Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glee Vs. Bieber Fever

First of all, this isn't a fight between Gleeks and Biebs ok? I think I may have slipped a bit on the title but the more eye-catching it is, the more intruiging this post becomes LOL. Alright now down to business!

I honestly dont get the whole Beiber Fever! Seriously! A lot of people, well mostly teens are obsessed with Justin Bieber. I'm all, "The fuck?!". Apparently, there's been a pitch about Justin Beiber guesting on Glee, and
the idea of having the tween on Glee was brought up to the cast and it didn't sound like Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) was on board! He said:
"I don't get this Bieber thing. I really don't get it. I hear he was in Australia and they kicked him out because he started a riot. I haven't even heard his music. I couldn't tell you one name of his songs — and I'm not lying about that!"
You go Mr. Schue! Im a music junkie, I listen to everything but this Beiber thing is where I draw the line. I listen to pop, who doesn't? But his songs are too teeny-bop for my taste. He's like the Aaron Carter of this generation, don't you agree? I agree with Matthew Morrison, even I can't name any of his songs. So basically, yeah, I agree with Mr. Schue and I dont get the whole craze about this kid.

Oh and by the way, if any of you crazy bieber fever fans out there post any rude or hate comments, or even send me hate-mail, I will either delete them or lambast you because this is my blog and these are my opinions. If you don't like what you read, go to Okay kids? Okay.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Coke Bottle Cheat

So here is the ultimate way to cheat on an exam. I dont think HS students can use this unless they are allowed to bring drinks inside the classroom but for College students, I'm sure they can do this. Whoever thought of this needs to be put in the Cheaters Hall of Fame. Image taken from Gizmodo.

Now kids time to polish those photoshop skills and ace those exams. =)

Gleek Fever!

I wrote about Glee a month after the pilot episode was released. No one knew about it and critics claimed Glee to be another High School Musical-ish show. Ha! Let's see if they can still say that. You can check it here Glee, a new TV series.

Now, Glee has soared to new heights, dominating television and music. Apparently, a lot of singers turned actresses have expressed the interest in joining or guesting on the show. To name a few would be Jennifer Lopez and Megan Mullaly. Though JLo and Mama Megan have not been offered any roles, their willing to take it in a heartbeat. JLO, I'm not totally thrilled with the idea but I do like some of her songs. Now Megan Mullaly, Oh God Megan Mullaly! I love this woman. She is one of the best performers out there. She can sing, she can act, she's even a fantastic comedienne. It's a shame that the Fame remake did not do her any justice.

After the success of the Madonna episode of Glee, a Britney Spears episode has already been considered by the series creator Ryan Murphy. Now we all know that Britney is a little cray cray but lets admitt it, her music rocks. Despite the rehab-entering-head-shaving-car-whacking-with-an-umrella stunt she pulled a few years ago, that doesn't change the fact that despite all of her crazy, she manages to top the charts with her songs. A Britney episode would actually be awesome and I would look forward to it.

Kristin Chenoweth returns as April Rhodes on the newest episode of Glee which is "Home". To bad this isn't a WICKED reunion considering Idina Menzel has been given a recurring role. The producers deemed it unneccesary to bring the two together in one episode, since this has nothing to do with green skin, munchkins, and flying monkeys. Still, with Cheno and Idina in the series, they never dissapoint. A Courtney Love, Led Zeplin, and Billy Joel tribute episodes has been discussed, so how will that go?

Oh and and and a Lady Gaga episode is already in the works. I'm really excited for this episode I wonder if they'll use her sets just like what they did with the Madonna episode. Glee has officially been signed for a second season, what with all the auditions and castings happening. And here's a bit of trivia for you Gleeks out there. The role Eve played as coach of Jane's Academy was originally offered to Whitney Houston but she turned it down. Now that Madonna's tribute episode was a huge success and Grandma Whitney's concert was a complete  bust, I wonder what's going through her head right now. I bet she's blaming the airconditioning system again just like what she did during her concert.

Bad Morning!

I'ts 6:45 in the morning and I'm already in a foul mood. On my way to work, I rode the MRT which is out version of the train. On my way out, there was this old woman(I would guess 50's) in front of me and when she place her card in the things so we could exit, it didn't open. When she saw me put my card in, she dashed past me so I was stuck inside and she was able to exit using MY card. I was like WHAT THE FUCK IN HELL!!! So I placed my card back in to exit so I can get to her and bash her head with a chair but the machine suddenly gave me a "card rejected" notice. I was really pissed off so the guard helped me and the ticket booth personel did something with my card so I can pass through the other exit. He said, I wasn't charged when I place my card in the second time.

