Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Luk Yuen

Last night I had dinner at Luk Yuen with fellow blogger Bookie Buquir. After my afternoon at Greehills, I went to Trinoma to watch Prince of Persia which by the way is an awesome movie. After the movie, I texted Bookie and asked him where he was. I wasn't in the mood to go home yet and I actually wanted to eat at Pepper Lunch so I met up with Bookie at Greenbelt 3. When we got to Pepper Lunch Greenbelt, the place was fully packed and the line reached outside so Bookie asked if I was in the mood for Chinese. I said sure and we went to Luk Yuen in Glorietta 5. It was my first time to eat there so pictures all around hahaha.

Well thats Bookie the author of Call Center Confidential

Me in my dorky Bart Simpson shirt.

Wanton Chips with Sweet and Sour sauce they served as an appetizer.

Taro something, I dont really remember. There are Taro balls mixed with beef. It tasted with really weird but good.

Bookie ordered more Wanton Chips.

Some kind of dumplings, I also dont remember the name. These were really hot when they served it.

This is what I got. Deep-fried chicken something. It was really good because the chicked was really soft, it didn't taste like it was fried.

and Bookie ordered Congee.

I also ordered Buchi but I forgot to take a picture of it. Those were the biggest Buchis I've ever seen and they tasted really good. It took them forever to serve my food honestly, and that would normally constitute me to not go back to that place but the food was really good plus it was affordable. Next stop for Chinese food would be in Chinatown in Binondo.

Needless to say, I was full afterwards that I had to smoke and walk it off. I'm thinking of bringing my mom there when she visits in two weeks.

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