parang madre, minsan akala mo pupunta sa dagat, minsan naman may pagka-bohemian shit ang suot. We became close kasi pareho pala kaming taga-SLU back in college. Small world no?

Nandyan din si Louie at Alvin na mga goddess namin. Pag nag-uusap yung dalawa eh para kaming nanonood ng "Magkaribal". Favorite line ni Alvin, "You want war, I'll give you war". Favorite line ni Louie, "Roll VTR".

Si Maria naman, minsan lalake kumilos, minsan kikay, minsan bading kumilos. Nalilito na nga ako eh minsan eh. But Maria was the very first person I met in the Poker Department when I started working for the company. First two minutes and I instantly knew na magiging friends kami. I was freakin right.

Madami pang iba pero next time ko na sila ikukwento para at least may part 2. I'm blessed to have teammates like them because no matter how hard (during queuing) or painstakingly boring (during down time) work is, we always find time to have fun and joke around. It would kill me to see one of us disappear from the team dahil lahat kami iba't ibang karakter, personality, mood, at trip sa buhay. Pero at least, kahit ganun na iba-iba ugali ng bawat isa, masaya sa amin.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends with benefits...but without the benefits...

I was talking to Lyve earlier and I told her that I couldnt think of anything to blog.

"Write something dirty!", she said.

"About us?", I sheepishly asked.

"Is there anything dirty about us?"

"We'll see".

So dear readers, y'all know that Lyve is someone I normally mention here. Let me give you a peak at how some of our "wholesome" conversations go. So technically this is a Conversations post but it's dedicated to Lyve. Beb thank you for inspiring me to write this.

Lyve: Shut up! I'm going to hit you!
Me: Are you gonna spank me?
Lyve: What the...
Me: C'mon I've been bad...spank me...
*Lyve hits me*
Me: Harder beb. I like it rough.
Lyve: What the hell is wrong with you?!


Lyve: Do you have work on August 1?
Me: No. Why?
Lyve: I dont wanna get your hopes up but I MIGHT be coming to manila.
Me: OHMYGOD!!! I think I just had an orgasm.
Lyve: Eeeww. You just reminded me of a dream I had earlier.
Me: Dont act surprised. I've said dirtier things.
Lyve: Im not surprised.


Lyve: Stop bugging me.
Me: But I'm bored.
Lyve: Im watching (says something in Japanese or some oriental language).
Me: But I'm bored.
Lyve: Che! It's not like Im getting any sex from you.
Me: Yeah but you get it from others...
Lyve: Well...uhhm...CHE!


Me: We're in a non-sexual commited open relationship.
Lyve: So basically parang wala lang if you think about it.
Me: Oh hush. Technicalities. We're friends with benefits without the benefits.
Lyve: Lance said we're a psuedo couple.
Me: Did he now?


Me: Ouch! Dammit!
Lyve: What?
Me: You hit me in the nads. Thats what!
Lyve: No I didn't!
Me: Yes you did! Would I be in this pain if you didn't?!
Lyve: Oh! Sorry beb.
Me: *breathes* If you wanted to touch me in my no-no place, just tell me.
Lyve: You are unbelievable!


Me: I miss our afternoon delights.
Lyve: Me too...wait...what?!...that sounded so wrong.
Me: You know...eating at kubo or halo halo at chowking...
Lyve: Oh...yeah...
Me: hahaha


Lyve: Good night beb. Dream of me.
Me: Good night.
Lyve: Nothing kinky ayt?
Me: No prob. Ill program my brain to think of something else.
Lyve: Yeah right.

So there you have it. This is just the tip of the iceberg kids kasi baka ma-censor na ako pag naglagay pa ako. But please wag bigyan ng malisya ang kung ano man ang meron sa amin ni Lyve. We are good friends and my mom actually knows her and her mom knows me. Her mom even knows my number for crying out loud. Here's a sample:

Lyves mom: Who were you talking to? Why were you talking for so long? blah blah blah blah blah Who was that? blah blah blah blah...
Lyve: Anton.
Lyves mom: Oh ok.


Mom: What did you do during valentines?
Me: I went out with a friend.
Mom: Who?
Me: Lyve.
Mom: Ok.

See kids. We're that close.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Mom: Have those sheets washed.
Me: I thought you wanted to throw them away?
Mom: Yes but now I'll just have them washed.
Me: You only changed your mind when I told you theres a lot of them.
Mom: I know. Thats why Im having them washed!
Me: Hahaha.
Derek: Whats with all the blood thirst?Me: What? I like gory movies. Im a bit intense aren't I?
Derek: With your taste, yeah.
Mom: Where are the sheets your lolo used?
Me: Why?
Mom: According to superstition, you have to throw away the things he used.
Me: You believe in that?
Mom: No. But there's no harm in doing it.
Me: So should I throw away the mattresses and pillows he used?
Mom. NO. Those are expensive.
Me: Hahaha.
Libby: May nagreact na?
Me: ako.
Libby: Ano sinabi mo?
Me: Relax.
Libby:Ang plastic mo! haha
Me: *smiles*
Libby: Panalo ka.
Tess: You know the billboard along Edsa? You look like the guy there.
Derek: Really?
Mariah: Yeah its the Cinderella billboard.
Derek: I dont buy from there. They sell womens clothes.
Me: They also sell Men's clothes in Cinderella.
Tess: You really do look like the model for Cinderella.
Derek: I look like Cinderella?
All: hahaha
Merc: Blog mode!
Me: That's my line!
Merc: Dedmakels!
Me: hahaha

Monday, July 26, 2010

How happiness can come from an e-mail...

