Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is how we roll!!!

Remember the shirts I had made? Well here's Bongga and I wearing them. We looked silly and cool at the same time. Everyone liked it, they found it really nice and some even wanted to have shirts made. Business na to hahaha. Oh yeah, that's Bongga ladies and gentlemen. So kids read my shirt and read her shirt. I guess now you know why we're friends ;-)

During the end of our training we were asked to draw something. I drew the Angel and Bonnga drew the mask. We found it funny that the trainer place both drawings together. Bongga was there months before me and I had no idea that that drawing was hers. We were both surprised when we saw the drawing in one part of the wall. It's the first one you see when you enter the training room. Just wanted to share kids.

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