Tuesday, June 8, 2010

English English English! Tama na muna ang English!

People have been commenting on how I talk for as long as I can remember because of my accent. Some would even ask if I were American or Canadian. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm only allowed to speak english at home and I've watched one to many reruns of American TV series? Watcha think? Some would say I have spanish features and when I was in HK, someone asked me if I was Indian. Ano ako, aso? Crossbreed lang? Spanish-Indian-Filipino na may american accent. Wow naman.

Obviously, I know how to speak Tagalog, and some of my friends find it amusing when I talk in tagalog because they can still detect my accent. Hell, even Bookie made a comment about my accent. I speak english almost all the time but I talk in tagalog every chance I get. I didn't know how to speak tagalog properly until I was 10 or 12 (I dont really remember) and because of that some of my classmates would tease me for speaking in english all the time so I had to learn how to converse in the mother tongue. Eh pano naman kasi, bulol ako mag-tagalog noon, actually hanggang ngayon pero slight nalang. I remember back in college, one of my buddies Jeff who is a half-canadian by the way, would get annoyed everytime I talked because I spoke better english than him. He would always tell me to talk in tagalog which I tried so hard to do. Effort talaga mga anak.

When I was working in Colours as a News Anchor, I asked for feedback from one of my friends on how I sound and look on TV vain moment. The only thing he said was, "Trying hard ka mag-tagalog!". May ganun talaga eh no.

 I quickly answered, "You cant be serious" to which he quickly responded, "Oo kaya, hindi ba pwedeng english nalang news nyo?".

"Syempre hindi pwede, Balitang Kurdilyera nga eh tapos english?!" I replied.

About two weeks ago, my bestfriend Jakie called me asking me if wanted to record something for one of her clients. Her exact words were, "Kelangan ko ng voice talent na may american accent para sa isang client ko. very specific sya about the talent, amboy ba kumbaga?"

"And why are you asking me to do it?" I asked

"Kasi you're the one I know who talks with an accent. She wants someone who can talk in an american accent and she would actually prefer an expat. Ikaw agad naisip ko."

"What's the script? How does it go?"

"It's tag-lish" she answered sheepishly.

"Adik ba yan? American accent tapos taglish yung script?"

Jackie replied with a laugh that was both annoying and whimsical at the same time.

I dont know why others make it such a big deal if you have an accent. I mean some of my friends speak english without an accent but they speak really good english. Pwede silang mag-english teacher sa totoo lang. Basta to those of you who are wondering, marunong akong magtagalog at dito sa blog ko eh magtatagalog ako para happy lahat. Tama? Tama. Alam na agad.

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