Yesterday, I woke up really early for some reason even if I slept at around 3. Basically I only had 5 hours of sleep and still, I woke up feeling energized. It's like I was on crack or something. I arrived at the office an hour early so I bought a small bag of lays, a sandwich, and a bottle of iced tea at 7/11 for breakfast.

After eating, I went to my desk and logged in to my computer and checked my mail. After a few minutes I received an email from people we normally dread. It was from the QA evaluators.

"Oh shit", I told myself.

I starred at it for a minute then I took a deep breath and opened the email. Apparently it was sent to me and DT. It had my name, the date and who evaluated me. Attached were files which included the report of my evaluation. I mustered all the courage in me and I opened the attachment. It was the very first time I received an evalutation so pinagpawisan talaga ako ng malamig. Since it was my first, I had no idea how to read it.

When I browsed it, I saw my score...and it was...100%.

"OH MY GOD!", I exclamied. I turned around and I saw that DT was looking at me. He did this gesture telling me not to tell anyone.

"Is this for real?", I said.

"Open the other email.", he said.

"But there's only one"

"You were sent another one", he answered.

"Is it the same score?", I asked excitedly.

"Just open it", he said.

I checked my inbox and saw the other email. I opened it, excited and scared at the same time like a little boy who's opening a gift on christmas morning and wondering if he got the gift he wanted.

100% was the score on the second one. I was floating on air. It was an orgasmic feeling.

"Im gonna go smoke and yell over there for a minute", I told DT. He responded with a laugh.

The whole day I had this smile on my face which made me look like I slept with a hanger in my mouth. Aside from that, I got my 3rd month performance review the day before from one of the managers and I was very pleased with the scores he gave me. I wasn't expecting them to be that high.

Later that day, I sat down with DT for a one-on-one meeting where he discussed my QA evaluation. He said he didn't have any comments and that I was doing a great job. DT said he was happy with the fact that I was computer-savvy.

"It's a substantial gift", I said.

I honestly didnt know kung tama ba ang ginagawa ko dito sa department but it seems like, I'm doing ok. I always wonder if I'm saying the right thing to the people I talk to or if I browse the internet too much or spend too much time on my blog.

I know that the QA scores are just a part of my overall performance and they only serve as a guide to tell you if you're doing the right thing or not. Nevertheless, I am still happy that I'm actually doing something right. What a great day to be happy. So much to be thankful for.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funny Facebook Statuses from Anne.

Anne is a good friend of mine and she posts the funniest status messages. Here are some of them. HIGHlarity to the extreme. I dont know how she comes up with these. Here are a few:

Dracula: I suck people's blood and terrorize
the villagers! What do you do?
Edward: I...sparkle.
Dracula: Wow. That's kinda... gay.
Edward: I know. :(

I get on Facebook because I'm bored. Then I get bored because Facebook is boring. So I sign off. Then I get back on because I'm just bored.

The world can't end in 2012, I have a yogurt that expires in 2013.

Bella: Edward, you sparkle...
Edward: I know.
Bella: That's kind of gay...
Edward: -_-

OUCH! I just got hit with a soda. Good thing it was a soft drink! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Get it?! SOFT drink! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

What's brown and sticky?! A stick! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Pag nadapa ka sa harapan ng crush mo tumayo ka agad ng buong tapang at sbhn sknya "thats how i fall for you" ayiiiii

LQTM= Laughing Quietly To Myself. This is the new LOL. =)

PUSO: mahal ko talaga siya!
ISIP: i know. sobra pa nga di ba?
PUSO: alam mo naman pala eh! ba't pilit mo siya kinakalimutan?!
ISIP: kc ayaw na kitang masaktan...
STOMACH: makinig ka naman kay ISIP, kc sa sobrang pagmamahal mo di ka na kumakain. Tulala pa minsan!
LIVER: Korek! Lagi ka pa umiinom, affected na kami ni KIDNEY!
...LUNGS: Hirap na din ako huminga! Hay naku!(Mga emotional na lamang-loob! hahaha) via far away;)


Anne has hundreds of these on her Facebook profile page. Can't stop laughing whenever I read them.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My day today...

Today I woke up late. Considering I have 4 phones and one alarm clock, I didn't notice any of them go off. So it's either I forgot to set them last night or I just slept sounder than usual. Anyway, I was 30 minutes late for work. To think I had 2 days unpaid leaves and now I was 30 minutes late, goodluck nalang sa sweswelduhin ko next payday.

