Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye RCBC Tower...Hello Eton Centris

Hello kids. Sorry I've been back-blogged. Too busy.

Well today we moved to our new office which is at Eton Centris in Quezon Avenue. This is without a doubt the coolest office ever. And y'all know me, I couldn't resist the temptation, I had to take pictures. Here ya go.

Well here's my workstation. As fun as it is to have two monitors, it's hard to use them.

The pantry

The Lounge which is connected to the pantry

The kitchen that connects the pantry and the lounge

The production floor. These dont have units in them yet.

Me playing LOL

Me and my team mate Jay

The training room

The lobby

The entrance. Yes I took a picture of it.

Now I dont really know what I can and cannot discuss because I might get in trouble if I mention something I'm not supposed to so I'll just be vague about things. We are located on the 11th floor of the Eton Centris Building on Quezon Avenue. I've been working for the company for some time now and so far I'm having a blast. Can't tell you enough how nice the place and the people are. 

Its great that the company is taking care of us by giving us awesome facilities. Oh yeah did I mention that I got lost inside the office on my way back to the Operations Floor from the bathroom hahaha. Stupid I know. We, well, I have a great view from my desk, equipment is awesome, I'm not digging the chairs though but still. 

Overall, I enjoyed my first day at the Centris office, there's a lot of space, amenities are amazing, plus its really cold so I feel comfortable.


Anonymous said...

hi i would like to know if the company your working at currently is a call center? if yes, do you have any openings for csr or tsr?

Adam said...

Yes it's a callcenter. Ill ask HR if we still have openings. Kindly email me at so that I'd know how to contact you.

Marlowe said...

email sent :)

Im a different person from the 1st person who asked about regarding your company.

Marlowe said...

Email Sent

Marlowe said...

hi I sent you an email regarding ur company, hope to hear from you :)