Sunday, June 6, 2010

Unionbank works on iTunes...really?

Ever since I got my iPhone, its really hard to find decent apps for free. One day I found and for some time they were releasing good apps but lately, nothings good. I tried using my Debit Card on iTunes but I'm using BDO and that bank sucks. They have lousy service, their ATM's 'eat' your money and more often than not have no money in them, their Customer Service Reps are assholes, and they just suck big time. I tried for days, I couldn't get BDO to work on iTunes considering that I'm using a Mastercard Debit Card. Boo BDO!
Today, I was chatting with my friend Gomi who is a hardcore Apple user. So basically ask him anything about Apple, Macs, iTunes, and the like, he could answer it. I asked him how could I buy apps without a credit card. He advised me to do what he does, he uses Unionbank EON. Its online banking and it really looks promising. According to Gomi, he uses his Unionbank EON Cyber Account to purchase apps from iTunes. Since its a slow day at work, I'll be doing this because it takes a couple of days before your account gets activated or something. Gomi says that once you purchase from iTunes, it automatically converts the Dollar Amount to Peso and deducts it from your account. (Note to self: Buy tons of apps when the dollar is down).
This is what the EON CyberAccount page looks like. I'm taking Gomi's advice because he's very particular about things and when it comes to anything Apple-Related, he really knows what he's talking about. There is no maintaining balance, no initial deposit amount, a very minimal annual fee, and you could also do fund transfers to other banks online. Oh, and you can apply for EON online and just choose a branch where you would be claiming your card. Awesome ain't it? It actually sounds to good to be true. Everything is within a click of a mouse.

Anyway, I'll be enrolling for this today, hopefully I'll be able to get it next week so I could start buying apps. Wish me luck kids. By the way, if you wanna try this or just wanna see the features in detail, visit and just click on EON.

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elysplanet said...

Hello Adamsplanet, natuwa lang ako kasi my blog is Elysplanet - connect! Hehe.

I heard many good things about Unionbank's Eon that's why I applied for one last Thursday. The bank personnel told me to claim it Thursday this week. Annual Fee is only P350.

Nice blog. I'll be reading your other entries.

Anonymous said...

how were you able to use your eon card for itunes? mine don't seem to work. pls help. tnx

Anonymous said...

Mag installous ka na lg wala pang bayad, sinasayang mo lg pera mo sa apple, pakain mo na lg yan sa mga kids mo