It was a slow day today, I didn't receive that many calls or mail. At around 11:30 I had a meeting with my boss. He just wanted to check how I was doing so far, if I had any concerns or something. The 30 minute meeting turned into an hour. I told him I had no problems and that I was having a blast. The whole time we were just talking about stuff until he brought up the topic about my blog. Apparently he's read parts of it. At first he didn't know it was my blog. He was wondering who "Adam" was. He asked DT, who's also read my blog and DT told him that I was Adam.

I know that some of my officemates read my blog but now that my boss knows about it, I should be more careful. LOL Im jesting. Sayang plano ko pa naman mag lagay ng mga blind item dito. Hahaha. Joke ulit. I normally write about my day at work but i'll never mention anything that'll get me in trouble. I've been down that road back in college, I have no plans of having another round of that brouhaha. Besides ayokong makatanggap ng love letter from our HR department. Friends ko pa naman mga tao dun.

After work, I went to Trinoma to have a late lunch/early dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. I didn't eat lunch today. I haven't had any appetite these past few days. I bought a new cologne since I already ran out. I walked around, smoked a few sticks then I went home and did a few chores. I ironed a ton of clothes, something I will never do again. Siguro 2 or 3 shirts kaya ko pa pero yung ganon kadami eh hindi na. Naman kasi, para kong pinagplantsa ang buong maynila. Next time, magbabayad nalang ako ng tao. Laundry I can still handle because I just toss my clothes into the washing machine and spin dryer but ironing is a big no no for me. Tama nang ma-experience kong mamlantsa ng bedsheet ng unang beses sa buhay ko.

So that was my day. Medyo boring, kulitan sa office, meeting with the boss, emo moment sa Trinoma. At least I'm feeling better these days and my mind is no longer in a rut. Time to go to bed.

Goodnight kids.

P.S. Blog stats have been incredible. Thank you.

New iPhone case! Yum!

First time I saw this was last year in Baguio. I was smoking somewhere and I saw this chick with this kind of iPhone case and I was thinking that it looked cool. Well anyway, the other day I was on the CD-R King website to check if they had any Blackberry batteries in stock (they did thank God). I decided to take a look at their newest crap for the iPhone and I saw that they had this case! I told myself that I would search every branch of CD-R King within the NCR area till I find one that has this.

Yesterday while I was on my lunch break, I wasn't hungry so I decided to go around Centris Mall which is just beside our office and to my surprise God smiled upon me because when I passed by CD-R King, they had this case in two colors but I decided to buy the white one. I might buy the brown one sometime soon. 

I've searched Greenhills a couple of times but to my dismay they dont have this case so it's great that CD-R King has it. The best part is that, it costs the same as the cases in Greenhills and the quality is actually good.

It's makes my phone bulky but it has a good feel to it. It's made of silicone and the creepy part is that it actually smells like chocolate. Seriously, it smells like the white Cadbury bar. Bongga said that I might chew on it once I get hungry. Been trying hard not to. LOL.

Congratulations Bongga!!! Nag level up ka na!!!

I would like to take this chance to congratulate my good friend Barbra "Bongga" Lozano who is the newest CS Trainer. The very first day we met, we already talked about wanting to be trainers so when the opening for the trainer position came, she applied for it. I didn't apply because I just started in our Poker Department and besides lets face it, Bongga is a lot better than me when it comes to the account aminado ako dun. 90% of what  I know and  learned when I was in Customer Service, I learned from Bongga. I learned from the best and I could not think of anyone else more deserving than her. Sige umapila kayo!

Bongga you are one of my closest friends and I am so happy for you. You have seen me at my strongest and at my weakest and because of that dear, alabyu. Now that you are where you want to be, own it. Show those who may not believe in you (uyyy issue) that you deserve to be where you are because you worked hard for it so they can eat their hearts out. Never change that devil-may-care attitude that we all have in common because that is what sets all of us apart.

Again dude, congratulations. Nag level up ka na!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

New toy. Yipee!!!

Got this from my Mom. It was gift to her that she didn't like that much since her Blackberry is a newer model so I got it from her. I had to fix it a bit and now all I need to do is buy a new battery because this thing drains really quick. Good thing they sell Blackberry batteries at CD-R King. This is just like one of my old Blackberrys but I don't really care because at least I already know how to use it and now I can customize the crap out it again.

This is just the right pick me up for me these days. I have something new to play with. It gets my mind off things for a bit. So right now, I have four phones (again). I've been saying it for months that I'll get rid of at least one of them but so far i just dont have the heart to do it. Well I got work in the morning kids and it's late. Will blog more tomorrow.

Good night.

Something from Libby...

A few days ago, I was talking to Libby and she was asking me what was bothering me. I wasn't in the mood to talk about it so I told her that I was ok and that I would tell her once I go on emo mode even though I was that time. She suddenly said, that she knows I have a lot of drama and hang-ups in life but she was proud of me kasi masayahin parin daw ako and thats why I'm her closest friend in the office because she doesn't like negativity from people.

