Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where I've been

Hello kids sorry I haven't posted anything in days. Been very busy. My mom bought a house here in Manila so I'd have a place to stay and so she won't have to stay at a hotel whenever she comes here. So I had to move my shit from my Tita's house to the new house. Basically I'm alone at the house but my cousin Kino sleeps over every now and then. I'll post pics of the house soon.

I dont have internet there so I have to rely on Smart Bro-ken because my Globe Tattoo thingy is with my mom. Also, been a bit busy at the office, what with the promotions opening and up and all, I need put more effort and all that  just so that I'd have a shot at getting the job. Oh yeah, I had shirts made, I'll post them soon.

I already applied for internet connection, hopefully it comes this week. Got my fingers crossed. Will try to blog tonight.


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