Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I wonder...

I'm thinking of getting a new phone for my birthday. I was at Greenhills yesterday and I bought cases for my iPhone in every color imaginable. As I was walking around, I found a shop/kiosk full of sidekicks which is my last dream phone. I've always had 3 dreams phones and I already had two which was my Vodafone Sharp 903SH and Blackberry, the last one was a Sidekick. I dont have my 903SH anymore because it was malfunctioning so I sold it because to have it fixed would cost the same as the phone.

So I'm thinking of buying a sidekick for my birthday but as my mom pointed out, I already have too many phones which kinnda makes me a bit crazy. I'm starting to agree with her and if I buy the sidekick its just to satisfy my urge to have a sidekick.

So a sidekick, yay or nay?  Oh and if you dont know what a Sidekick Hiptop phone is, just google it coz I'm lazy to search for a picture.

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