Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newbie Mistake with the iPhone!

For some time now, I've been a bit worried about the speakers on my iPhone. One was loud and the other didn't have any sound on it. A few days ago, my phone fell from the table and I freaked out. A few hours later, I called Jackie because I was bored. I place the call on speaker phone because I was playing Plants Vs. Zombies but when I held the phone and I realized that there were vibrations on the left speaker but not on the right. Thats when I really freaked out.

I called Globe to ask for assistance because they have a line dedicated to iPhone users. Unfortunately, their reps don't know squat about how to troubleshoot the iPhone. Here's a sample of how the conversations went.

Me: My iPhone's right speaker isn't working.
Rep: Sir, did you try restoring the factory settings?
Me: This is a hardware issue, why would I need to restore the factory settings?!
Rep: ........

I can see how well versed they are. Galing diba? Hardware issue tapos restore factory settings? I give that a perfect 10! I asked how long will it take Globe to repair it but they didn't know. I asked if Globe will replace my phone or repair it, they didn't know. The only information they gave me is that if I bring it to Globe, I need the receipt, the phone, and everything that came with it including the box. Wow naman. So I called my cousin because I left the box at their house, I called my mom because the receipt was with her.

While at work, since I wasn't doing anything I googled information on the speaker problem and that's when I realized what my mistake was. The left one is the speaker and the right one is the built-in microphone. Such a rookie mistake. Sorry naman, first time Apple user eh. Still, the iPhone reps of Globe should have mentioned that one was a speaker and one was a microphone.

Oh and dont tell me that I should have read the manual to know the parts. The damn phone didn't come with one. It only has a small piece of paper showing you how to change the Sim card and how to charge it. Nagpapaka-eco friendly shit ang Apple so that means no paper manuals, only e-manuals available at their website.

Well now I know. And for those of you who experienced the same thing, I hope this story about my newbie mistake helps. No judgement. I still love the iPhone, can't wait for the new one. ^_^

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