Alright so I was on my way to the office and when I rode the jeep, that fuckin old woman got in a few seconds after me. I had half-a-mind to push her out when the jeep started moving. A few minutes later, she got off at the DTI building, and I was thinking, "No wonder!" Based on how she looked and the stuff she had with her, she was obviously one of the secretaries there or something. She looked like the type of person who couldn't get a job higher than an enrty-level postition even if she's worked there for half a decade because she's an imbecile who has the brain of a dodo bird or in the immortal words of my friend Reuben, "She's a slut-faced-hoebag".

I know I'm being mean but I AM PISSED OFF AT 6:45 IN THE MORNING. Lyve if you're reading this, lower the eyebrow, you're used to me being mean already. I just hate the fact that some people can do this. I know I'm mean and everything but I dont do shit like this. GRRRR...Ok dear readers, Im trying to calm myself down. Time to smoke.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

After one week...'s what's been happening to me.

It's been a week since I started living and working here in Manila and so far, it's been ok. Every morning I wake up at 5AM, I then take a shower, get dressed, then leave for work at 5:30. I get to Makati by 6:15 then I go to Jolly Jeep to have breakfast then I walk around and smoke. By 7:00AM I head to the office then I start blogging, checking my mail, updating my facebook status, etc.

I take a few smoke breaks every now and then and at 8:30, I have a cup of coffee at the pantry while watching HBO thanks to the big-ass flat screen TV in the kitchen. Work starts at 9 and ends at 6PM. I take the bus (sometimes the MRT) going home. I get home at around 7:45 or 8PM. I watch TV and at 11PM I go to sleep and repeat the whole thing next day.

So far, I'm starting to adjust to the life here, its just that I can't take the heat! It's actually what I complain about all the time. It feels like an oven anywhere I go. I drink around 3 liters of water a day just because of the blasted heat. Oh another complain I have is the MRT when I go home. I tried it once and I swear to God I am never taking the MRT home ever again, unless I really really really have to. It's jam-packed by the time I go home, as in it feels like the bus will explode any moment because of so many people inside it. The limited space inside the MRT I can handle, but the smell, oh my lord THE SMELL!. It's like being inside a sauna with a hundred people who had sardines, onions and rotten eggs for lunch. I dont know how people could survive riding those things at that time.

About work, it's been fun so far. I've been getting good scores on our exams. We have all out access to any website we want except for youtube because the videos would slow down our server which for me is fine since I just blog, tweet, go on facebook and check my mail. Our trainer Diana is great, she's Costa Rican and she talks with this really cute accent. I like listening to her voice when she's talking. My teammates and I are becoming close which for me is a good thing. There used to be 7 of us when we started but because there's just 6 of us. Training ends in a week then we hit the Ops Floor. 

Im slowly adjusting to the life here, though it hasn't been easy. My friends were surprised when they found out I commute going to work. Back home, I don't take jeeps because the smell makes me nauseous but here I dont have a choice. I sometimes ask myself, 'what has become of me?' But like what my friend Bugsy told me, "Shit happens...and then we move on." So now, my life is in Manila, it is boring as ever. I know that'll change eventually but I dont know when. But for now, the first thing I'm trying to get used to is the heat.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Old Spice Commercial

You guys have to seriously watch this 30-second commercial. SERIOUSLY! Its kinda stupid but really funny. I wanna know how they did this commercial. Seriously watch it now! I couldnt stop laughing when I watched it.

Here's the transcript;

Look at your man,
now back to me,
now back at your man,
now back to me,
sadly he isnt me,
but if he stopped using lady scented bodywash
he could smell like he is me.
look down, back up.
where are you?
you are on a boat, with the man your man could smell like.
whats that in your hand,
back at me, I have it,
its an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love,
now look again, the tickets are now diamonds.
eveything is possible when you man smell like old spice and not a lady.
im on a horse

Friday, April 23, 2010

Graduation Greetings!

