Saturday, July 31, 2010

3rd Month Appraisal!!!

A few days ago, I got my 3rd month appraisal. It's this thing where you get evaluated by your direct Supervisor. It's like a quarterly thing, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyhoo, even if I am already in Poker, it was the CS Manager who evaluated me because I spent more months in CS.

"Anton can you come to my office?"

"Why? Did I do something wrong again?"

"No. Why is it that when I call you, you always ask me if you did something wrong?"

"The last time you called me, I got a warning."

"Haha no. I just need to discuss something with you."

Grabe pinagpawisan talaga ako kasi akala ko may love letter nanaman ako. Eh pag dumami yun pwede na akong gumawa ng scarpbook. Yun pala, evaluation ko yun. Hehe. So...he gave me a 2-page document which had numbers on it. I had no idea what those numbers meant, obviously they were scores but I didn't know how the ranking went.

He showed me the ranking on a separate piece of paper. Bigla akong napangiti na parang akong natulog ng may hanger sa bibig. I did not expect my scores to be that high. I honestly didn't. Now I assume that I can't discuss my scores, but let me just tell you, I was speechless and left gasping for air. I told the CS Manager that I could not believe it, and he asked me why. Pano ba naman kasi diba, wala pa akong isang buwan noon eh may written warning na ako. He said that, it only happened once lang naman daw and what is one day compared to three months daw. Nag-improve naman na daw ako. Yehey nabawasan na attitude problem ko, hindi ko na kailangan ng anger management classes.

On the second page, the comments section was there. Siguro naman yun pwede kong banggitin diba? I don't remember exactly how it was worded but it was short and simple and said something like I'm on the right path of getting regularized. Sana naman ma-regularize na ako para tumaas lalo sweldo ko. Nagmamahal mga luho ko sa buhay eh.

The next day, ayun nakakuha ako ng magagandang scores sa QA ko. So basically, I'm doing ok at work apparently, and this isn't some ego-trippin moment, this is actually based on feedback from the higher powers that surround us. So ayun, I'm happy at work, and I'll work harder para mas happy...lalo na pag sweldo...

Goodnight kids.

More stories to come tomorrow.


AkoSiMiguel said...

Nice blog!
Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Naku anton don't be surprise! You are one of the best here in Integrim! Congrats I hope when I reach 3 months maganda din ang results-Mariah..

Adam said...

Thank you po...^_^