I was honestly touched by this and even though I'm not that vocal about it, Im really glad that I have friends like Libby here in manila. Alam nyo naman ugali ko, it's hard for me to find friends na nate-take ang pagiging moody ko or mga jokes ko that borders between sarcastic and insulting. AHHHHH! Basta, Libby I know you read my blog but like I always tell you, dedma. Alam ko na hindi ko sinasabi kung ano ang nangyayari sa akin and I always leave you guessing but thank you for understanding me and my insanity. Thank you also for the wonderful words you said, because for a few minutes I felt happy and forgot about the things that are bothering me. You know exactly what to say when I'm down to lift me up. Like what I always tell you and Bongga, "You know me oh so well".

Friend from way back.

Her name is Reinaflor Layug a.k.a. Rein. We were friends back in college because we were both Mass Comm students and members of the CHS Chorale. I havent heard from her in years and the last time I saw her was a few months after she left Pinoy Dream Academy. She was one of the early contestants. She's back in London now and apparently still singing. I remember we'd use to sing in class when we were bored lol. Good times. She's a good singer and composer so here ya go. Just thought you might wanna hear how she could carry a tune.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm sorry...

I don't know if you're reading this.

I don't know if you care but...

You've turned my world upside down.

You made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time.

My face lights up like a million fireflies when I think of you.

My heart beats like a thousand drums, I could hardly breathe.

When I hear your voice, the world moves so slow but time flies so fast.

You've opened my eyes to a whole new world.

You've shown me life in a different perspective.

But if things are suppose to end this way...

Then all I can say...


I'm sorry...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Common courtesy?

Has someone ever told you that they'll text or call you and then you wait for hours and hours and hours and then nothing, nada, zilch. Or how about this, despite your busy schedule you make it a point to text someone to remind them something in case they forget it or you just text to remind them that you actually care and after a few dozen messages, you dont even receive any response? Annoying isnt it. But you just tell yourself that maybe the person is busy. You try to make the effort but its somehow unacknowledged. You start to wonder and ask yourself, 'may pakialam kaya to?'.

Of course you can't complain or anything because it was your choice but lets say you've been working for 9 hours and then you go on a 6 hour trip and all you want is to talk to someone to turn your crappy day upside down. But maybe asking for one measly text is already asking for too much.

This is what im trying to say and ill keep this post short because im blogging from my iPhone and typing something this long is a bitch. When you say your gonna text someone, text them especially if they've sent you a dozen messages beforehand. Its true that your not obligated to reply but theres something that we call common courtesy and others call it respect. Nag-eeffort ang tao na i-text ka at kahit wala ka sigurong pakialam sa kanya, sumagot ka naman kahit 'ok' lang ang isagot mo. Maybe the person is trying to tell you na naaalala at iniisip ka nya. Common courtesy naman kahit koti lang dahil at least may isang taong nakakaalala sayo.

Yun lang.

Good night kids.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An interesting graduation speech...

I was tagged in Facebook by my good friend April Lim. I love this, it actually makes sense. I wish someone had the balls to say this during my college graduation.

Speech starts here:

Ngayong araw na ito, sa ating pagtatapos, mayroon akong dalang Transcript of Record. Ang estudyanteng may-ari ng transcript na ito ay nag-aral sa De La Salle University. Sa unibersidad na ito, kapag ikaw ay isang undergraduate, may ID number na nagsisimula sa "94" at pataas, kung lumipas ang isang buong schoolyear at umabot ka sa 15 units na bagsak, masisipa ka sa paaralan.

Ang transcript na hawak ko ay mayroong 27 units ng bagsak. 12 sa mga ito ay tinamo ng estudyante sa iisang schoolyear lang. Ang isang subject ay kadalasang may bigat na 3 units. Kung iisiping mabuti, isang subject na bagsak na lang ay pwede na masipa ang estudyanteng may-ari ng transcript na ito.

Ang speech na ito ay hindi ko ginawa para i-acknowledge ang paghihirap ng ating magulang sa pagpapaaral natin. Hindi ko din ito ginawa para maghayag ng political statement, o kumbinsihin kayo na huwag umalis sa bansa at tulungan itong maka-ahon. Ang speech na ito ay para sa mga normal na estudyante na kagaya ng may may-ari ng transcript na hawak ko, dahil madalas, wala talagang paki-alam ang unibersidad sa mga achievements nila. May mga awards na gaya ng "Summa Cum Laude", "Best Thesis Award" at "Leadership Award." Pero ni minsan, hindi pa ako nakakakita ng unibersidad na nagbigay ng "Hung on and managed to graduate despite nearly getting kicked-out during his academic stay" award.

Maaaring isang malaking kagaguhan ang konseptong ito para sa karamihan. Bakit mo pararangalan ang isang estudyanteng bulakbol, bobo, tamad o iresponsable? Hindi ba dapat isuka ito ng unibersidad? Ito yung mga tipo ng estudyanteng walang ia-asenso sa buhay, hindi ba? Ayun. Natumbok niyo.Iyun na nga ang dahilan.