I would like to greet my friends who graduated from College this year/semester. These people are from Baguio and are close friends of mine. These are arranged from who graduated recently. So here we go, HAPPY GRADUATION TO:

Michael Gregorio - University of the Philippines Baguio, Bachelor of Science in Economics, April 2010

Maan Rasing-Aspuria - Saint Louis University, Bachelor of Arts in Communications, April 2010

Anna Mae Narra-Cantoria - University of Baguio, Bachelor of Arts in Communications, March 2010

Benjie Caswang - University of Baguio, Bachelor of Arts in Communications, March 2010

Adiel Joy Basilan - University of Baguio, Bachelor of Arts in Communications, March 2010

Congratulations guys. I'm really happy for you and I know you will be great in whatever career path you take. How do I know that? Because you guys are my friends and you know my standards so there. Good luck to all of you, make your schools and your future employers proud. I hope to see you guys again someday, if someone plans to work here in Manila, give me a call and lets PAAARRTTEEYYY!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Attack of the JEJEMON!

Disclaimer: I assume that only my Filipino readers or people who can understand Filipino/ Tagalog could relate to this but I'll try my best to write it in a way so that everyone can understand it.

JEJEMON is a term for people who write stuff in a very long way or complicated or stupid way that no one can practically understand them. There's actually a Facebook Page dedicated to them and the Fanpage name is "GOTTA KILL THEM ALL". I so agree. I wish I thought of that earlier. In normal Jejemon language "Kamusta po kayo?" or "How are you doing?" is written this way: e0wSsZz pOwhhZzmUsZtAhH nUah pOwhHzz kEowHsz?

WHAT THE FUCK??? As in oh my fuckin god! What kind of sane or normal person would write like this? Seriously? I hate to admitt it and Im ASHAMED to admitt it, but I actually know people who text me like this: "San kNa poh?" or "Muszta naH pohw?"and when they text me crap like this I do two things 1) I reply telling them not to text me if they're gonna text me that way or 2) I dont reply at all and delete it from my Inbox and I restart my phone to cleanse it of this horrible craze of the jejelanguage.

Now I dont really dont how the name Jejemon came to be but I assume its because these people spell "hehe" as "jeje".  I honestly dont know why they write/type/text like this. I know they have a keyboard full of keys or a cellphone will all the allphabets on the numeric keypad but does that mean they have to use every single letter? As a child, what were they deprived of making them become like this? These people should seriously go back to elementary and lets see if they can spell HELLO properly but I think this is impossbile for them to spell it with only 5 letters. Dont you think so?

The reason I posted this is because I got to work at 6:15AM. I opened my Facebook and I saw this person on the news feed who posted something in Jejeslang for her status message and all the comments on that status was in jejeslang. I was like, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THESE PEOPLE???? Its worse than Ebola, at least those with Ebola died, these Jejemon are still around. A hundred thousand people die everyday, some by accidents and some by natural causes while these Jejemons live and breathe.

And so everyone knows, I started deleting people on Facebook page who are Jejemon's. Irregardless of wether I've known them for years or just last week. JEJEMON I choose you! and now I click Delete!

Ok enough of this, what a crazy cray cray world we live in.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For the Love of Dogs

One of my officemates is a Dog Breeder. He breeds Pugs and French Bulldogs. He sells them for 10K and above depending on how the dog looks. So if any of you want to buy Pugs or French Bulldogs you can contact him at +639222914788.

The newest iPhone has been leaked!!!

Found this on MoTwisters blog and I'm not sure if I'll get into trouble for posting this but here it goes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did you know?

* It is believed that Shakespeare was 46 around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from the first word is shake and the 46th word from the last word is spear.

*Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.

*The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

*"Go" is the shortest complete sentence in the English Language.

*TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.

*A snail can sleep for 3 years.

*In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all of the worlds nuclear weapons combined.

*The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable".

*Britney Spears is an anagram for "Presbyterians".

*Superstition says that the left side is the wrong side of the bed.


Chiara: How old is Lyve?
Me: 24
Chiara: Really? She looks young.
Me: I seriously dont know if she'll take that as an insult or as a compliment
Chiara: hahaha


Mom: Be good there, your aunt gets mad easily specially in the morning.
Me: Its ok, im used to someone yelling around the house.
Mom: Who?
Mom: excuse me I dont yell around the house.
Me: Hahahah


Lyve: You're crying but you're still mean.
Me: And that surprises you?!
Lyve: No. Not really.


Lyve: I love Chris Rock!
Me: Yeah this show is awesome.
Darnell: Watch whats gonna happen next, its really funny.
Lyve: How do you know?
Darnell: I watched Kill the Messenger already.
Me: You understood it?
Darnell: Yeah.
Me and Lyve: REALLY???


