Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie Date: Eclispe

It was a Monday night when we all met up at Trinoma to watch the latest installment in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. People present were Me, Bongga, Mariah, Maria, Louie, Dece, Tess, and Allaine. Before and after the movie, we took a "few" pictures. Here are some of them.

Bongga, Dece, and I.

Tess, Bongga, Mariah, Louie, Allaine, and Me.

The Women of Edward...



And last but definitely not the least...

Bongga has been planning this for almost 2 weeks. Our initial date was July 1st but because Bonggas son got sick, we decided to move the date to the 5th so that we could all go together, plus we got our paychecks that day. 

Quick review of the movie:

Im not particularly a fan of the Twilight Saga but I've watched the first movie so I have to finish all of it. It's an OC thing. No judgement. The first hour (more or less) I found boring, it was the typical Bella-Edward romance with Jacob being the third wheel shit. When the battle between the werewolves and the Cullens versus the newborns started, it was a heart pumping battle. I actually enjoyed every minute of them ripping each other to shreds. There was something Braveheart-ish to it.

The new Victoria was pretty but she didn't fit the role. She looks too...nice. She doesn't have the insanity in her eyes that the first Victoria had. Oh and Dakota Fanning was hot. With those red eyes, bitch looks crazy. Alice, stole my heart, she can drain my blood anytime she wants as many times she would want. 

Some lines from the movie I remember because I liked them:

"Jacob...stay!" - Bella

"Face it! I'm hotter than you." - Jacob

"Doesn't he own a shirt?!" - Edward

"Dad I'm a virgin okay?!" - Bella

"Decisions, decisions." - Jane

"I kissed Bella...and she broke her hand...punching my face." - Jacob

"Bella would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?" - Edward

Aside from the ripping each other to shreds part, I found the movie a little bland. It wasn't what I expected considering the hype from everyone around the world. But this is just me. Sure I watch romantic movies but when it comes to vampires and werewolves, I prefer something that has sex and bloodshed, and...oh yeah...ripping each other to shreds. 

It was a fun night though. I'm wondering when our next movie date will be.

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