Madalas, pag ang isang estudyante ay may pangit na marka sa paaralan, lalong-lalo na sa kolehiyo, nakakapanghina ito ng loob. Nandiyan yung tatamarin ka mag-aral, nandyan yung iisipin mo "Ano pa kayang trabaho ang makukuha ko? Call center na naman o clerical? Ba't kasi ang bobo ko. Kung matalino lang ako, sana, sa Procter and Gamble ako, o kung saang sikat na kumpanya."

Mas mahirap ang dinadaanan ng mga estudyanteng bumabagsak. Kahit na sabihin mong kasalanan nilang bumabagsak sila, hindi ninyo alam kung ano ang pakiramdam ng ganun. Madaling sabihin na "Kaya mo yan, mag-aral ka lang," pero alam ba natin talaga ang sinasabi natin?

Kapag ang isang estudyante ay bumabagsak sa unibersidad, nandiyan yung tatawanan niya lang yan. O di kaya naman, ipagmamalaki niya pang "TAKE 5 NA KO!!!" o "Pare, magpi-PhD na ako sa Anmath3/Calculus/etc." Pero hindi alam ng mga isang Summa Cum Laude kung ano ang nasa isip ng isang normal na estudyante sa tuwing matutulog ito at alam niyang pag-gising niya, kailangan niya na naming ulitin ang isang subject na nakuha niya na sa susunod na term. Kahit kalian, hindi naging problema sa "Star Student" na sabihing "Nay, bagsak ako." at hindi kailanman sumagi sa isip nila na "Paano kaya kung sa walang-pangalang kumpanya lang ako makapagtrabaho?" Dahil sigurado sila sa kinabukasan nila. Huwag na tayong maglokohan. Grades are everything. Kahit bali-baligtarin mo iyan, hindi magiging patas ang mga kumpanyang kumukuha ng fresh graduates para magtrabaho sa kanila. Minsan din naman, nadadaan sa palakasan, pero ganun pa din. Kung hindi ka academically good, wala kang patutunguhan. Kung hindi man yun, mas mahirap yung dadaanan mo para lang makaa-abot sa prestihiyosong posisyon.

Kaya ngayong graduation, ang speech na ito ay inaaalay ko para sa mga estudyanteng lumpagpak, muntik-muntikanan nang masipa o yung lahat ng paraang pwede, ginawa na para lang makatapos. Gagawin kong patas ang mundo para sa inyo kahit isang araw lang. Kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng ibang tao, kesyo kasalanan mo man na pangit ang marka mo o muntik ka nang makick-out, saludo ako sa hindi mo pagtigil sa pag-aaral. Saludo ako na may lakas ka ng loob na harapin pa rin ang mundo kahit alam mong hindi ito magiging patas sa iyo. Saludo ako na kahit pangit ang transcript mo, taas-noo ka pa rin ngayong graduation at proud na proud sa sarili mo. Ano ngayon ang mangyayari sa mga graduates pagkatapos nitong graduation? Ayoko nang puntahan yung pwedeng mangyayari sa mga Cum Laude. Baduy. Alam mo namang me patutunguhan ang buhay nila e. Pero dun sa mga lumagpak, ano ang meron?

Maaring makakuha kayo ng mediocre na trabaho lang. Pwede ka rin swertehin, baka makapagtrabaho ka sa magandang kumpanya. Madami pang pwedeng mangyari. Huwag kayong mawalan ng pag-asa. Kung nung college, nagtiyaga kayo e ba't titigilan niyo yung pagti-tiyaga ngayon?

Pwede ring ganito: Mag-aral ka ulit. Ipakita mo sa kanila na kung sipagin ka lang, malayo ang mararating mo. Subukan mong patunayan sa kanila na kapag pinilit mo, kaya mo ring abutin yung naabot nila. Na hindi ka bobo, kundi tinamad ka lang.

Baka sabihin ninyo, drowing lang ako. I've been on both sides. Naranasan ko na ring lumagpak, at muntikan na din akong masipa. Naranasan ko na na umulit ng 4 na beses sa iisang subject. Naranasan ko na na masumbatan ng magulang, kapatid at kung sino-sino pang propesor na walang pakialam sa pakiramdam ng estuyante. Naranasan ko nang hindi makatulog ng maraming gabi sa pagiisip kung paano ko na naman sasabihin sa magulang ko na may bagsak na naman ako. Kaya alam ko ang pakiramdam ninyo. Akin ang transcript na ito.

Pagkagraduate ko ng college, ano ang ginawa ko? Eto. Nagtrabaho muna ng konti, tapos aral ulit. Kuha ng Masteral sa kurso ko. Hindi para sa trabaho o kung ano man. Kundi para patunayan sa sarili ko na noong mga panahong bumabagsak ako, tinatamad lang ako.

This is a rebellion. I raise my middle finger to every professor, over-achiever, naysayer and detractor who told me that I can't make it. I raise my middle finger to every valedictory or graduation speech that only gratifies the university, those who were achievers in school or those who gratify the country when it's supposed to be the graduate's moment of glory. You are supposed to acknowledge EVERYONE. Even those who failed many times.

Kaya sa inyong mga graduates na medyo hindi maganda ang marka, para sa inyo ito. Kung kinaya ko ito, kaya niyo rin to. Imposibleng hindi.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This made me think...