Lyve: Im doing the most atrocious thing ever! Im watching a filipino movie and I'm ashamed to admit it but i'm enjoying it. God! I feel so dirty!
Me: And you make fun of me for watching filipino movies now you're one of us.
Lyve: I blame you and Jet for this.
Me: Sure blame me.
Lyve: My already low standards are sinking lower.
Me: Hahahah


Me: Im in training and I'm a little bored.
Lyve: You have probably an advanced form of ADHD so I'm not surprised.
Me: WOW!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day One

Its 11:00pm and my I have work in the morning. Its my first day on the job and I'm nervous. Its not because of the job but where the job is. Yes I basically grew up in Manila but this isn't the manila I once knew. Everything is different and my friends are no longer here. I am basically foreign to this place. I haven't completely come to terms with the fact that I left Baguio but what can I do? I chose this so I have to suck it up. I know I've been on this emo trip about leaving Baguio but bear with me. In time I will adjust, in time I will adapt and in time I will accept the fact that I'm no longer living there.

My life as I know it is about to change. When I was living in Baguio all I wanted to do was leave but now... I guess my mom was right when she said that you take Baguio for granted but once you leave, you realize how beautiful it is and how much you will miss it. Right now I do.

I miss the abundance of strawberries and blueberries. I miss the buttered sweet corn that are as big as pringles cans that you can literally find everywhere. I miss the traffic in magsaysay avenue that everyone hates.  Camp John Hay where you can have picnics and what not. Burnham Park where me, zeke and lyve ride boats in the lake or where I fire dance. Casa Generosa where me and my friends get stinking drunk.

Now I dont have any of those. No cheap strawberries, sweet corn on every corner, the lake, my friends who I love like family. Soon enough I'll learn to live it. But for now, Im still hung up on leaving. Right now Im bummed out. And right now, Adamsplanet has officially moved to Manila.

Goodnight Kids. Ill update you on how the first day at work goes tomorrow.

Need to cut down

Now that I have a new phone, I have four. A Nokia N78, Two Blackberries, and the iPhone. I seriously need to   get rid of at least one of them.

iPhone 3GS

Kids remember my wishlist? well I was able to get the iPhone 3GS already!!! Hooray! Hooray! This was my mom's graduation gift to me. Well yeah I graduated last year but since I had a back subject, my transcript and diploma wasn't released yet but now that Im done, Im officially a graduate. So here's the unpacking.

Obviously it was bought from Globe.

I specifically asked for the white one because its the one thats uncommon. Almost everyone I see has a black iPhone so I want a white one since it's uncommon, it looks cleaner and the best part, me and my bestfriend Jackie now have matching phones since her iPhone is also white hahaha.

I bought this when I went to Mong Kok (I was already preparing for the iPhone that early on). My mom asked if she could have it and she gave me her CapDase Leather Case. Its ok with me since I spent $20HK on the angel silicone case. Her leather case costs 1000+PHP. When she realized it was an Angel, her reaction  was hilarious. She found it weird and cute at the same time. She thought the wings were hands at first and she didn't notice the face until she flipped it over. Hahaha.

iPhone 3GS! Oh yeah!

So far the iPhone 3GS is really fast. It boots up really fast, the accelerometer responds really fast, the 3.2MP camera has autofocus, and a lot more. Texting needs some getting used to. Though I am used to smartphones and qwerty keypads, I need more practice on this. Bottom line, I love this phone! 

Last Dinner in Baguio

Me and Lyve had dinner at Hodori. This was basically my last supper in Baguio since I was leaving the next day.

Lyve had something called "bulgogi" not exactly sure of the spelling.

One reason we like Hodori is because of the unlimited side dishes

I ordered Katsudon

This is water is memorable because Marj once referred to this as 'Parang Tubig Kanal' hahaha.

Dinner was fun, it felt like any regular dinner but deep inside Lyve and I knew that it'll be a long time before this happens again. =(

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Anatomy of a Call Center Agent

Found this on google. I remember seeing this during my first month at PeopleSupport two years ago. A friend from another account forwarded this to me using Outlook. I was laughing so hard that my trainer came to my station to see why the hell I was laughing.

This is it!!!

Hello Kids sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while. I've been super duper busy. Well you might be wondering what these pictures are? What do they have to do with this post and the title of the post. Scroll down and you'll find out.

This is the lobby or atrium (whatever you call it) of the building where I'll be working. Yes you read it right I'm working again. Its a building in Makati, I'll name it in one of my future posts. Well this is how I got the job. Yesterday (April 14) I was scheduled for an interview with one of the companies in Makati so I went since I kinda want to work again.

