Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CSR no more...

Hello Kids, today is my last day as a Customer Service Rep. Tomorrow I start training for Poker, and one of my trainers (or I think he's the only one) would be DT. That should be fun. Four of us applied for the position in Poker and all of us got in, at least I'm comfortable with the people I'll be working with since I have more friends in our Poker Department.

It seems like a surreal dream that just within 2 months, I'm moving to a different department. New training, new stuff to do, new people around me. Someone pull me back because I think I'm going too fast. I don't really know what to expect yet, though I have a vague idea of what they do I still don't know it in detail. The good thing about all of this is that our Poker Department is part of the main business line of the company and as DT has told me more than once, it opens a lot of doors for me in the future. 

I did mention before that I also applied as a Senior but as it turns out, I didn't get it. No hard feelings though since I'm new and the other people who applied have been here longer than me. I was expecting things to turn out this way anyway. I hope I have more fun in Poker. I think I will. Scratch that, I know I will. And on the plus side, since I'll be on training, I wont be taking calls for a while and there's a little, as in little, as in its-not-enough-to-pay-for-my-cigarettes-in-a-month little. But it's better than nothing ei?

Well kids, here's hoping that I do good in Poker!


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