Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How I spent my "rest" day

Working in a call center, days off are not normal. You could have weekdays or weekends or even split days off. For quite some time now, mine has been Monday and Tuesday which for me is fine because the traffic is uber terrible during Mondays and I like working on weekends because everyone is at the mall during those days so I won't enjoy it. My restdays were yesterday and today and here's how I spent it.


I was suppose to go out and buy food for the fish and buy a table for my laptop. I was told that I would have guests at home so I have to clean the whole house and the beds my mom bought would be delivered. So I stayed in telling myself that i'll just clean and wait for the beds and I'll just go out the next day.


The guy who'll assemble the beds was going to come to the house so I had to wait for them. Now first of all, they were the one's who said that they'll come today. Fine, I thought.
11AM they haven't come yet.
2PM no news
4PM still nothing
6PM nothing...absolutely nothing.

I am in a very foul mood right now. Here I was waiting like an idiot at the house for people who didn't show up. At around 6:15pm I was getting ready to go out even if I only have an hour or two to go to the mall when suddenly received a text saying that they'll be coming tonight to fix the beds. I was thinking, "WHAT THE FREAKING HELL!!!".

It's almost 9PM and they're still not here. So basically, these assholes who practically wasted my day, my rest day nonetheless, the ONE DAY THIS WEEK that I'll be able to relax are just beating around the bush. Now I don't know the name of the place where my mom bought the beds but the moment I find out, I swear to God I am going to lambaste them here. 

Well isn't this a great way to spend my fucking day off. Cooped up in the house waiting for people who may or may not come. Happy fuckin' day off to me!

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