So I went in at 10:00AM. By 10:12 I walked out of the office with a big-ass smile on my face. Yes! My interview only lasted 12 minutes long. The boss liked my resume and the first thing he noticed he noticed was my accent. He said I sound very western. So what? I sound like a cowboy? Hahaha. He asked me a few questions and when he was done I asked when does the job start. His response was, "It starts on April 19 thats on Monday. Im gonna offer you the position right now. You're hired."

In my head, I went..."WHOA WHAT THE FUCK?!" I was shocked. As in really honest to God SHOCKED. First I got the job and second, I got it in 12 minutes. That was by far the fastest job interview I had. And to top it off, the guy who interviewed me was the CEO. The truth was, I was really nervous because I don't really know the company or what they cater to but I took a leap of faith and I got it. This means that I'll really be leaving Baguio.

Adamsplanet is now moving back to Manila baby! Readers wish me luck and hope for the best. I'm excited but at the same time scared.

Update you all when I start. If I dont get to upate my blog just follow my Twitter ayt?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wishlist for 2010

I decided to compile a wishlist for 2010. By the end of this year, I will have these things. I'll work hard and all that crap. Hahaha.

GADGETS Wishlist

Flip UltraHD
   Flip is video cam that captures in videos in HiDef. I first saw the flip on chuvaness' blog and I saw videos she uploaded that were taken using the Flip. The resolution was amazing. They sell this in the Philippines but I dont know where. I'll have to email Chuvaness and ask her. Anyway, I like it. I have 2 camera's, a point and shoot and a DSLR. Now I want a portable video cam that can take HD videos.

Iphone 3gs
     This is actually number 1 on my wishlist. I've always wanted an iphone even before it was released. Good thing they sell it here under Globe Telecom. 

Sony Ericsson Satio
     I read about the Satio months before it was released and I thought it was just another phone to go up against the iphone. I was able to get my hands on a Satio a few weeks ago in SM Baguio during the Sony Ericsson Bazaar thing. I like the phone because its fast and the camera is awesome. I use two phones one for Smart and one for Globe. An iphone and a satio would really be cool. 

BOOKS Wishlist

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Set
     This is the special edition Olympian Box Set. But seriously any set of the Percy Jackson saga is fine by me.  I read the book before watching the movie. A lot of things in the book was missing from the movie. 

A Lion Among Men
     This is the third book in the Wicked series. It tells the story of the scared lion. Its part of the Wicked years, need I say more?

GAMES Wishlist

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
      Finally an official Kingdom Hearts game for the PSP. So far its only been released in Japan but word is, it'll be released in Europe and North America summer this year.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII
      The newest Final Fantasy game for the PSP. Its the first PSP game from the XIII series and I heard that it's gonna be awesome. The only problem is, there is no release date yet and for sure, Japan gets first dibs on it. Time to learn how to read and speak Japanese lol. 
Well so far thats my wishlist for 2010. By the way, if you know where to buy the Flip Ultra HD in the Philippines, please leave a comment. Thanks.


PSP Games

Here are the new PSP games I'm playing. Since I've been busy the past couple of months, I haven't really played anything on my PSP. At least now I have some time so I can go back to one of the things I love doing. Playing video games.

Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny
    Its a nice game since I like battle type games. I also like the feature where you can create your own custom character with the stats and armor you want.

Final Fantasy Dissidia
    I'm a HUGE final fantasy fan. I like that this has battle mode and story mode. The gameplay is new to me because its like playing chess or checkers or both but still 2 thumbs up. Oh and the graphics are AWESOME!

Dante's Inferno
    Just started playing this earlier, the controls are a bit hard. I've watched the animated movie of this game and I wanna see if they basically have the same premise. I'll update this once I get far in the game.

Avatar: The Game
    The reviews about this game were right, the characters are hard to maneuver and the camera angling is sloppy. Hahaha. The graphics are so-so, nothing special but the game play is quite easy. I just started this so I'll see if it becomes interesting.

Assassins Creed: Bloodlines
     I've never played Assassins creed on any console before so I'm a newbie but so far, it's one of the best games I've played. For some reason it has a Chaos Legion-God of War feel to it.

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords
     I havent started this game yet but I read good reviews about it. Also I've played all the mobile versions and a few PC versions of Prince Persia so I'm hoping this one's good.

Yes I know I'm a geek. Hahaha.

What to do?!

