Sunday, April 11, 2010

Repost from Chuvaness about Meralco

As usual I visited the blog of Chuvaness and this is the first thing I saw and I was appalled by what happened to their electric bill.  She's right, how do you go from an average of 21k to 41k all of a sudden?! Their bill sky-rocketed like crazy. My dear readers you can comment on her blog just click on this link: Chuvaness or click on the link on the side of my blog.
Meralco needs to do something about this because I read the comments on her blog and apparently, everyone in Manila is going through this. This is completely ridiculous. Someone there seriously needs to clean up their act pronto. So here's the text:

Dear kind reader,

I've been very depressed since Thursday upon receiving my Meralco bill for one month worth PHP 41,902.95 pesos. I have lost sleep and energy to do anything trying to make sense of this.
When we moved into our new house here in Pasig, our first bill on August 13, 2003 was Php 15,494.10. Consumption was pegged at 2228 x Php 3.4.

in March 2004 our bill was PHP 17,000. Consumption was 2480 kwh priced at PHP 3.18
March 2005 - PHP 19,691. Consumption 2280 at PHP 4.52
March 2006 - PHP 23,204. Consumption 2280 at PHP 4.99
March 2007 - PHP 20,491. Consumption 2040 at PHP 4.42
March 2008 - PHP 22,609. Consumption 2160 at PHP 4.9
March 2009 - PHP 21,361. Consumption 2000 at PHP 5.02
March 2010 - PHP 41,902. Consumption 3120 at PHP 6.67

Can somebody please tell me, how can a household that has ran a bill of an average of PHP 21,471 for the last six years suddenly have double of that now without even a subtle increase??

One of Jay's friends from Meralco said, "42 thousand? Ano yan, ice factory?"

Nope. Bahay po ito.
It doesn't make sense to me.
Jeroen and I were in Tokyo for 6 days last month. Even though the kids were home, there were only two window-type aircons running at night.
I am an environmentalist. I bring 
eco-bags everywhere. Our house is completely white.
We have an 
eco garden on top.
There are ceiling fans in all rooms that are used to save on aircon. Only two aircons run at night. We recently removed the kids' split type aircon and replaced it with a window type. We rarely watch TV. We use a gas stove. We recently switch to a gas dryer which only runs twice a week anyway. And the majority of our clothes are hung up to dry.


I asked some of my friends about their bills.
G's bill is up from a regular of PHP 25k to this month's PHP 35K.
C's last bill was PHP 29k. This month it is PHP 38K.
V's last bill was PHP 8. This month, 13 K.

If you are living in the Philippines, kindly leave a comment below stating your location, last month's bill and this month.
If you live in another country, please tell us how much is your regular electric bill.

I have called Meralco and spoken to persons called Raiza and Susan. I told them this billing is oppressive. How can our bill be higher than people in the US, Netherlands, Australia, where people earn much, much more?

How can the government allow this? I cannot understand why we have a president who doesn't care about the people. I am hoping that the next president will address this problem of oppression. Electricity isn't like PLDT and Globe where you can just switch if you're unhappy with the service. People need electricity to survive. Our kids need aircon in this heat.

This is why foreign investors don't want to come here. This bill feels like making me pack up and move to Holland. Merlaco and the government have to realize that when they have these brownouts and high electric rates, investors are gonna pack up and move somewhere else. What is going to happen to the thousands of call center employees that contribute to our economy?

I want to know who is getting rich at our expense because I'm SO MAD AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE.
I want to know which president Meralco is supoorting. I want to know which presidential and senatorial candidates are willing to make a stand.
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Iyah said...

We don't earn much much more because the cost of living here is also high. You cannot just get talong or any prutas here for free, unlike there that you can just get it from someone else's backyard. Anyway, since lagi ako wala sa house, my electric bill still goes up to $50 bucks. So yes, its still high considering I'm always at work.