"Okay, so here's my theory: I think I'm single not just because my standards are ridiculously high, it's because I like 'em that way." - Bookie Buquir aka callboi.


I saw this as Bookie's status message on Facebook and it actually made me think. I've been on this weird trip about being alone here in Manila. Sure I have friends at the office and I love them a whole bunch but it's still different.

When I read this on Bookie's page, thats when I realized that I'm single because of my standards. I have unbelievable standards for having friends, imagine how ridiculously high it is with finding a lover. But I don't know. I've been hurt by love one too many times and I guess that for now I'm enjoying my life. A friend of mine once said that I can't be genuinely happy being single because I'm alone. I told him to shut the fuck up and piece together his own life that was going down the crapper. I said it in a nice way so as to not appear rude.

But yes there are times when I think that I should settle down or start a new life. But then I realize, I'm still having fun. I don't care what society says, I can be single and happy. Finding someone who can meet my standards is close to impossible but I like my standards that way and even some of you out there would hate or never  admit it to yourselves, but you like your standards the same way too. Im pretty sure you're a bit confused as to where I am going with this but like Lyve describes me, I am "a paradox within a paradox". So go figure.

Quote for today...

Twenty years from now 
you will be more disappointed 
by the things that you didn't do 
than by the ones you did do. 
So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Predators 2010

I watched Predators last night at Trinoma. Depsite the fact that I had work the next day I had to watch it because I've been waiting for this damn movie for months. I only had 4 hours of sleep today. LOL. Well, on to the movie.

I was late for the movie so I missed the first few minutes of the movie because when I got to the cinema, the characters were all on the planet already and some were beating the crap out of each other.  I don't wanna spoil the movie for those who haven't watched it yet so as always, let me just give  a few things I noticed and/or liked.

I like the setting of the movie. It's always been earth but now it's in some distant unknown planet. The terrain looks like the everglades but the view from the cliff where they could see the different planets and moons was amazing. It looked fuckin real.

Introducing a new race of predators was a good idea. Unlike other predator movies, this had a race-war feel to it. The regular predators versus the black predators. Nice.

I did not like the graphics too much because they were obviously made for 3D. Watching a movie thats suppose to be in 3D on a regular cinema looks like crap because you can imagine how it'll look in 3D but can't actually see the effects it'll have.

The ending of the movie was so-so. It signifies a sequel. Seriously.

Anyway, for a sci-fi geek like me, the 2010 Predators movie was missing something, it needed something more but it was definitely worth the wait.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Master Class featuring Cherie Gil


Featuring CHERIE GIL

Philippine Opera Company will stage (once more) the production of a Tony Award-winning play, MASTERCLASS , about the legendary opera diva Maria Callas. This moving drama depicts the fictional class conducted by Callas at the end of her career for three opera students during which she recounts her long tumultuous life as opera`s grand dame and reveals rare glimpse of her private life as paramour to the billionaire Aristotle Onassis. Starring Philippine Cinema and Theater`s diva, Ms. Cherie Gil in the title role of Maria Callas.

My friend and former voice coach from the UB Voices, Mr. John Glenn Gaerlan aka Juan Alberto Gaerlan will play the role of Tenor Tony Candolino.

I'm planning on watching it if my schedule permits it. Haven't watched any theater plays in a very long time.

Friday, July 9, 2010

In Loving Memory of my Lolo Kirin.

Yesterday morning while I was at work, I received a text message from my Mom saying that my Lolo Kirin passed away. I was in shock because I just saw him the night before that and he seemed fine.

For the past two weeks, my grandparents were staying at the house here in Manila because my lolo needed to get a check up because he has lung cancer. The other night my lolo seemed fine but when I woke up yesterday, there was no one at the house and all their things were gone. I immediately thought that they probably went home to the province early and didn't want to wake me up. But something was not right, something felt off that day.

The moment I received the message from my Mom, I immediately sent DT a message asking him if I could go on break because I needed to call my mom. I told DT what happened and he asked me to log off my phone so I could call my mom. I went to the smoking area and when I spoke to my mom she was crying. My mom said that my lolo died on the way back to the province. After talking with her, I smoked one cigarette and I was trying to hold back my tears.

When I could not hold in it anymore, I texted DT and told him, "Ill be in the bathroom for a few minutes if thats ok."

"That's okay. Are you alright?", he replied.

"Not really", was my only response.

I scurried to the bathroom and locked myself in the last cubicle where I cried in silence. DT texted me and said that if I wanted to go home it would be alright. I told him that I didn't want to and that I'd rather work because it'll keep me busy to get my mind off things. He understood.

When I got back to the floor, they were asking me what happened and I told them why I was crying. They gave their condolences. Some of my friends tried to cheer me up. Bongga said that if I needed a shoulder to cry on she's there. It's good to have friends at times like these. Even my bestfriend called to comfort me. Darnell and Bugsy sent me messages. I appreciate all of these.

My lolo Kirin lives in Canada but he came home to the Philippines when he found out he was sick. In the past whenever he would come home, he would look for me and my mom. He would always want to see us. My mom was his favorite and I was his favorite too. He'd normally ask me to sing when he sees me.