Alright I dont really do drama here but just this once, I wanna share something with you, my dear readers. It's a little long so just bear with me. I've been living in Baguio for 6 years now. I graduated last year but I had some unfinished business at school. Now that Im done with everything, Im leaving Baguio for good because of work. Something I dont really wanna do. If given the chance to pursue your dreams in life and be who you want to be but at the expense of leaving the people you love behind, would you still take it?

I've always been sure about what I want in life. Im a dreamer and I have big dreams for myself, but in those dreams my friends are with me. Now that I'm leaving, Im leaving all of them. Yes I know there's still Facebook, SMS, email, my blog, but still its different when you actually get to talk to someone in person. My years in Baguio have been the best years of my life and I've made a lot of friends, people who I could proudly call family.  Two years ago and an opportunity like this came, I would've have grabbed it in a heartbeat but now thing's are different.

The truth is I'm scared. In Baguio I have people who love me unconditionally, people who would do everything to protect me from getting hurt, people who would even put me first before themselves. And when I realized I was actually gonna leave, it suddenly donned on me that I am gonna be alone. Sure my cousins and a few relatives are there, but it's not the same. Im connected to them by blood, but my family in Baguio are those who have been a huge part of my life and it kills me that I'm leaving them.

A friend of mine once said, "When the opportunity comes, grab it because you just dont know. It might no longer be there tomorrow." It's one of the reasons Im taking this chance. I've always had a lot of doors opened for me, but I also know that they will not stay open forever. Basically my point is, I will leave Baguio sooner or later, but I wanted to do it when I was ready and not like this that a bombshell was dropped on me. The job in Manila is good, the money is great considering I just graduated.

Baguio is a place that has become close to my heart and contrary to what others think, I love the people, I love the culture, I love everything about it. I learned a lot of things in Baguio, I realized a lot of things about myself, I learned to appreciate the simpler things in life. My mom was right when she said that I should not confine myself in Baguio, that I should see what else is out there for me but sometimes she makes me feel like I have no choice but to leave and that just makes things worse. She means well and I know that, it's just sometimes i feel like she doesn't understand how hard it is for me to leave the people I call family in Baguio.

For the first time in my life, Im actually scared of being alone hell Im downright terrified but I have to do this, so I can reach my dreams and make them come true. I will return to Baguio someday because it is a place I call home. The door is there and it's wide open, the only problem is how to take the first step out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 10 Worst Ways to Break Up With Someone

10. ON VACATION: Who would you most likely want to be stuck on a deserted island with? Not someone who's just told you "it's not working out," we're quite sure. Not only have you now wasted your time and money, but you can’t leave the situation easily without added plane fares and stress. If this happens to you, break away and turn your trip into a rejuvenating self-improvement retreat... you'll need it.
9. IN A TEXT MESSAGE: Ah, the text. The modern-day version of the Post-It. Too wussy to do it in person? Text away, wuss.

8. ON FACEBOOK: Nothing like logging on to find your loved one tagged in a compromising photo with a complete you, at least. Why this is called the "World Wide Web" and some people can't figure out how they got busted is beyond us. Besides, it's way too trendy these days - be original, people!
7. AROUND THE FAMILY: Don't make it a family affair - you'll seriously regret it. Whether at a sibling’s wedding (see #6), a family vacation (see #10), or meeting the family for the first time (really!?), this one is clearly ridden with minefields that will lead to nothing but trouble. If this happens to you, at least you've got your "people" nearby to protect you, support you, and promptly kick your brand-new-ex to the curb.
6. AT A WEDDING: The wedding. The defining moment for any couple. The pinnacle of celebrating relationships and love. The day they'll remember as the best day of their lives. Forever. Guess the pressure got to you, huh?
5. AT YOUR "SPECIAL PLACE": That restaurant where we had our first date...the bar where you told me you loved me...the bench in the park where we'd sit every Sunday... Why on earth would anyone think this is a good idea? Let the special place stay special. Just like there are other fish in the sea, there are other places in the whole world. If they can't find another place, you should definitely find another fish.
4. IN BED: Come again? Talk about ruining the mood. At least wait until you're clothed. This one is so embarrassing that we're having visions of the recurring dream where you're on stage in front of everyone you know in nothing but your underwear. Except you're not even wearing underwear.
3. ON VALENTINE'S DAY: There are 365 days in the year, and ONE dedicated to celebrating love. It's not like you can't claim you didn't "know" it was Valentine's Day - the stores, the ads, the cards have been in your face for weeks. Pick another day. It's that simple. Don't ruin this day forever for someone, unless you're really in need of some bad karma. (New Year's Eve and Birthdays received honorable mentions.)
2. BY DOING NOTHING: It was tough not giving this the Number 1 honor, and we're still not sure. Being forced to figure something out by yourself is sometimes the hardest and most humiliating thing of all. Coming home to find your love gone, with no note, no calls, no anything may just be the worst way to handle a breakup. It is definitely the WIMPIEST. Just remember that. You do this, you are weak.
1. BY CHEATING: Sadly, this is the most common response we received - and the stories ran the gamut,from the one-night-stand, to the ongoing affair, to the ongoing affair that you only found out about via "the new person," to the unspeakable announcement that your boyfriend or girlfriend is engaged to someone else (WHAT?!?). To these we simply say, come ON. Just break it off before you cheat. You won't hurt our feelings, we promise.
The bottom line to all of this? If this happened to you, then you are better off without this person in your life. If THIS is the way they think is appropriate to end a relationship, imagine how they would handle life's other challenges. Not well, I'm guessing. Time for you to bounce back and move forwardto someone who deserves you and your love.
From Shine.

