Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mong Kok at night by myself

I've been hearing from a lot of my friends that Mong Kok is the best place to shop in Hong Kong because you can get a bargain on everything. So I told myself that before I leave Hong Kong I HAVE TO GO TO MONG KOK. And I did. I took the train, got off the Mong Kok station then went to the Ladies Market. I dont know why they call it the Ladies Market because you can buy everything there. Gadgets, clothes, toys, bags, shoes, everything for men and women and they're all cheap. Plus you can haggle to lower the price.

I went there alone and I stayed there for a couple of hours shopping and just enjoying the fact that I was able to go to Mong Kok alone. hahaha.

Here's something interesting. They sell those sexy lingerie for men and women. I suggest you click on the picture below, once it loads, take a good look at it and you'll find it really funny.

I saw these and I was dying to buy a 6x6 and 7x7 cube but it was too expensive and even when they lowered the price it was still expensive. I swear to God the next time I go to Hong Kong I am buying those cubes.

I had a snack here. There sell all kinds of dimsum. Yum!

I bought this shirt for $50HK. It was originally $90HK but I was able to knock 30 off. I think its nice. Do you think it looks good on me?

Anyway, I had loads of fun in Mong Kok. Now I know why my friends are raving about it. The next time I go to Hong Kong I am going back to Mong Kok and I am gonna shop like crazy. Now all I need is a high paying job to make this come true. Hahaha. Everything here is cheap so as long as you have lets say $500HK you'll be able to buy a bucket load of stuff. Oh and you can smoke while walking around the ladies market. Just sharing. LOL.

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