Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another day at work...

Another boring but fun day at the office. Apparently, promotions to another department finally opened up and I was asked by one of their Senior Agents (DT) if I wanted to apply. I haven't given a straight answer yet because I'm a bit reluctant. So I consulted with one of my Seniors (Bongga) on what should I do and she explained to me the work that I'll be doing if I apply and get in.

Bongga and DT mentioned that it would actually be a step higher and it would be good for me in the long run because I'll be split-skilled for two different departments and that it opens a lot of doors for me. Bongga also said that I should be happy that I was asked because apparently that department would only ask people who they think is one the best or something like that. Flattered naman ako considering I've been around for only 2 months or so.

Of course, there's a little increase in my salary but it wont be massive, how I wish. The only downside is that, since our department is busy expanding, we're gonna need another Senior soon but I just dont know when and I kinda want to become a Senior because it's a higher position. When DT asked me if I wanted to apply, I told him that I dont want to say Yes because I would be obligated to do so and I dont want to say No because I want to have other options open. Tama naman diba?! I told him to give me a few days to think.

"Ok but dont think to long though" was his response.

Then yesterday, my Supervisor called me together with 3 other people into one of the rooms at the office. He said he had to discuss something with us. The meeting was about us undergoing new training next week. He said that the four of us were the strongest at the floor when it comes to product specifics and because of that, after the training, we'll be receiving other calls aside from the regular ones we're taking right now. Obviously flattered nanaman ako because I was the only newbie there. My other companions have been working here for months now. I told Bongga about this and she said that it's a good thing, a very good thing actually because my Supervisor sees how I work.

Everything's happening so fast, I need a second to breathe.

(After one second)

Scratch that, I think I need a cigarette. Yosi break!

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RJ said...

Cool. Good Job! It only shows how good you are at work. :))