When I went home last night, I spent 5 minutes standing outside the house because I didn't want to go inside because if I go inside and they're not there, it means that he's really gone. When I entered the house, I saw the mattress where he sleeps and when I woke up this morning to an empty house, it donned on me that he was really gone.

My lolo helped my mom a lot and the life I have right now, the life I grew up with, my mom and I partly have him to thank for it. I know that now he's in a better place and at least now he's no longer suffering because of cancer. He's lived a good full life and he died with the people who love him beside him.

We will miss him dearly and will always remember him for the good things he did for our family. For helping my mom when she had nothing. For taking care of me when I was a baby. For everything else he's ever done.

May you rest in peace lolo Kirin and we love you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking for a job?

Look no further. Our company is currently expanding and we need as many Customer Service Representatives as we need. The company is called Integrim BPO Solutions Inc.

The qualifications are:

*Preferably with Call Center Experience. Fresh grads and under grads are welcome to apply though.
*Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
*Knowledgeable in MS Office Applications.
*Flexible with work schedule assignments.
*Customer focus and a team player.

I've been working here for a couple of months now and I can say that working here is fun. If you're an avid reader of my blog or if you know me personally, you would know the type of ridiculous lifestyle I live and to be honest, my salary is enough to sustain said lifestyle. The people here are great, though there are a few (very few) that are well, cringe-worthy but nevertheless, you would meet really nice people here.

I am not sure if I could discuss the account but I can assure you that the workload is fairly easy. You wouldn't find a job that pays this type of salary with this type of work. Besides if you do decide to work here, you'll see me around all the time and if you need help or shit, I'd be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Applications here are processed fast so you'd know the decision instantly. Unlike other Call Centers, we don't give those ridiculous tests or let you wait for hours and hours and hours just to tell you to come back the next day. You get the verdict instantly. The boses are really nice and approachable. Our benefit packages and amenities are amazing. Again if you know me or read my blog regularly, you'd know how much I complain about everything so when I say that this company is great, I actually mean it.

If you're interested, kindly send your resume at and I shall forward it to our HR Department the moment I receive it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie Date: Eclispe

It was a Monday night when we all met up at Trinoma to watch the latest installment in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. People present were Me, Bongga, Mariah, Maria, Louie, Dece, Tess, and Allaine. Before and after the movie, we took a "few" pictures. Here are some of them.

Bongga, Dece, and I.

Tess, Bongga, Mariah, Louie, Allaine, and Me.

The Women of Edward...



And last but definitely not the least...

Bongga has been planning this for almost 2 weeks. Our initial date was July 1st but because Bonggas son got sick, we decided to move the date to the 5th so that we could all go together, plus we got our paychecks that day. 

Quick review of the movie:

Im not particularly a fan of the Twilight Saga but I've watched the first movie so I have to finish all of it. It's an OC thing. No judgement. The first hour (more or less) I found boring, it was the typical Bella-Edward romance with Jacob being the third wheel shit. When the battle between the werewolves and the Cullens versus the newborns started, it was a heart pumping battle. I actually enjoyed every minute of them ripping each other to shreds. There was something Braveheart-ish to it.

The new Victoria was pretty but she didn't fit the role. She looks too...nice. She doesn't have the insanity in her eyes that the first Victoria had. Oh and Dakota Fanning was hot. With those red eyes, bitch looks crazy. Alice, stole my heart, she can drain my blood anytime she wants as many times she would want. 

Some lines from the movie I remember because I liked them:

"Jacob...stay!" - Bella

"Face it! I'm hotter than you." - Jacob

"Doesn't he own a shirt?!" - Edward

"Dad I'm a virgin okay?!" - Bella

"Decisions, decisions." - Jane

"I kissed Bella...and she broke her hand...punching my face." - Jacob

"Bella would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?" - Edward

Aside from the ripping each other to shreds part, I found the movie a little bland. It wasn't what I expected considering the hype from everyone around the world. But this is just me. Sure I watch romantic movies but when it comes to vampires and werewolves, I prefer something that has sex and bloodshed, and...oh yeah...ripping each other to shreds. 

It was a fun night though. I'm wondering when our next movie date will be.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Conversations (haven't done this in a while)

Me: Get a mullet. Lesbians can rock that.
Lyve: I'm not a lesbian.
Me: Not today.
Lyve: I'm not a lesbian.
Me: Not these days.
Lyve: Well...uhh...You bastard!!!
Me: It's called friendly competition.
Sig: You? Friendly competition?!
Me: Oh you know me so well.
Sig: Hahaha
Derek: Hey what's written on your shirt?
Me: My blog is better than yours!
Derek: We'll see about that.
Me: Haha
Lyve: Relax beb.
Me: I can't relax! My interview is in 15 minutes.
Lyve: Breathe.
Me: I need you to distract me. Talk dirty to me!
Lyve: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Me: We're so mean!
Bongga: That's why we're friends!
Me: I know!!!

Me: That's your reason for breaking up with her?

