Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone IOS4 update!!! Finally!!!

So today I updated my iPhone's OS from OS3 to IOS4. I've been waiting all week for Apple to release it, as in I check the Apple website everyday to see if they've released it. When I checked it earlier, I saw that the update was already up and so I scurried to get my phone's dock cable so I could update it.

I've read on Gizmodo and on Facebook that some people have been updating their phone's for 3 hours, some for 5. I was suddenly worried that it would take the whole day to update my phone's OS. Luckily it only took me 1 hour to download the installer which I actually found odd because it's a 300 MB file and it normally takes me 30 minutes to download something like that. The apple server must be overloading right now. Installation took about 15 minutes. There's actually a poll at Gizmodo on how long it took you to update your phone. Kakatuwa.

I love the multi-tasking and folders feature. At least now, I can finally continue the stuff I do because the app would run in the background though I assume that this'll decrease my phone's battery life. The folder function is the best part for me because I used to have 11 or 12 pages on my iphone but now, I only have around 5 pages of apps. Yes my wallpaper is Starbucks, and that picture was taken by yours truly.

I also like the fact that now you can put wallpapers on the home screen. Took them long enough. I haven't explored everything within the IOS4 yet because I've been arranging my apps for the past hour. It also supports iBooks but you have to manually download it from the App Store. It's free so don't worry. I also noticed that the response of my phone has become faster. Or maybe it's just me, sorry naman exticed masyado eh.

The IOS4 update is compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4. It also supports the 3rd Gen iPod Touch units. The thing is, iPhone 3G won't support all the features of the IOS4 such as multi-tasking and the home screen wallpaper.

Over-all, the IOS4 is well worth the wait. Make's me want the iPhone 4 more.

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