Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tee Shirts Etc.

I mentioned earlier that I had some shirts made. Me and my cousin Kino found this shop in Circle C that prints designs and text on shirts for a small price. As in these shirts are really affordable. I decided to have one made last week because I couldnt find any shops that sell the 'Marunong ka ba mag tagalog?' shirt.

When my friend Bongga saw that shirt she asked me to have one made for her too and since I was going back to the shop to have another one made, I agreed.

Here's the one for me.

Here's Bongga's shirt. could you tell that this is for her?

And this is the first one I had made. The text isn't that visible, too bad, the Gold print really looks nice.

I really like the shop. The only thing is, the Gray shirt is kinda thin, the quality of the darker shirts are a lot better. Plus the owner is now my friend. Alam nyo naman ako, Mr. Congeniality...or something like that hahaha. 

Basta if you're around the Quezon City area, visit her shop at Tee Shirts Etc. found at the second floor of Circle C. Just ask around and you'll be able to find it. 

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