Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something to organize my phones

Yesterday while I was shopping at Landmark for things around the house, I saw this thing at one of the shelves. I was thinking if I should get it, but eventually I did. I've always had a hard time organizing the chargers, cases, phones I have but with this, they're all in one basket. I guess the main reason why I bought it is because of my iPhone cases because as you can see, I have quite a few. I change my iPhone's case everyday and the first person who actually commented about it was Mike who is now my Supervisor at work.

I realized that some people actually notice it. It's weird because I never really thought much about it. The second one to comment was one of the Seniors, Tess. A few days ago, Mike passed by our Production Bay and he saw me cleaning my phone (because I was bored to death) and he asked me what case I was using, I showed him the leather Capdase case that my Mom gave me.

So in the basket are my iPhone cases, my chargers, my Blackberry and my Nokia N78. I have too many phones I know. Good thing that I'm really contented with my iPhone or else I would have spent all of my money on buying new phones every now and then. Oh yeah the basket costs around 80php or something at Landmark.

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