Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Haircut from Bro at Visage.

No judgement on the title of the post, it was my cousin's idea. Ok this was what my previous post was about, the place where I got my haircut. The name of the place is Visage.

Apparently, it's owned by Dominic Ochoa and Denise Go. ABS-CBN people. Since I was feeling under the weather and I badly needed a haircut because of the aftermath of my previous haircut which was a Faux Hawk, I was willing to settle for any place where I can get a haircut. Actually yesterday, I passed by Bench Fix in Trinoma, but I decided not to get my hair cut there because the people at the front desk were rude. So rude that they could make a nun swear.

The price is fairly affordable and the service is AWESOME. Seriously, first they washed my hair twice, they said that they always do that to make sure that my hair would be squeaky clean. Then they blow dried it to make it soft or something like that. After that, the guy took over and started cutting my hair, I didn't even need to tell him what I wanted, he told me what would look good on me and I hesitantly agreed since it was my first time there.

While he was cutting my hair, the girl who shampooed me was standing beside him brushing off the hair from my neck and the strands that were on the coat thing. She would also wipe my face in case there was water or sweat or hair. I started to look around and I realized that every customer had two to three people working on them. Now that's what I call freakin service.

When they guy finished cutting my hair, I got another shampoo and then they dried my hair, got some wax and styled my hair. This is seriously the best place to ever get a haircut. They should replace those douchebags at Bench Fix who have attitudes as big as their asses.

Oh and did I mention how friendly everyone was when I entered. Seriously, A++. I asked if I could take a few pictures for my blog and they immediately said yes. The owner even posed hahaha. 

Well that's the owner.

See, two stylists for one customer. AWESOME service.

The really friendly receptionist.

And the hairstyle they gave me. I've never had this style, but so far I like it.

If y'all want to have your haircut here, just go to Shopwise in Commonwealth Avenue and look for VISAGE. They're located at the lower floor of the building, you'll see tarps when you enter the building so basically, you'll know your way there. I'm not really into advertising/promoting places but this place is too good to be true. My only comment is that the A/C wasn't that strong so it was a little hot inside but the girl was wiping my face when she saw I was sweating a bit. Don't worry, it doesn't feel like a furnace inside, I think I just sat in a seat that was far from the A/C.

Now I know where I'll get my haircut regularly.

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Nice haircut :)