Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So far...

Hello kids. It's 4:02 in the morning and I'm still up. For some reason I couldn't sleep. So I decided to blog about what's been going on so far. As you all know, we moved to our new office in QC which is a really swanky place. I love everything about it, well I'm not so happy about getting lost inside the office but I just laugh whenever I remember it.

So lately, my friend Bookie has been depressed about his bestfriend Marl leaving. I told him I know how it feels and it's not easy, but he has to deal with it sometime. Hypocritical of me I know, but this isn't about me so get off my case.

A few issues have been arising in the office, thank God it has nothing to do with me. I think they died down already since I'm not hearing anything anymore. I hope all that brouhaha ends because it's not really worth the effort.

I was talking to DT(I dont know if he wants me to mention his name here) earlier and he went on about not having internet at his new place yet. After that, he gave me a few tips on how to advance in the company. Climbing the corporate ladder and all that. He made sense with what he was saying but I told him, I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it. At least I'm having more friends in the office which I guess is a good thing.

I got my paycheck last friday and I left the ATM with a smile on my face because it was higher than what I was expecting. Fun ei? So later I'll be going to Greenhills to buy stuff for my phone and I'll search every shop there for a shirt. Well its a specific shirt that's just plain with a one-liner print on it that says, "Marunong ka bang mag-tagalog?" I really want that shirt.

Well can't think of anything else to write so I'll try to get some shut-eye. Good night kids. :-)

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