Friends of the Blogger

Hello Dear Readers,

Here are a few links to some of my friends' blogs. Im linking themon my blog for you to check them out.

Rhyme's Blog

This blog focuses on downloading free OPM songs for the game Frets on Fire. I've played that game a few years ago. Apparently its back in circulation and Rhyme is addicted to it.

Sam's Blog

Sam talks about anime and Japanese stuff. Some of the posts I find entertaining and some are useful if you're into japanese culture and all that.

Iyah's Blog

Her blog focuses on beauty and regimens and what-have-you. Anything about beauty products and all that stuff, you can find on her blog. Not my cup of tea but she's a good friend so we're blog linking LOL.

These blog owners are people I actually know personally so I suggest you visit their blogs when you get the chance.


Repost from Chuvaness about Meralco

As usual I visited the blog of Chuvaness and this is the first thing I saw and I was appalled by what happened to their electric bill.  She's right, how do you go from an average of 21k to 41k all of a sudden?! Their bill sky-rocketed like crazy. My dear readers you can comment on her blog just click on this link: Chuvaness or click on the link on the side of my blog.
Meralco needs to do something about this because I read the comments on her blog and apparently, everyone in Manila is going through this. This is completely ridiculous. Someone there seriously needs to clean up their act pronto. So here's the text:

Dear kind reader,

I've been very depressed since Thursday upon receiving my Meralco bill for one month worth PHP 41,902.95 pesos. I have lost sleep and energy to do anything trying to make sense of this.
When we moved into our new house here in Pasig, our first bill on August 13, 2003 was Php 15,494.10. Consumption was pegged at 2228 x Php 3.4.

in March 2004 our bill was PHP 17,000. Consumption was 2480 kwh priced at PHP 3.18
March 2005 - PHP 19,691. Consumption 2280 at PHP 4.52
March 2006 - PHP 23,204. Consumption 2280 at PHP 4.99
March 2007 - PHP 20,491. Consumption 2040 at PHP 4.42
March 2008 - PHP 22,609. Consumption 2160 at PHP 4.9
March 2009 - PHP 21,361. Consumption 2000 at PHP 5.02
March 2010 - PHP 41,902. Consumption 3120 at PHP 6.67

Can somebody please tell me, how can a household that has ran a bill of an average of PHP 21,471 for the last six years suddenly have double of that now without even a subtle increase??

One of Jay's friends from Meralco said, "42 thousand? Ano yan, ice factory?"

Nope. Bahay po ito.
It doesn't make sense to me.
Jeroen and I were in Tokyo for 6 days last month. Even though the kids were home, there were only two window-type aircons running at night.
I am an environmentalist. I bring 
eco-bags everywhere. Our house is completely white.
We have an 
eco garden on top.
There are ceiling fans in all rooms that are used to save on aircon. Only two aircons run at night. We recently removed the kids' split type aircon and replaced it with a window type. We rarely watch TV. We use a gas stove. We recently switch to a gas dryer which only runs twice a week anyway. And the majority of our clothes are hung up to dry.


I asked some of my friends about their bills.
G's bill is up from a regular of PHP 25k to this month's PHP 35K.
C's last bill was PHP 29k. This month it is PHP 38K.
V's last bill was PHP 8. This month, 13 K.

If you are living in the Philippines, kindly leave a comment below stating your location, last month's bill and this month.
If you live in another country, please tell us how much is your regular electric bill.

