Friday, June 18, 2010

I Miss Poi Dancing...

Title says it all kids. I haven't poi danced in months. I miss it a lot. I dont know if it's the rush I feel because there are balls of fire beside me or is it the smell of burnt wick mixed with the smell of the fuel that gets me so hyped up. The feeling is unbelievable, it's like being in another world where there are balls and rings of fire everywhere. Parang impyerno ata yun ah.

I was suppose to fire dance for my officemates during my birthday party (pics to come soon) but since plans changed and we didn't celebrate at the house, I wasn't able to do it. Too bad. But one of these days, I'll find time to fire dance again. I have my poi with me here in manila, I have all of them actually, every single pair I've bought over the years. I'm even planning to join the classes of Planet Zips since Paulino Servado is back in town. But I'll see.

Anyway I hope to learn more tricks soon, Im a bit rusty.

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