Zeik: It's what I'll use as an excuse.
Me: Well aren't you an ass?!
Zeik: Told you I can be cruel as I can be kind.
Me: ....I'm so proud of you! I taught you well!

Because all my clothes are dirty...

... I bought a new shirt.

While I was waiting for my friends to arrive, I shopped a little. I was planning to buy a washing machine because I have waaay too much laundry and I can't do them by hand. I'd rather spend money to make my life easier. Anyway, my mom told me not to buy one because she'll be buying one when she comes here next week. I thought, "Alright might as well buy something new to wear."

So I bought this shirt and like I always do, I took a picture of myself. I dont really have any green shirts so I'm gonna start buying more green shirts. The question is, do I look ok in green?


I haven't had frozen yogurt in a reeeaaalllyyy long time so earlier today while Bongga, Dece, and I were waiting for the gang, we went around Trinoma and while Bongga was checking out stuff, I decided to order some frozen yogurt. This tastes really good, better than White hat. I have blueberries, choco balls, and cheese for toppings. Whenever I eat frozen yogurt, blueberries are always part of my toppings. It tastes good. I wanna try Red Mango next. Yum!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jackie, TriNoma, and iPhone cases

Last Thursday I received a text from my bestfriend Jackie saying that she might be coming to Manila but knowing her, I didn't pay that much attention to it because she's always busy with work so there's a good chance she might cancel...again.

Friday morning while I was at work I received a txt from her asking me to call her when I have the time. So I immediately went on break and called her and the first thing she said was,

"Im on my way to manila now. Where do you wanna meet up?"

"Seryoso ka ba!?" I said blurted out.

"Abay malamang! Nasa Tarlac na ako" She said

I swear to God I felt my heart stop. I was trying to absorb everything. Eventually I snapped back to reality and told her to meet me in TriNoma. So the day passed by, the anticipation and impatience in me building up. At exactly 6:45pm we saw each other and I hugged her like I've never hugged anyone before. The last time I saw her was in February and that was only for about 2 hours.

We went to dinner at Crustacea, it's this Asian Buffet in TriNoma. Quick note on that, the food was incredible. The dimsum tastes exactly like the dimsum in Hong Kong and the Roast Angus was to die for. Of course being the people we are, pictures all around.

After dinner and a few sticks of cigarettes, we walked around Trinoma for some light shopping. After that, since both of us are iPhone users and we both have the white iPhone, we decided to go to my house so I could install apps on her phone and update her iPhone to IOS4.

"Sosyal ang bahay. Centralized and aircon!", was what she initially said upon seeing the house.

"It was my Mom who picked the house. I just moved in".

"Panalo! Dito na ako magstastay sa susunod na pagpunta ko.", she added.


While waiting for the OS update and app installation to finish, we decided to take more pictures.

My iPhone case that I bought in HK.

"Akin na lang", she said pleading.

"Bumili ka nang sayo. They're selling it at Power Books for PHP645", I replied.

"Mahal dun eh!", she said.


It was Jackie who pointed out that 3 of my iPhone cases has the colors of the Philippine Flag.

At my balcony. She still comments on how I smoke but she knows I don't listen.

It was an unforgettable night. Good food, good music, good times. That night I remembered why we've been bestfriends for the past 6 years or so. She knows me inside out, she's the bestfriend anyone could have. I miss her dearly, and now that she's gone back to Dagupan I feel sad. Jackie coming here felt like a dream, a sweet surreal dream but now the dream has ended and I feel a little empty once more. I feel like I'm back where I was 3 months ago when I moved to Manila. I know she's just a text or call away but nothing beats having her here with me.

I miss you and I love you Bes in more ways than words could ever express. Looking forward to your next visit.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Apparently this is the first poster for the Deathly Hallows movie. It feels creepy seeing Hogwarts burning to the ground. I've read every book more than once and I've watched all the movies the day they were released here so just to follow tradition, I'm waiting for the release. Based on the trailer I've seen, it'll be released on November 2010 and July 2011.

I hear excitement despite the whole Eclipse brouhaha right now.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3G Speed in the Philippines

This is how slow the 3G connection of Globe is. Considering I took these from different locations at different times around Metro Manila. Not much of a difference eh? My phone plan for unlimited data surfing is expensive when you consider the speed of the connection. Unbelievable I know.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Joke from Libby

There's an apple and an orange and they were both placed in the freezer.

Apple:  Brrrr it's really cold in here.

Orange: Holy crap it's a talking apple!!!

Just wanted to share this kids. Couldn't stop laughing. It's funnier when libby says it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott JS Wings 2.0 Leather

"Who do I sell my soul to to get these shoes?!" was what I said the moment I saw these shoes. I read about them in the summer issue of Garage Magazine but the one's that were there were different because only one side had wings on them. But these are a completely new deal. Both sides have wings that stretch to the back. And they're white!!! My color of choice when it comes to shoes!

Im not really into buying shoes, but the little boy in me want's these shoes. They are scheduled to be released on August 10, 2010. I hope they get shipped here soon after its release.

How can you not fall in love with them?