I have called Meralco and spoken to persons called Raiza and Susan. I told them this billing is oppressive. How can our bill be higher than people in the US, Netherlands, Australia, where people earn much, much more?

How can the government allow this? I cannot understand why we have a president who doesn't care about the people. I am hoping that the next president will address this problem of oppression. Electricity isn't like PLDT and Globe where you can just switch if you're unhappy with the service. People need electricity to survive. Our kids need aircon in this heat.

This is why foreign investors don't want to come here. This bill feels like making me pack up and move to Holland. Merlaco and the government have to realize that when they have these brownouts and high electric rates, investors are gonna pack up and move somewhere else. What is going to happen to the thousands of call center employees that contribute to our economy?

I want to know who is getting rich at our expense because I'm SO MAD AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE.
I want to know which president Meralco is supoorting. I want to know which presidential and senatorial candidates are willing to make a stand.
retweet this post and share on your sites. Good luck to us all.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Me: It's great because I buy more than 5 magazines every month now I get to save money.
Mom: What do you do with them?
Me: uhhm... I read them?


Lyve: You do realize that keychains are the lamest gifts.
Me: Well I didnt know what to buy.
Lyve: Fine just buy me earings when you get here and lets just pretend their from Hong Kong.
Me: As long as their hooker earings.
Lyve: Duh!


Darnell: I need the rent. Also my motorcycle was caught and the plate number was confiscated. Do something about it.
Me: Alright I'll call my friends from the army. Would you want a white crow and a flying pig while I'm at it?!


Me: Oh what is this and how can I replace my blood with it?!
Mindy: Tanduay Ice.
Me: Every sip feels like heaven.
Mindy: Are you high?!


Lyve: Oh my god is that (says a japanese name) AHHHHHH!!!! it is... and is that (says another japanese name) AHHHHHH!!!!
Me: Jet look look I have elbows!
Me and Jet: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Dennis: I need models for the commercial for my advertising class.
Me: I know someone. She's tall and pretty.
Dennis: Alright text her and lets meet up with her.
Me: Oh and by tall I mean she's taller than me and I guess taller that you since you're an inch taller than me.
Dennis: Oh wait dont text her anymore I changed my mind.
Me: Hahahaha.


Marj: I barely slept.
Me: Why?
Marj: Darnell woke me up and started talking about Cap One and the federal laws governing Cap One. He spoke in straight english.
Me: Oh my god are you serious?!
Marj: Yeah. I just realized he's not an idiot.
Me: This is unbelievable. You think he's dying?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mags Mags Mags

To those of you who dont know this, I buy 5-8 magazines every month. Basically yeah, a portion of my money goes to magazines. I buy everything from travel, lifestyle, men's fashion, gadgets/techno, celebrity magazines, etc. I like reading and being in the know. As Lyve told me, I read too much for my own good. Hahaha.

The thing is, I completely forgot that my mom's sister works for a media company and they have hundreds of free magazines lying around. My mom's sister got a buttload of magazines from their office and I picked out the ones I like. Whats great is they have magazines I actually buy and read like OK!, Metro HIM, A&Fitness, Asian Traveler, Uno, and more. These are the magazines I got, I havent counted them yet but its a lot.

There were a couple of copies of Gadgets magazine in the pile so I got a few copies. I bought Gadgets for the first time last year but I didnt like the content and the layout. Specially the layout! The colors were painful to look at and the pictures were so pixelated that they looked like cross stich patterns.

But I got copies of their latest issues including ones for November and December last year. To be fair, the magazine has improved A LOT. Its now almost as good as T3. Plus the content is not really interesting, not that boring crap from the issue I bought early last year. Well I guess Gadgets is now included in the list of my to-buy magazines.

Too bad there were no copies of Garage Magazine. That's one of my favorite mens magazine and its the most expensive one I buy. Though I am contemplating if I should buy the summer issue. I already saw it in National Bookstore but Im just not feeling it. Im still thinking.

Goodbye HK

The airport in HK is really nice. It wasn't like an airport, it was like a mall hahaha.

In the train on our way to terminal 1. Apparently you need to take a train from terminal 2 to terminal 1 inside the airport. It was cool, the airport had an underground train.

Our boarding gate. 22.

I was browsing the music available in the plane and I was shocked as in really shocked to find the full album of Wicked. It was a 'whoa' moment for me.

The food they served. It wasnt good, it was dry and bland. Next time Im bringing food.