Friday, June 25, 2010

I don't mean to be rude... because I already am...

Earlier today I was at the smoking area killing time and enjoying the view when suddenly the new trainees came and started chatting with one another. They were talking about something pertaining to our account which they had a hard time understanding. One of them saw me and said something like, "ask him what to do".

This girl approached me and started asking me things which I happily explained. After that they asked me who my trainer was for that specific topic, it turns out we have the same trainer. The girl suddenly asked me if I understood our trainer when she was teaching us. I said, "yeah she's good, but this topic is really hard for everyone so she had to explain it twice. Trust me it's not easy for anyone coz its the hardest thing they'll teach you in training." Apparently, that wasn't her question, she didn't mean it that way. What she meant was, if I understood how the trainer talked, accent and all. At that exact moment, a strange feeling came over me. The feeling of putting my cigarette out in her eye!

Now this trainer was my trainer before. Her native language is spanish because she's from our Costa Rica office. Though she's Latina, she speaks english very fluently. There are times(very rare) when she gets a bit lost for words if she's been talking for quite some time, but c'mon who doesn't right? And for someone to make a comment about her regarding the way she talks is unforgivable for me. She is very patient and one of the nicest people in the office. My batch was the first batch she taught in training and I can say that she did a damn good job. I don't see anything wrong with the way she speaks, none of us had problems understanding her. Say that I'm biased, I won't deny it but she has been really nice to me, has noticed the efforts I have made in the company, and has been very supportive with all of us so I would defend her without thinking twice against shallow minded individuals who could not even speak straight english to save their lives.

I had the urge to yell at their group but I tried so hard not to because someone else entered the smoking area. Had it only been me and them, I would have yelled my lungs out. So when they all left, I just tried to calm myself down by lighting another stick.

Sorry dear readers, I just found this extremely offensive. This girl, this abomination thinks she could say stuff like that about my friends with me around, ha! No no no no! That shit ain't gonna fly with me. Let's see how far will their mouths take them once they hit the production floor.

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